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  1. What about creating func_teleporting entities instead of a flee point and have all relevant path nodes teleported to the designated exit point once the event has been triggered? I remember that someone suggested to do this with one spider in HHVF. And as far as I recall, it worked, but I had to remove it once again for other reasons.
  2. JackFarmer


    Just watched it. It's definitely BB-like. All things considered, I think it is a dignified conclusion.
  3. @Jedi_WannabeWow, you have been quite busy since you changed map size and fixed the defective portals. The mapping forces are strong in this one!
  4. @duzenko This should be applied on the roof section to the left in your picture? If so, sure, I have applied the other changes (func_statics without shadows) already and have removed a fatal setting I included with certain AI patrolling outside the building which disabled a vital script grayman did for me. I will get back to you with a new dmap asap. After that, I will ask nb to upload this new version (if ok for you).
  5. JackFarmer


    Well, I have started with season 1 ca. three years ago...and somewhere during watching season 2 I started with TDM mapping. Currently I am half through the third season. Though these early seasons already carry the mysterious mood, I must says that I think the first two seasons have not aged too well...and they include a lot of crazy storylines one would not want to see here on TDM!
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    Thanks, I have to admit I do not recall this one (stopped reading after the 50 mph thing). I think I will check it out as the complete X-Files box rests in my DVD shelf!
  7. Thanks Jeff, Sorry, but I do not understand what you mean. Do you think there is no fitting "start/stop" spawnarg defined for that entity?
  8. JackFarmer


    Ah, is this the desert you went to on your birthday? Then I take it you were already searching for the barrels with the money? What was this specific episode with BC about?
  9. JackFarmer


    Oh. Oh. Oh. I was never interested in crime series, but I love Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. This Vince Gilligan guy and his associates are incredible. (I think I first learned his name from X-Files credits back in the nineties). I am really looking forward to this. Me wonders if this Walters Whitst willst returnst as well?
  10. 1. Activation of func-bobbing entity How can I switch in on/off? I have tried the following: a. on -- 0 b. off - 1 c start_off - 1 d. start_on - 0 ...but none works. ---------------------------------------------- 2. Cutting patches Is there a way to cut patches?
  11. You are right; switching to a different texture solved the problem, but the new material does not look as good as the old one. I have noticed this problem now with several metal and wood textures. Anyway, thank you for the quick help. @Destined
  12. The entity atdm:moveable_lantern_oil_hand_lit creates correct shadows with the barrels (A) I've constructed from patches and cylinders (have turned them into func statics). Using the same light source with a container (B) constructed from brushes (and turned into func statics) does only create shadow casting on certain brushes, but works ok again on another barrel (C). What is my mistake?
  13. I am really curious how your greenhouse will look from the inside!
  14. Very good atmosphere and I like the shadows in the last shot. Using the round tile texture for the ceiling is a cool idea. Is that a new mission or will it be part of the "winter" map?
  15. @MVTHm...can you post a screenshot of your objectives list?
  16. How can I resize brushes that have been converted into entities (for example: water brushes)? I have read about that in the Wiki a few years back, but I cannot find it anymore.
  17. On a personal note: After watching a gameplay video and reading the experiences from the beta testers and other players here I am quite surprised. I had expected, that only the methods work that I had "arranged" for the player to solve certain problems. However,
  18. HHTLC, Part II: "The Underwater Facility":
  19. Negative values on func_rotating: works perfectly. Func_bobbing: Yep, that's it. And it looks cool! Thanks a lot, Vanished One!
  20. Yeah, you are right. It just shall move up and down and up and down along the Z axis. Can I do this with func_bobbing?
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