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    I play sax in a ska band. I also build custom hand crafted bass guitars for extra cash. Im a criminology student at WLU. Oh yeah, and I love thief....
  1. Imagine this at night, without the cars, in the fog, with zombies all around. Only issue I can see is its a shitload of polygons.
  2. I found it laggy as hell and really not as scary as the name would imply. I mean, they name the game F.E.A.R., it should be fair to expect a few real pants-wetting moments. Then again after being traumatised by Return to the Cathedral, The Inverted Manse and System Shock 2, I might be getting desensitized.
  3. loudogskank

    Quake Iv

    I fonud it on t3h Intarw3b!!!121 Garet is a totaly L33t Thi3f who steals shit and OMG hamerheads and paganinis are like "no you noob" lol the zombes are t3h ghey tho. Scarey.!
  4. The Cassini space probe recently recorded some creepy-ass sounds from Saturn. Apparently saturn emits a lot of radio waves, and somehow every hollywood director knew exactly how an alien world would sound. Saturn radio emission (couldn't make hyperlink work... blah)
  5. 0... saving takes away a lot of the tension!
  6. Man i'd say anyone that can figure out dromed is a good liability for a beta mapper.... Comin from a guy whos fought the worst bugs 3ds, lightwave and maya had to offer, that shit is whack!
  7. Imagine garrett whipping out his dong and dousing a stone staircase... the next unsuspecting guard to stroll by slips and breaks his neck.... it all looks like an accident...
  8. Its a celebration, bitches! Drink up, be merry!
  9. My favourite modding/working music is the album Colma by buckethead.... Just an amazing serene instrumental album, totally mellows you out and allows focus. Also recommended when on shrooms!
  10. Happy birthday GIMG! And Renzatic, keep your roofie colada's away from my sister... *glares suspiciously.....
  11. I remember the days when the zombies in quake seemed terrifying.... haha we are getting old!
  12. Word... We're living in a violent society... broadcasting videos of people being beheaded, media coverage of a bloody war being conducted for reasons most of us don't even undestand anymore... Video game violence has captured the zeitgeist.... Human violence should be regulated before video games.
  13. Well the Thief universe seemed like a fairly gritty place... I think a happy, unarmed person would concern the watch more than a hooded and cloaked taffer armed to the teeth...
  14. Well, having solved all other world problems, Im glad your government can now tackle this issue... /Violent game loving Canadian
  15. Looking back to T1, I remember a guard outside bafford's manor calmy say "how's it going?" to Garrett.... not suspicious because at the moment he was up to no shenanagins. It wasnt until inside they got all pissy towards you.... Also when sneaking around and making noise, the guards would often inquire who was there or who made that noise... they didn't automatically know it was a thief.
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