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  1. Yes, just tested it and found what my problem was again: Adding non-zero spectrum to the material definition causes the texture to become pitch black ingame. The interaction between the spectrum light and object is correct, but in the absence of the correct spectrum light it's clearly visible where the spectrum object is because of its black silhouette. I've attached my test map & materials, where I tested spectrum 0, 1 and 2. spectrum.pk4.txt
  2. Yes please, I missed spectrum lighting greatly in Down by the Riverside. I'm assuming you're thinking of just a small tweak, but I wasn't able to get spectrum to work at all.
  3. I do happen to have a copy of Wrecker's Reach, after downloading the campaign not too long ago from bikerdude's mega link on Chrome. Might be that the safest way to download that is to install the Mega program to your pc or phone. There are no circular piers here however. You'd have to make brushes, texture them with pier_platform and rotate them to get piers like in that Chains of Satinav screenshot. neons_harbour.zip.txt
  4. I've got such a boat which is bound to a func_pendulum for side-to-side swaying, that func_pendulum is bound to another func_pendulum for forward-backward swaying, and that second func_pendulum is bound to a splinemover that can be scripted to follow a spline curve. A cutscene camera bound to the boat is active, with a script running to update its position every frame. (The camera automatically immobilises the player and gives the option to skip the cutscene with the escape key). See grayman's camera cutscene tutorial for how to setup all of this. In this context, though, I think it'd be a more wholesome solution to build your map in such a way that there are small alley sections connecting your big areas, which is the norm in city missions, rather than working with teleportation scripts and player-usable boats.
  5. What I could offer to try is to peel one potato at a time, get one piece ready before moving onto the next so you'll gradually keep adding useable areas to your progress, and if your original plans were a little too ambitious you'd be able to draw the line at an earlier stage. I'm doing that with my merchant ship, a couple cabins now and then when I have inspiration, and I know it'll get done at some point. That's also a strength of one of the former campaign maps, Wrecker's Reach: there aren't too many interiors yet, but those which are present are in good shape. That's a much better situation, in the sense that it's more feasibly releasable, than if the whole map were a mess of half-started rooms still needing lighting, detailing and so forth.
  6. Indeed, in particular that tone at 0:12 may be gold for an industrial ship. One of those long-distance sounds that could be coming from anywhere within the ship's metal bowels. Quite an odd instrument, that one. Youtube seems to know it best as the backbone of renaissance music, while Freesound has a handful samples that with a good deal of imagination could be the origin of those sounds. Now, I've come across some very peculiar instruments that I'll contribute to this thread, both built with the purpose of creating horror soundscapes:
  7. In Down by the Riverside I just had a corridor that was bending enough to prevent a line of sight between the two major areas, but since then I did make a teleportation setup that I posted to Newbie DarkRadiant Questions, which also picks up any moveables that might've been left in the corridor. I'd only use that kind of teleportation if there's no way around it, though. In my case I've made that script because I want to build my ship mission's interior separately from the confinement of the exterior, but still give the illusion that they're seamlessly connected. The player musn't be able to see or hear any AIs from within the teleportation corridor, however. It's indeed easier to find a mapping solution and use perf tricks like Judith suggests. Either way you'd end up making a corridor, whether it's a teleportation zone or just a way of breaking line of sight. Could you make something like a city gate with a small side passage beside it?
  8. That is more art than mapping, most of all the third scene. I'll be eager to see what you manage to do with the interiors! And indeed that thought crossed my mind too recently when I came across some screens of Briarwood Manor, vibrant colour is your trademark.
  9. Laying claim to Wrecker's Reach after some trial mapping, which is perhaps only natural as I've been building my merchantman ship to fit its harbour and this map truly has my name written all over it. It's clear that a huge amount of work and creativity has gone into Wrecker's Reach already, and its convoluted layout is a huge asset for me personally. Not to mention that I keep finding new alleys and squares to be filled in creatively, which I must say is a fun experience.
  10. Ah thank you, that'll be the one, and the contraption around the back just made me remember accordions too. Still quite some way for a recording like that to become an immersive background sound, but it's the right path.
  11. Starting from around 0:30 in this soundtrack there's an instrument that, I realised, is iconic for maritime settings. Anyone have any ideas what it's called? I'd like to have a bit of it for when wandering through my port.
  12. You can export it as a model, then use DarkRadiant's model scaler (button under translate, rotate, resize, clipper) to rescale. The old way was to use rotation spawnargs (rotation 0.8 0 0 0 0.8 0 0 0 0.8 would reduce to 80% in all 3 axis) but they mess up the collisionmesh and shadowmesh so you'd have to use noclipmodel 1 and noshadows 1 on anything that can be touched or cast a light upon. Regarding some of your other questions from recent times: - Arcturus' grass test map with the castle and lake contains lions with LOD stages. They are already in the mod now, though in a different form as I remember. - Wrecker's Reach from the unfinished official campaign contains a good harbour and piers setup. This is what I've adapted in part for my merchant ship asset. However I couldn't find the download link again for the campaign, so maybe someone else can help with that? Edit: post #117 in http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/12713-abandoned-works/page-5 for the campaign.
  13. What isn't clear to me at all is how this could escalate. After all, only a select few have access to the TDM mission repository for uploading mission updates. If for example Goldwell started making his own versions of missions and replaced the official versions unwarranted, misusing his access rights, then surely all that would be needed would be to revoke his access to the mission repository and revert to the original version. In cases where a license by the author was given to make an update, I think it'd be reasonable to ask that the author inspects the updated version before consenting to its uploading to the official server. All the work has after all already been done for him. If it's a case where assistance is given during mapping, then the author should implement the ideas that he likes and leave aside the others. This was my experience during collaboration with bikerdude: we are after all 2 different people with each their own style of mapping, so it's clear that on some parts we would diverge, while on others the mission would reap the benefits from having 2 creative minds at work. I can however see problems with this kind of creative process if one author is a newbie while the other is a veteran, as the veteran might then end up taking a perhaps too great influence on development. So based on what I've gleaned from public discussion, it would seem like a simple case, but clearly there's more to this drawn-out discussion. Why is there drama about unauthorised updates when those can just be undone or prevented?
  14. I had a similar problem once which seems to have been caused by something going wrong with the download. Ended up reporting dozens of missing textures in the 2.05 beta. I’d try redownloading.
  15. Thank you, I'm glad you appreciate it @Obsttorte, you raise a valid point, it's a demanding asset but there are more than a few techniques available to make it perform. What comes to my mind now is, as you suggest, splitting up the ship into smaller pieces with 1 light each, then LOD for tris and shadows and, as Bikerdude showed on my other big ship, putting caulk walls into the masts for visportals. Also, there's certainly still more potential for tris savings. I think it should be reasonable from a perf viewpoint. Harbour-wise also smaller ports might see ships like these, as they occasionally made stops on their journeys to pick up fresh food and ale and maybe also replenish their crews. If the port was too small or the water too shallow they would lay at anchor some distance away, with rowing boats to travel inbetween. A player would find an anchor chain as well as hull ladders either side of the ship as ways to sneak onboard from his rowing boat in that case.
  16. Today marks the passing of a milestone in the creation of a new ship: the completion of the scale model of the merchantman. Usually I release my ships en bloc, but this is by far the most complex ship I've been working on for re-use by the community, so with Christmas in a few days I'll be taking that opportunity to make the scale model available already now. (The original at harbour. Edit: brightened.) This is a large trading ship, though still smaller than a galleon, based on the colonial traders (indiamen) which dealt in the lucrative trade of exotic goods, required only a small crew and had quite some means to defend their cargo. Superficially it's similar to the more primitive carrack seen in One Step Too Far, but it's seen improvements at almost every turn, starting with the realistic hull shape, at the stern giving the captain and officers quarters well befitting their rank, at the bow holding up high a lion galion figure made by Arcturus, and its decks being covered with an excellent new floor texture by Judith. The ship also offers a good deal more space internally than did the carrack, allowing for example for a tract of cabins and a secure storeroom for the most valuable goods, with modules being available to refit the midsection as desired. Though I'll leave all the details of the interior until the life-size ship is ready for testing. Specs - scale model Download Dropbox - Weathered ships + Merchantman model
  17. What a way this would be to travel to your next mission, rather than getting rained on in your weathered old rowing boat:
  18. You can open the door just a bit so you can observe the guard without being seen, waiting until he goes to the far end of the room. For actually getting past the guard you'd find it much easier to hide within the bunks along the walls.
  19. German humour right there. Something I haven't seen yet is discussion of what happens if the door is open? Might make most sense to only enable peeking if the door is i.e. less than 10% open, to simplify the coding.
  20. Excellent to hear of this progress. Maybe you could even enhance our current door eavesdropping by letting one ear hear what's around the player and one ear what's on the other side of the door? The door-crossing sounds may need some muffling though, both for realism and to give the player an additional clue to figure out from which side of the door a sound is coming from, i.e. an approaching guard. Maybe reduce sound_loss to one third?
  21. The unprocessed scale model of my barque ship comes in at 120k tris currently and runs fine with a shadowcasting light casting the silhouette in all its details on the wall behind. FPS-wise you notice it's there, but a plain room with this ship casting 1 shadow gives me the same FPS as a normal TDM scene. I'm using a generic, newer pc with integrated graphics. This called back to mind this particular scene from a game I liked quite much. Here you are in the old harbour of Nostria. I can only recommend this step-by-step guide to making a tea cup, which is what allowed me to get a foothold in Blender. Especially if you're interested in making use of special custom assets unique to your mission, it'd very much pay off to have some basic modelling literacy. https://youtu.be/y__uzGKmxt8
  22. How about a combined camera and ear entity? It's already possible to achieve by binding the func_listener to the camera, but often both are needed in cutscenes.
  23. A possibly laborious to code set of tools for a laborious sequence of tasks. It sounds great. I think this would make life just as much easier as the readables editor has done for readables. (One can find old wiki pages on what it was like to make readables before the editor, it was just as clumsy as getting a model placed, materialled and skinned.)
  24. Very nice, that looks fun to go and clamber around on.
  25. Are you ever able to pick up all 3 items? If you have no objectives entity are you able to reliably pick up all 3 items? These questions are to track down whether the problem lies with the items or the objectives. If the objectives cause the problem, and you don't need the items to be moveables which you can throw around, then an alternative would be to let the objectives complete as soon as you frob the items, set up via stim/response to respond to frobbing by triggering a setobjectivestate entity for each objective.
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