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A few cool things have happened.


Not only did I finish the reorganization, which now looks like this:

  • ambients
    • ambience
    • nature
    • technology


    • game
    • movement
    • tools
    • world

But I have also written soundshaders for every single sound! Haha! Man that was booring, but now it's done, and I'm all happy. :)


But that's not enough! I also went through every single ambient sound I had lying around on my computer, and included them in the new folderstructure (renaming/fixing broken loops etc) as well! That means every sound submitted so far will be put on CVS once the merge is complete (including top-hits like: darkwood, alienbirds, clockwork, defiled church and many more!). EVERY ONE! You know how many that is? 169(!) And 99 SFX, so 268 files in total! 104megs!



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Thx! That is really appreciated, because I know how BORING such a task is. :)


Does this mean, that we can remove all the sounds from CVS and upload them from scratch? If it is a bigger patch, you might pack it up and put it on FTP, where I can download it and put it in CVS. Might save you quite some time.


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Booring is the word.


Yes, it a remove/reupload operation we're talking about. Unfortunately I haven't been able to log onto the FTP for a long time (which is really odd, since I work with other FTP sites almost daily, and never had this problem before) but I don't think I will have any trouble uploading it with CVS.


I'm more concerned for all the other poor team-members who are facing quite a huge download :)

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so when it is time, do we completely delete our sound folder on our hard drive and then re-download it from cvs?


As long as they're deleted from the CVS repository on Spar's end, I think the program will delete everything for you once you sync up again. I'm not sure but I think deleteing them manually might screw something up.

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I don't think that CVS will delete your stuff if you just sync up. I guess I have to test this though. I know that I deleted some files in CVS via the GUI frontend as you would do it, and they were deleted from my harddisk as well, but I don't know wether it will do this when you sync as well. It should though.


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