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    A cloak of insanity has settled on me. If you like mazes, WS7 now has one. If you don't, well, ...
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    It is so satisfying developing a habit to have an everyday time window for mapping. Waking up early before work just to lay in a "bed" with mouse and keyboard on both sides, lazily adding detail after detail to the map, listening to some ambient rain, storm, wind or blizzard sound to cut off anything around. I wonder if I will manage to finish it for Halloween, but tempo is promising. And waking up being excited how I will suprise myself this day is great!
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    I would say that 1001 nights stereotypes are fine if done correctly. After all TDM is fairytale stereotypes all the way :)!
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    This really depends on how one would approach the setting. It would be fine for some simpler initial maps based on avoiding guard routines and such, but afterwards one would have to define what characteristics would be best for this type of setting, especially if we wish to avoid 1001 nights stereotypes. On a different note, I think spawning a different location for the TDM universe would also be an ideal chance to create an alternate character to the Garret-esque smooth voiced male that is omnipresent in TDM. This might be the right opportunity to finally have a female character join the ranks.
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    Perhaps we'll find the Minotaur in there...
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    All AV/AS products will suck up as much RAM is is needed to perform whatever options are selected. Just for basic file scanning none should be all that intrusive, but if you have email protection on, then it's scanning your mail inbox, and that can increase your memory load a lot. Some have many other features, aka cloud scanning, firewalls, that all use up more cycles. I find some products work more efficiently and silently, such as Vipre and ESET, and others appear to steal too many CPU cycles for my liking, aka Norton and Bitdefender. The built in Windows security is actually quite good protection for the price (free), and customizable, though sometimes like any of the other active scanning products I mentioned, can go rogue and take up 100% CPU. Usually this is some conflict with another process that can get resolved with some troubleshooting. Not much comfort I know, but these programs protect us from the evil Internet, and I for one am grateful for what they do. BTW, Malwarebytes is excellent as the free version and is a must install. It doesn't active scan (unless you subscribe to it) but it as a manual scanner it is nearly full-featured and compliments the built in Windows Security quite well.
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    Why have I been so quiet for the last several months ? I am slowly developing my series of missions again. I will prefer the individual release model, I might release at least one mission before the year is out. A smaller affair, but with some added verticality.
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    HHTLC, Part II: "The Underwater Facility":
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    Here are some more shots from Shadows of Northdale Act 3
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