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  1. There is no easy way to make a luteplayer react to player's actions. Thus, an lute playing AI would be very helpful with the following properties: - variable skins - at a certain alarm level, lute player stops playing lute and so does the designated sound files...when alert level decreases, lute player, starts again playing the lute and the designated sound file start playing once again - at a very high alarm level, lute player drops the lute (and sound file stops) and runs away
  2. Where belong the wishes for new entities or prefabs?
  3. I thought this would increase performance ? The guards in question patrol mostly outside the building (I think I have sent you the map earlier and you have seen the overall layout of the mission).
  4. Final adjustment for HHVF. I have set several guards to cast no shadows, but there are still certain parts of the body/gear casting shadows. I anticipate that's because these items are def attached. Is there a way to remove theses shadows as well?
  5. John Campbell with his take of a LZ classic: The album includes also a cool version of Tom Waits' "Down in the hole" with David Lynch vibes.
  6. Congratulations, that's it! I have already started it, but most of it still consists of blocks only. ...but I like Goldwell's try as well!
  7. Sorry mate, The mission is not that expansive compared to HHI and I have already five testers. But I make it up to you. If you want to, you will be the first in line for the next mission, called "HH: TLC".
  8. You give me too much credit! When will you have time to look into the beta for performance checks?
  9. Hello NeonStyle, I took an extended Internet hiatus between ca. 2009 and 2014 and then did not post on a public forums before I showed up here roundabout 2017 (I think). And I have never heard from someting like "Live for Speed".
  10. Hm....let's try something different. Let's listen to a band doing a different version of a song they wrote in the 80s. It was popular among young dudes during the 80s to dislike these guys. I hate myself for following the herd back then. Truth is, these guys from Norway already did albums in the 80s including various styles in their music, some themes even very close to "The Cure". I can recommend their latest live album. Great music.
  11. Sorry, duzenko, but he´s got a valid point. This is something I discovered myself during learning how to map. Maybe it is linked to incorrectly sealed geometry.
  12. Wicked, you guys are in. Then we have the following: Beta testers: Amadeus, joebarnin & Jedi_Wannabe Performance checks: the merciless duzenko (I have checked, there are plenty of hide_distance properties and in addition I have added additional VPs, you will notice this when you receive the latest build) Well, at first try to finish the mission the regular way. If you do not run into problems, then try to break the game by doing things I cannot even imagine and try to get access into areas you are not supposed to enter. You have already started and finished a map. I dare saying that qualifies you for beta testing other author's missions!
  13. Hidden Hands - Vitalic Fever will be ready for beta testing in a few days. Play time should be around 1 - 2 hours. Map size is ca. 25% of "Initiation". Please sign up here. Would be good to get two people on board as Amadeus will also have a closer look. Cheers! Jack
  14. Does that mean that you could move a path_corner around during the game by binding it to movers and they would still work? I tried someting like that but it did not work.
  15. I have a problem with adding a final narrator comment at the very end of the mission. Once every objective has been cleared, the narrator shall give a final statement. How do I do that? I have tried adding an objective where I simply included the "Enabling Objects", added the restriction "two items are within a certain radius" with the following: - created a info location the size of the map (A) - for entity I have added "idPlayer" - for info location I have added A - then I included a very large distance ....but nothing happesn. How can I do that? And how can I make sure, that there is a certain delay before the final comment starts?
  16. "Hidden Hands - Vitalic Fever" is almost ready - I received the missing files for the ingame comments yesterday and there is only one final problem with integrating one voice file left (see Newbie thread). A friend of mine is working on the intro. We will meet and finish it during the next weekend. Below you can see a shot from the very first scene:
  17. The Lee Hazlewood/Nancy Sinatra song had one problem: clunky drums. Giant Sand & Lisa German fixed it in 1998 with a latino rhythm: One can almost smell the American/Mexican desert. Hm, yeah, it is fitting for this hot weekend in Central Europe as well. Let's hope for rain in the coming days. Have a nice weekend, whereever you are.
  18. This is really strange, I have an already integrated objective where you have to drop a person in a certain location, and this works without problems. Anyways, thanks, stumpy for your efforts.
  19. Thanks Jeff, that's a good idea.
  20. But that's what I did: - gave the objective location "open" the property "objective_ent - 1" - gave the objective location "closed" the propery "objective_ent - 1" - gave the door entity (hammer) the property "objective_ent - 1" ...but nothing happens, see attached demo. obj.test
  21. Hello stumpy, "and on the entity used to trigger is entity in location" --> sorry, I do not understand, what does that mean?
  22. I have an entity (sliding door) that can travel between to objective locations. If the entity is in the first location (open), the relevant objective shall be completed and a completion target shall fire (in this case, a changetarget entity). If the entitiy is in the second location (closed), then the referring objective for this status shall be completed (again with a completion target). The problem is, I do not get the objectives working. I looked into "Requiem" and copied the settings perfectly, but it does not work. I have attached an example map below. Could somebody be so kind and have a look? I don't understand why it is not working. Jack obj.txt
  23. Tin Machine's version of a Roxy Music classic: The songs caught on the live album from 1992 were even crazier and...more rampant (if that is the correct word). The guy on the lead guitar (Reeves Gabrels) is incredible...and so is his hair cut! And the drummer? Oh, man...
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