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  1. Point 1 is still valid today. DXT5 makes normalmaps look more blurry and there are artifacts both for simple flat surfaces and more complex patterns. And the DXT5nm mode looks wrong and is unusable.
  2. Unfortunately, there's constant shortage of content creators. Ideas are nice and all, but don't expect anyone to jump in and start making stuff based on your suggestions anytime soon. Better learn how to make such content yourself
  3. peter_spy

    DR VR

    I'd rather see DR coupled with game renderer first, so we can have a true WYSIWYG preview in perspective viewport.
  4. Yeah, there is a lot of noise and unnecessary corporate speak behind stuff like Agile or DevOps, but when you trim out the fat, it boils down to a few useful and relatively simple things. TDM might benefit from it, but obviously this isn't a pro / business-oriented project. People simply do what they can, when they can. Thus spamming pseudo-motivational programming memes is not going to help with anything.
  5. Go to Filters to uncheck clip surfaces (or something similar, I'm writing from memory ).
  6. ...And yet you've been playing some fast and loose with terms like DevOps, saying you have "a DevOps software" Which is nonsense, showing that you don't necessarily grasp what DevOps really means. Same for acting like a big-time slogan-driven programmer in the age of Agile, where something completely different (and almost exactly opposite) constitutes the foundation of day-to-day development. And I'm saying that as a newbie in IT, actually. So it doesn't take that long to get that
  7. I'd even go as far as to say that even mappers aren't responsible for most assets in the map. Many TDM missions use stock assets, with a just few customizations here and there. As you know, there are numerous errors appearing in the console just when you're using stock assets, and these are mostly harmless, e.g. engine is looking for some old paths/dependencies, throws an error, then finds new paths (eg. to textures). Obviously, making the engine crash because of that would be ridiculous. Yeah, you're high on corporate slogans, but what you've written so far shows you have no idea how collaborative projects work in practice, because you keep ignoring the context like scope, functionality, or user type.
  8. That's a really poor analogy, since car mirrors are one of the core functionalities of a car. It's more like an FM being shipped with light gem being dark all the time. You seem to be great at dogmatic theories from decades ago, but you're out of touch with modern practice. That's how development works these days, for quite some time now. Project scopes change all the time. Deadlines move, people have to abandon functionalities or settle for less. They leave half-working things in the background, move items to the backlog, so they can work on them when time / client allows. There are select people that prioritize bugfixes, but again, noone in their sane mind would waste time on implementing something that makes non-critical errors critical, just to push people to work harder. And getting back to FMs and more personal projects, the practical side of things is, again, that the map can contain several thousands of entities. Missing even several of them (or missing textures, materials) is a low to medium priority fix. Might be a high priority if it's a plot item, but engine still will render a black box not sure whether it's frobabble. But technically, it still might be possible to finish the mission with a key loot model missing. If a texture or material def is missing, it will just turn black, so again, a high priority, not critical. Nothing worth crashing the game.
  9. That approach still doesn't make sense, regardless of development type. Whether we're talking about one-man projects, or team efforts, the final result is often full of flaws, minor concessions and bugs that are not show-stoppers. Noone in their sane mind would want to make them a no-go bugs for a project, especially if deadlines have to be met. This way people can assume an MVP and work on fixes or enhancements after a go-live.
  10. Fyi, there are idtech4 multiplayer code forks out there, like librecoop. Having something like Thievery for TDM would be great, but typically that attracts different audience.
  11. Exactly, the key thing here is user type. End-user is neither a developer nor a content creator, they're not able to fix anything themselves. They should be able to enjoy a fan mission uninterrupted, to maximum possible extent, even with faulty or missing assets. Content developers and content creators use the error message system, and even they can choose to what extent they ignore it. From the engine standpoint, assets (and by that I mean textures, materials, models and the like) are either rendered or not. So the biggest "penalty" engine-side is an error message + not rendering an asset, which is already implemented. Since a map can contain several hundred / thousand models with assigned textures and materials, it would be highly unpractical to punish a mapper with a crash. The engine is restrictive enough already, with things like not letting entities be placed in the void (which other engines I know permit).
  12. That's the dumbest thing I've heard in a long while. Literally nobody uses such rule.
  13. Models, LODs, and occlusion culling. Visportals are old-school and not super practical in open-world environments.
  14. Another great source for modeling references, lots of cool furniture with comprehensive photo sets: https://www.antiquesatlas.com/antiques/antique-furniture/chests_and_coffers
  15. Games don't differ from cars in that matter. Hypothetically, you could manufacture an infinite amount of cars from a blueprint, and yet none of the users gets right to that blueprint when buying a car. They just own that particular car. The same could be said about digital goods, but the manufacturers push really hard towards changing the wording, meaning, and the perception, especially in legal terms. World's most popular robot CEO Andrew Wilson talks about 'moving from ownership to subscription' at every possible occasion during investor meetings, but that's not something that must happen or it's 'logical'. It's just what companies want and pursue.
  16. It should be less convoluted if you just make one model with two materials. Smooth transparency will require a separate material anyway.
  17. For the corridor section, probably not, but I want to have a separate and more comprehensive pipe kit for other location, and that would be more rusted set.
  18. There are stock emitters that should do for now, although I remember some of them were not exactly performance friendly. Will make new ones when I get to making fx.
  19. Ok, one last post with pipes. Reworked the whole thing a bit and added some more variants. But first things first: 1. Initial concept (material/blockout) 2. Exploded view with the pipe kit. All variations were made with this set, I cut the straight pipe to proper length where needed. 3. Base version. 4. V2 5. V3 Okay, no more pipes for at least two months now
  20. No no no, this one is just a one-material model, no collision hulls or anything. I put collision hulls e.g. for stairs if they feel too steep for me. Monsterclip is a brush made from scratch. I did the trick with the nodrawsolid_metal, the only drawback is that items don't fall through the grate, but e.g. I can put some loot down there, and the frob goes through. It seems like objects (moveables) react properly with those bars, just AI isn't.
  21. I encountered a rather weird bug today: The floor grate is just an .ase model, one metal material, no unusual collision models or anything. Player can walk on it just fine. Obviously, I needed a MonsterClip brush for AI, so it doesn't avoid walking on it, but again, nothing weird about its placement: Is there anything wrong with this setup, or is it a bug?
  22. I didn't see this posted before, I stumbled across some Thief (2014) art dump on Art Station: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/B9Gvm https://www.artstation.com/artwork/KEZ1W https://www.artstation.com/artwork/exo8Y https://www.artstation.com/artwork/LmGeK
  23. It's a nice idea for a tribute, but you don't have to make this a 1:1 copy. Use different materials or lighting, or maybe make it a derelict home. An interpretation or extrapolation of the topic instead of exact representation.
  24. Finished a floor grate with some pipes and pistons. The latter will be moveable. It could use some "tech lights" too, will make those some other time. Edit: oh shoot, I accidentally deleted those, see this post below: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/10003-so-what-are-you-working-on-right-now/&do=findComment&comment=440421
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