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  1. My first idea would be to target 2 path coners, one would have chance 0, the second chance 1, and then make a script to reverse values of these spawnargs (not sure what's the specific script for that though).
  2. If you need functional props (models mapped to entity defs), this is probably the best section: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/forum/4-art-assets/
  3. It seems like you can click the Unread Content link on the right and choose Status Updates from Content Type picklist. But it's not as straightforward as it was before the upgrade.
  4. It seems like it doubles the functionality of the SEED tool in DR? I only used it to reduce the drawcall count for stuff like blades of grass, so I'm not 100% sure, but it looks like it from the wiki description.
  5. To be more precise, overlapped shadow-casting lights are the problem. More than two of these overlapping can be a pain on older hardware. What you can do, and that works very well for non-extinguishable or "ambient" lighting, is to have one "key light" that cast shadows, and several other noshadow "fill lights", e.g. to mimic light bouncing off surfaces. Modern games go even further and use noshadow lights to guide player's eye to certain spots, or to add some artistic touch. Often they don't even have a light source (they're not diegetic), so they look a bit unrealistic, but surprisingly, that rarely feels jarring or out of place, at least in a more or less finished environment. If you need examples, take a look at e.g. Skyrim or Dark Souls series.
  6. Looks promising, a reminds me of Dunwall a bit
  7. Yeah, something like that. This is nowhere near a finished scene, just a rough sketch to figure out scale and basic proportions. These columns will probably get thicker, and I plan to have walls and floor as flat materials mixed with actual geometry, a la Dark Souls 3 and the like. Those bricks and tiles will probably be noshadows, but they should still look pretty cool. We'll see
  8. I don't understand Ass Creed and the Ubisoft Template games at all. They are busywork simulators and 90% of the content there is boring indeed - and so many people seem to just love these things... The content is spread so thin that Ubisoft puts paid permanent XP boosters and stuff like that. So they're basically saying, "The game you bought for over 60 bucks is boring, pay us a little extra to make it better". Indie games can suffer from that as well, although typically without predatory practices, so the problem lies more with pacing. I bounced off Void Bastards lately, twice actually, because it seemed repetitive and lacking variety in its opening stages. Or maybe it's just me and my impatience?
  9. I don't have too many problems with modern games, except that there are more and more publishers pursuing heavy monetization patterns and product as service model. So at the moment can't buy anything that's published by EA, Activision, Ubisoft and the like. But what's more important, my free time is rather limited these days. When I have a choice between playing and making stuff, I choose making stuff 99% of the time.
  10. Yup, it looks like AI gets overwhelmed when path_corners are too far away and there is more complex AAS area to navigate. I added a path_corner nearby every monsterclipped pillar and AI follows the patrol path as it should.
  11. I have problems with patrolling guard. It's a relatively simple looped path set up here, and AAS viewer shows plenty of space to navigate. And for some reason, guard chooses the most weird ways to go around those pillars:
  12. Sorry to spam a bit, but I think this one has potential to look quite cool when finished. Testing scale, first tileable materials, and possible light sources. Models are simplified, I just needed to set proper scale (windows are reused as mocks). Geometry will be much more complex, not sure about lighting (all lights are static, but shadow-casting).
  13. Access over Ownership – that's a phrase we'll probably hear more often in the future in regards to AAA and mobile games.
  14. Yeah, I liked status updates too.
  15. Wiki editing credentials are not granted to everyone who just registered on forums. It's even better when users post their tutorials on the forums first, to get some feedback on quality of their work.
  16. I think that's just a noshadows light meant to fake the light coming from the window.
  17. Btw. one thing that I'd address sooner than later would be disabling guest accounts. And implementing https.
  18. Nobody said that free roam missions have to give players access to absolutely everything from the beginning. That's rather boring, actually. Other games gate content too. Some doors or containers can be unpickable, some gates or entrances can only be operated by a remote, story-related switch. Some items can be hidden at start, as long as you can convince the player that someone got into a place and "left" them there at some point. Some openings, like vents, may require a special master key to open, so you can have a semi-linear map that slowly opens up to the player, as they get more items, metroidvania style. These items can be story related too, so you can link story progress to the amount of areas player can get to, etc. etc.
  19. I don't use the model scaler much, but one major thing to note is that it doesn't work like in other game engines, i.e. unity or unreal. This isn't just a translation tool, it saves every scaled model as unique one. And it also works in a different way than in other game engine, or in modeling software. It scales models in relation to the selected grid.
  20. I think that there is a chance for a new chapter in that regard, but it would have to be something like that video game from Spike Jonze film "Her". Not going to happen anytime soon.
  21. IMO, if anything, gaming is blocked by lack of ideas on how to interact with game worlds in interesting manner, other than shooting a moving target in the head. It's an interface problem as well, I guess. VR has a different problem though, and the opposition isn't just towards the high price. Gaming spent several decades trying to get to mainstream / average Joe's home. VR and the necessity of wearing weird peripherals takes us back to the basement nerd era again. No amount of money spent on marketing will change that.
  22. Yeah, I wanted to minimize the effort on the mapper side. The AI can sometimes looks a bit floaty, but it's mostly unnoticeable. And for proper pathfinding you don't even need a separate monsterclip brush. All you have to do is to provide a contiguous surface underneath, you can use your sealing geometry for that:
  23. To provide fluent movement experience for the player. AI looks pretty good with it too.
  24. FYI, the time between this and next update might be even longer, I'm afraid. I think this is more or less complete set, in terms of building blocks and setpieces for a corridor that should lead somewhere. Now I need to design at least one somewhere. And that makes me go back to reference hunting, establishing scale and proportions, testing on mock pieces, etc. First thing's first though: establishing room type and choosing patterns/colors for wall, floor, and ceiling materials.
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