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Font For Thief

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Here's the link for the Thief font:



According to a post at Ion Storm's forum, this font is for the original Thief games. You maybe all already had it/knew about it? (I know New Horizon already knows about it, but I hadn't seen it before.)

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That's a thief font? Doesn't look like one to me. You can download the entire thief font package from the TTLG download section, somewhere. That's where I got it. You'll get three different versions of the main ("stop thief!") font, along with papyrus and a handwriting font for maps. May be another one or two as well, I can't remember.

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Yup, that is a thief font. It's the original font used for letters, journals and books in the original games. It would be SWEET to use that in our mod.


I just modified Thief 3 with the original fonts for my Minimalist project.




The other original Thief font is called Carelton. It was used on the menu's and some other places in game.





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Excellent, NH! In comparing my Microsoft Word to the J.D. font on your screenshot, though, the spacing between characters seems to be closer in Word for some reason. Was this because of some of the issues you were having with character spacing that they're farther apart in your example? Regardless, good job on the minimalist project. I'll be sure to use it whenever I play TDS again.


PS: I tried to download that Charleton zip file, but I get an error. ("Server returned an invalid or unrecognized response.")

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Oh right, it was The Circle I got it from, not TTLG.

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