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  1. The latest dev build (dev16215-9215) includes many changes in dmap: 5562, 5488, 5486 The main goal of these changes is to make dmap faster. In most cases it meant writing a faster version of some small piece of code. There is one major exception: I had to write a brand new algorithm for optimizing polygon triangulations (~1200 LOC). I used two well-known FMs to track progress. Here is the total time improvement: Painter's Wife (city): 8:10 -> 1:28 No Honor Among Thieves (politics): 4:35 -> 0:30 You should expect less improvement on other maps, since t
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  2. Same thing in "Vengeance for a Thief 3" Default: Fresnel Only: SSAO raduis 128 SSAO and Fresnel:
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  3. New dev build is available: dev16215-9215 UPDATE: I have just noticed that the code revision of this build is 9224, so I renamed the version to dev16215-9224
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  4. For the people eager to play with the latest state of development, two things are provided: regular dev builds source code SVN repository Development builds are created once per a few weeks from the current trunk. They can be obtained via tdm_installer. Just run the installer, check "Get Custom Version" on the first page, then select proper version in "dev" folder on the second page. Name of any dev version looks like devXXXXX-YYYY, where XXXXX and YYYY are SVN revision numbers from which the build was created. The topmost version in the list is usually the mo
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  5. That's fair. Personally, I'm young enough that I didn't play the likes of Deus Ex, Thief and System Shock 2 when they were new; like I noted in my summary of Human Revolution, it's pretty much that game alone to thank that I started branching out and got into some of these other ones. HR was a completely new world for me. I'd be hard pressed to choose between the first Deus Ex and HR. Both are excellent. Mankind Divided was a disappointment, the story just didn't go anywhere and it's maybe too similar to HR in terms of everything else. Not to mention the idiotic micro-transactions.
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  6. I am happy to announce the release of the first post-release Dark Mod FM: Patently Dangerous by demagogue. http://www2.thedarkmod.com/missiondetails/?id=6 Briefing: "Nobody said hypocrisy didn't have its uses. The Inventor's Guild, always so secretive about its own inventions, isn't beyond a little espionage when it comes to the inventions of others. They've hired me to steal the design notes from a young man named Soren Rikk, just on the outskirts of the Highlands Ward. He's reputed to have made a huge discovery in a field the Inventors have some interest in. It should be an easy jo
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  7. Here is a VERY interesting comparison with my latest "toned down WIP version": William Steele 5 default with no SSAO Now with Just Fresnel: Now with NO fresnel but with SSAO REALLY Wide radius ( 128 ) Now with SSAO and Fresnel: It is interesting that the fresnel almost gives the same look as a wide radius SSAO but has better performance and more clarity. Not lit as nicely though. Here is the build: tdm_base01.pk4 This is probably as toned-down as I would go, so I guess this would be a "fresnel low" setting.
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  8. I just finished it, took me a bit over 20 hours. Boy, what a game. Makes me wonder what most game devs are smoking these days to put out all those off the rack everything-is-the-same boring games. SS 2 is a master piece in terms of game design, right up there with Deus Ex. Only makes me wonder now what took me so long to finally play it through.
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  9. It looks great, i mean the screenshots are too small to actually see something. But the idea looks good. Can you make a video at max graphics settings?
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  10. New dev build is available: dev16202-9175 Changelog of all versions is in the second post of the thread.
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