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  1. Yep, apparently. Good book, I think it's about that old too.
  2. "The Burgular that counted the spoons" by Laurence Block. From his series about Bernie Rhodenbarr the thief.
  3. I am trying to use models/darkmod/furniture/cabinets/cabinet1_openable.ase, can't find this in prefabs. It's only a minor detail, I'll come back to it later. Thanks
  4. I'm having intermittent problems with a target_set_frobable clip box I have around some loot in a drawer. If the clip box is touching the drawer model the whole drawer becomes unfrobable. I had it working by making the clip box smaller and not touching the model, but when I tried to set the next drawer up the same, they both became unfrobable.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YE4i8pQ4TKE&t=10s An old classic, 'Four men in a car' staring Neil, Rick and Vivian from the Young Ones
  6. Aldo

    On Trust

    Great minds think alike, hey. I'm impressed about how the younger generations are willing to confront these issues. They seem to have lost trust in the older generations to give them the truth, and rightly so. Hopefully they can sort out some of the problems they are faced with, without having wars. I might just add that I believe the capitalist system is flawed because of its reliance on trust, this was pointed out well in Sotha's article in OP. Because these economies are run using free enterprise, with the need for consistent profits, we have seen the rise and rise of scams. By definition a scam is a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation, is what just about everyone who is successful is partaking in. This is the elephant in the room and it ain't going away without a lot of rich people kicking and screaming into making some sacrifices. Who knows, maybe nature will have the final say, and we will be forced to change our ways.
  7. They are called fan missions, not critics missions. I've personally learnt a lot from looking at other peoples maps, and am happy that they are available. If some authors are so concerned with copying, maybe a form of encryption should be investigated. You are awesome bikerdude, don't let anything bring you down dude.
  8. Relax guys, all the work done on dark mod is amazing. I would love to see some of the older FMs refurbished into better FMs. If someone used parts of another FM and created a great mission it would not worry me in the slightest, as long as the original author is credited.
  9. I've found BlackJackJonnyy's mapping tutorials helpful: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIkU1xPvgfJQgo0w3o1PzVw
  10. I would expect that sitting with an old dutch farmer that there were be other reasons why the campfire looked so balanced. I see Marijn has been shunned for this movie and told he has a journalistic responsibility. People should be allowed to voice their opinions and these issues should be allowed to be openly debated.
  11. A very interesting documentary, some perspectives that I have never considered. People are to quick to believe in "20 second grabs" and sensationalism and not weigh up all the facts these days. It scary how we are manipulated to ensure that multinational companies are making constant profits, and how low they are willing to stoop to ensure this. The reduction of biodiversity of agriculture by forcing farmers to run CO2 reduction programs instead of growing different species of plants could have devastating effects on human kind. If the English guy is correct about CO2 and the Russian guy is correct about oil then most of us have been believing in a massive conspiracy. I always thought campfires were cool to watch, now I understand why, it has a kind of balancing effect on our minds.
  12. Am rebuilding my entire map from scratch, too much unsnapped stuff and messy building. At least I've got a good plan to work from, now I am making progress much more efficiently and quicker. Before: After:
  13. It also contributes to the kessler syndrome, which could eventually put an end to the rocket fun. Agreed that a lot has been discovered with space exploration, we also slowly coming to the realisation that earth is the only place humans will ever live. If we colonise any where in outer space we would need to overcome problems such as sustainable oxygen supplies, exposure to radiation, generating power, our reliance on microbial organisms and getting there, all at extraordinary prices.
  14. If we stopped spending so much time and money on war and space and put more effort into running planet earth: new energy sources and delivery systems, food management, ecological lifestyles etc etc there could still be some hope for humans. Immigration detention is disgusting, every persons life matters. It seems to me so greedy to live luxury lifestyles and be unable to imagine poor people doing even remotely the same. We are fighting each other cause we are trained to do this competing from an early age, we judge each other like we are trained to judge products we buy. I know a old traffic engineer, he says the speed limits were only ever supposed to be suggested speeds, they were never meant to be enforced.
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