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  1. I think I get what you mean; just because you can add 100 more arrow types to the game, it doesn't mean you should... Although you can always mod the base game and let people download it. Same with this kind of thing.
  2. If I may, I don't like the somewhat aggressive way of pushing for changes, especially in core mechanics, which seems to come from just one person's idiosyncrasies. And it's not the first topic I see like that in the last few days.
  3. Yup, it would cast both types of shadows. In terms of performance, it always depends on how you execute it. But in terms of geometry, the engine seem to be able to handle a few millions of tris per scene, if you keep other factors (like drawcalls) low. Clever LODing should do the trick here.
  4. It was not a bug, it was real-time shader compilation (PC-specific issue). They addressed it by pre-compiling shaders while you're in main menu.
  5. Isn't there a HeatHazeWithDepth shader that has this issue resolved?
  6. FYI other games do holstering weapon by holding down the Use button for like 1,5 sec, and draw weapon is pressing the Attack button. No need for dedicated keys.
  7. The only thing I know is a mouse binding called Jump to object: you select an object in 3d view, click your key+mouse button combination, and the camera is centered to that object (in ortho view as well).
  8. A dark theme for the wiki would be nice though.
  9. Modern games are using modeled blades of grass these days; that eliminates problems with transparency overdraw and technically you can make every single blade cast a shadow, but that's probably quite sub optimal
  10. This has nothing to do with PBR, or any PBR-specific feature. But, it could be useful for creating a test map, when you plan to address the problem with cubemaps ignoring lighting.
  11. It's not about layers. It's a more modern approach where you have a 'master level' and there would be sub-maps streamed in and out as necessary. Unreal engine supports it since version 3.0, IIRC.
  12. That's frame-by-frame image animation, he uses 99 frames per grass piece and these are 2k to 4k textures(!). The resolution alone is insane for a grass piece, not to mention flipping between 99 textures of such resolution. There's no point in recreating that approach unless you want your computer to explode. Frankly, it's a miracle that NewDark is able to run this thing at all.
  13. Looking good, somewhat reminds me of that start cave in Dark Souls 2
  14. That grass demo is the worst approach you could take, as it's a frame by frame animation; it uses max limit of the T2 engine (99 frames) and runs like crap even on decent systems. Not that Gecko was ever known for subtle solutions...
  15. I think the grass movement in the original grass demo was more generic, and as such didn't attract that much attention (which is good). In the examples above you can see the whole card is bent, and it's pretty evident that all blades of grass are bending in the same direction. That effect might be useful though, if you want to simulate the grass reacting to a character going through it.
  16. To create these mods, it seems so, but not to play them.
  17. Holy shit, this is one of the very few moments, where I actually believe this might really be something groundbreaking. Nexus Mods will need bigger servers, fast
  18. It's funny how perception changes over the years. I've been replaying Bioshock in its Remastered version, and I'm surprised how bad the level design actually is. It's just a series of abstract corridor mazes that you can't really map out in your head. There's nothing that would ground them in any kind of reality, fictional or otherwise, no sense of place people could live in. It's almost like Wolfenstein 3d with cool art deco assets.

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    2. datiswous



      playing Tomb Raider 2, 3 & 4, NOLF 1 & 2, Oni, Urban Chaos, at work to pass the time

      Ehh, at work??

    3. peter_spy



      What kind of level design should new Bioshock franchise invent? Open, connected world?

      I don't think it has to invent anything, just use human architecture as a reference, and create places that look like they are lived-in. First Bioshiock was released early in X360 lifecycle, so that might explain abstract levels, but the technology is definitely there now :)

      I guess one of the explanations for large blocky layouts could also be that there had to be a sufficient space for Big Daddies to navigate and fight.

    4. Epifire


      Well I mean it was based off System Shock initially, so I think a lot of that design comes straight back to gameplay. It's funny because I'm the weirdo who vastly preferred the last game. I like the style of Bio1 but something about it always struck me as it feeling like a chore to complete every time I've played it. You get YouTubers like the Act Man who treat it like it's an untouchable legend but I never had that kind of admiration for it.

      I can agree the level design and overall layout, definitely lends a hand to this sentiment.

  19. If you ever need reference for antique painting frames, this one is really good https://www.johndaviesframing.com/frame-gallery/
  20. if toned down slightly, that could be a mural of some sort, nice! By the way, while I was experimenting with current paintings-as-loot entity system, I noticed a couple of things. It seems like it always needs a second model for an empty frame entityDef. You can't use the base model with "stolen" skin. Examples from Loot entityDef seem to confirm that. The second model can even use different skin, but you can't use the same model for base painting and empty frame, by just switching skins. It's a bit of resource waste, two models instead of one, but ideally both solutions could be supported, IMO.
  21. It sure does! But strangely, I found that stuff like that is everywhere in video games and it works for me as well. It's gross oversimplification, to the point of looking utterly silly, but somehow it gets the job done. I guess this one just screams "you've already stolen this!" at you, and you can see it from quite afar.
  22. Yeah, the painting itself is fairly reflective. I've been experimenting with things on normalmap, but adding patterns there turned out to be quite distracting. No no, you're right, there is a fair bit of specularity thrown in there. There are some things on specular, like dust bits, and a subtle stuff on normalmap to make the painting look as if there are paint layers. I tried some brush strokes as well, but it seemed a bit much
  23. Remade SeriousToni's painting model, so it can serve both as decoration and loot item. 500 coins for such a sloppy cutout job might be a bit of a wishful thinking though
  24. Very nice, gives me the Dishonored 1 vibes, although with higher res textures Did you design these, using 3d elements baked into textures, or did some good old photo-bashing?
  25. You can crouch and creep right behind stationary AI and blackjack them, even on tiled floor. But I discovered that through my mapping experiments, not by playing missions. I it seems like noone bothered to teach players this.
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