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More new voices?

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@NH: Is it possible to tweak some of the player vocals? I tried to use the "take deep breath" sounds for resurfacing when being underwater for more than 4 seconds, but they actually don't fit very well (they sound more like exhaling, not inhaling). Plus, I'd need a "player death by drowning" sound - I have the player_die and the player_drown sound, but I'd need one or two sounds which indicate the player just underwater for just too long (I tried to use the drown sound, but they are not quite appropriate).


Btw, you can check out all of these - the issues above are observable in SVN.


@GoldChocobo: cool to hear that, thanks for the offer. Hopefully some mapper will take you up on that. :)

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Hey there Greebo. Sure, I can get some replacements made. Won't be for a couple of days until I get settled in our new place. We did the majority of our move yesterday, but still have some stuff to take care of today. Probably by the first of next week.

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