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A Few Lightwave Models


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A few Lightwave models can be found on this page. Not sure if any would be useful for Dark Mod. I figure some can be tweaked by us, if nothing else?: http://www.3dexcellence.com/lightwavemodels.html


Also some LW tutorials:



And other tutorials:


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I posted links to many of these last year but didn't get much response.


Gotcha. Here's the deal, folks. I've gotten ahold of a dozen high-quality models (and about thirty others of mixed quality) free for our use. Some of them come already uv-mapped and textured, some don't. Some of them may be too high-poly for our use. But I'd like to see if we can get them in game and then keep the ones that we like.


There are several completed models that we were already planning on doing, like carts and church pews. There are also many others that would just be nice additions to our current model sets, like trees, candles and open books.


I can download them but I don't know antyhing about getting them into the game. Some are .lwo files, but others are only avaiable in 3dmax format.


Here's a couple example pics of the high-quality ones:








What I need is some help getting them in game. If you're willing to help me out, let me know, and let me know what format you can handle (.lwo or 3dmax). Alan, this would be a great help right now if you're looking for something to do. :)



well i dont really know if the mods core models should contain free models fetched from here and there


Why not? If they are good quality, free for noncommercial use, and save us some time, I think we'd be foolish NOT to use them. I don't know how much time it takes to get them game-ready--that's why I need other people to look at them first--but it has to be less than doing it from scratch.


Since skinning models semms to be our slowest area, it seems like the ones that are already textured would be extremely useful. Check these out:






Tomorrow just as i arrive from school i will start on things

the wardrobe for example needs a low poly version, which i still have to make..


Yes, please get those mansion models that you did that haven't been skinned yet onto the ftp site for BT.

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For the 3dmax formatt, Milkshape can import that and export it to lwo (not ase though!).


I had a look at the models myself and it'd be quite simple to make low poly ones imo. Their textures are very nice too (for some they're not so great).


I can have a look at them if you find them :) Tomorrow though - doing essay today.

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Ok, I uploaded a bunch to the ftp, under models/free models/


There are a couple buildings, a tree and plant, a cart, and a few other things. Some are already low poly but most aren't. See what you can scavange, if anything. :) I'll add more in a few days.

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Ok Spring, I've checked em out. The only ones worth keeping are:

*The Fern [fern_3ds.zip] - it's low poly and not that great but the textures could be useful.

*The Fountain [fountain_3ds.zip] - waaaaay high poly, but very nice and it would'nt be too hard to create a low poly version using the high poly as a base and as a normal map.

*The "Low Poly" house [fw12_3ds.zip] - Not exactly low poly, but at ~1500 polys it's pretty damn good for medium distance scenery. - has a nice door texture we could use. I'll set it up.

*The HIGH poly house [hausburkhal2_3ds.zip] - My god....well, if we made a low res it'd be great to use as a base.

*The ink well and quill [tinenfass2_3ds.zip] - Slightly high poly (~600) for a tiny item but it is very nice and with a poly reduction on the feather and a bit on the well could be excellent.


Here are the ones I could'nt open cos of too may vertices (fucking milkshape) or just am not sure if it'd be useful:

*Chessboard [forgot wtf it was] - Never got to see it as it was too high poly to open in milkshape. Either way, I think it would'nt be hard to make something like this anyways.

*Wagon [wagen1_3ds.zip] - Good as a base and has a good texture for the wagon, but only good as a base cos its like 16000 polys.


In general, with many of them it's easier to just make ourselves. Oh and if you're wondering about the parchment - it was 16k or so polys.




Anyways, That's those ones sorted, so if you have more you can pop em on the ftp :)

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