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3d guy reporting for duty

mike mayday

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Since I'm currently still at work :angry: I can't do much about it. I have to wait until I can get home. depending when this will be, I may not be in the mood to do anything today. So you have to wait like anybody else.


:laugh: Geez Spar, are you having a bad day at work? Take it easy. He wasn't being rude, just anxious to get started.

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Sorry, but I had a bad day. The problem was not that we had a problem with production code, the real annoying problem was the managers. When we have a serious production problem, then managers get excited, and instead of letting people do their work and fix it, they run around and making a hell of a fuss, thus preventing people from solving the issues.

I talked toe the production manager and told him that we were analyzing the probelm and I get back to her as soon as we know anything. Fine for her, and everthing is ok.

My boss comes in five minutes later, AFTER talking to the same manager I just talked with, and told me to keep her up to date. JEEZ!, I didn't think of that! Not only that, but he said I should call her RIGHT NOW to keep her up to date. Keep her up to date of what? I just talked to her five minutes ago. I told him so, doesn't matter, call her right now! So I called her and told her in my most sarcastic voice that we are analyzing the problem. And the response was (quite unexpected) "Why do you call me for that, you just told me so!"

And this doesn't happen once, but every five minutes my boss comes in to inquire wether we already found the problem. :angry:


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Yeah, you know. I have no problem when some serious issues arise. We have to deal with it, and that's part of my job. But it really gets annoying if somebody always tells you how to do your job when you know that much better then him. :) Well, today everything is smoothed out again. :)


I don't go to my boss and tell him how to do budgets either. ;) Maybe I should though. :D


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hehe I would lol....


Welcome to DM Mike.




I have an eclectic YouTube channel making videos on a variety of games. Come and have look here:



Dark Mod Missions: Briarwood Manor - available here or in game




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