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I'm in the mood to share and thought I'd post a recent commission I finished.



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It's a character portrait of someone's bard character, so they wanted the harp in it. The bird is some kind of animal companion.

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Great picture, and I agree with Dom.

Too late to save us but try to understand

The seas were empty -- there was hunger in the land

We let the madmen write the golden rules

We were just Children of the Moon

We're lost in the middle of a hopeless world

Children, Children of the Moon watch the world go by

Children, Children of the Moon are hiding from the Sun and the Sky


© The Alan Parsons Project - Children of the Moon

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Just had a look through the gallery. If I were Mrs Springeel I'd be quite concerned about the number of scantily clad women in that portfolio


Actually, an equal number of the commissions for scantily-clad females come from women, surprisingly enough, including this one. She's posed that way because she's supposed to be a dancer, as well as a bard--quite sultry and flirtatious. Hey, I don't write 'em, I just draw them. :)


what are the three white dots on the lower leg?


Those are supposed to be metal piercings bearing 'rounded balls of shimmering silver'.

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Um, like Spring said, he doesn't write 'em, he just draws 'em, so it doesn't matter what Spring "is". You're not following, be quiet.


And I'm not being "feminist" or something, I'm just looking for something other than the same old thing.

I aimed to avoid this with my 3D mermaid and faerie, not that they have very expressive poses on the site, (domarius.deviantart.com if you haven't seen it yet) but I certainly didn't want them to be yet another "alluring and seductive female", I just think women are more diverse than that.


But women want to be alluring and seductive. That's fine, but there's a lot of content out there that shows that already.

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