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    Haha, it is a bit ridiculous. I hadn't played the mission in a long while and was thinking the same thing. Thanks for playing! Goldwell was kind enough to upload this on to the in-game downloader and do some last minute bug hunting.
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    I just want to point at the following thing: Yesterday, Internet Archive published 2500 dosgames on its server. (including full or shareware games like commander keen, quake 1, doom 1&2, etc) Those games can be played in your webbrowser! (search for a game, select the one with a floppy icon and hit the playbutton) See: https://archive.org/details/softwarelibrary_msdos_games They host also a nice collection of files for thief 1 and 2. For more info see: https://archive.org/search.php?query=thief dark project And TDM: https://archive.org/details/LP_Dark_Mod
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    I looked at WS4_Warrens and none of the dozens of lamps there exhibit the problem. So I made a test map and attached it to this issue. All the lamps in the test map exhibit the problem.
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    I admit I'm surprised to hear there are still users who don't have OpenGL 3.1 compatible cards. I run old hardware too, such as a motherboard from 2010 (in the process of upgrading it). I've had OpenGL 4.x support for a few years now though. I would advice a video card upgrade to anyone in this situation, as such old models can probably not handle the performance requirements anyway: A simple OGL 3.1 card can likely be found for even 20$ especially if you buy a used one from a place like Ebay.
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    I'd certainly like to vary it up a bit and give it more detail. The Dark Engine is simpler in this regard. So there would be stuff to expand upon visually. Maybe I could even change some of the exact layout of the inner walls, if I found the original a bit weirdly proportioned.
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    Hello Everyone! I finally got around to making some updates to this mission. Download Here or in the in-game downloader. These updates are mostly visual/ audio and aside from better AI pathing, there are no major gameplay changes. Old saves will not work. ============================================================= Changelist v1.2 ============================================================= - Added high resolution briefing video - Added new thief vocals - Added updated arrow models and effects - Fixed missing lamp model in courtyard - Minor audio tweaks - Brightened up the ambient lighting and reduced saturation. - Fixed monster clipping issues. Note: I increased the global brightness level so you might want to mess with your gamma / brightness settings before playing. Special thanks to Andrew Bartmes for the awesome new thief vocals.
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    Just watched it. It's definitely BB-like. All things considered, I think it is a dignified conclusion.
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    I put in a feature request to see ads on the Windows 10 boot screen. Why not? Ads are already on the lock screen and start page, and you can't use the computer during the boot process anyway, so that is a perfect time to show you some ads! Come on Microsoft, fetch some ads while the computer is running and randomly set them as the new boot splash, it's not hard! I could probably code that one up. Anyway, the request just got silently deleted. It's like when you bring up one of those topics that specific religious groups have a track record of covering up and really don't want to talk about. Or maybe they're just going to steal my idea, and not give me proper credit for it. At least we can express ourselves openly here without corporations censoring things. And since I don't use Windows 10, I really truly do want them to put ads on the boot screen, so that I can laugh some more. I'll just have to be patient.
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