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  1. Best of luck! This will be super interesting!
  2. They caught the suspect. According to the news it looks like ISIS inspirated work: the suspect had uploaded ISIS propaganda and stuff on facebook. Perhaps some kind of early warning system would help, for example people could report social media activity to the officials, so that they have a list of people about to radicalize. For example, in Finland, worried friends reported a woman planning a school shooting. The police intervened in time and she was put to psychological care. But still it would be impossible to avoid stuff like this, because the police does not have the resources to monitor all would-be-nuts all the time, and they cannot be put to jail before they do something stupid. Also, putting propaganda to social media cannot be a reason to jail people. So stuff like this will happen again, and what liberal democracies can do is just persevere, I guess. Starting some "let's hate foreigners"- campaigns will only make it worse. Hate brings more hate and increases the likeliness of radicalization.
  3. In order to not flood the comment/status system, I'll open a thread for the topic. Feel free to resume commenting here. A crude copy of the discussion so far:
  4. Terrorist attack now in Stockholm? Will this never end? :( Fieldmedic, you ok?

  5. Always nice to have more options for briefings. Can you post a video to show how it looks? Your description of it sounds exciting!
  6. Today is April Fools Day... Ever since the US presidential election campaign and with the advent of false news and alternative facts, the day does not mean much anymore. It is more like every normal day is april's fools day, and what we really need would be a special day when only 100% verified and truthful news is published.

    1. Anderson


      Where's the fun without the complications?

    2. Springheel


      Wouldn't it be nice if people spent time being skeptical of unusual claims made on days OTHER than April 1st?

    3. Sotha


      Let's build a wall against lies and have the media/politicians pay for it! ;D

  7. You can easily change individual AI team with a script command: $ai.setTeam(5); See here for example: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/17160-easy-alert-ai-custom-behavior-recipe/
  8. I am glad to hear that! This is exactly what I was hoping for when I decided to make the video series, so thank you! Best of luck with the project, enjoy, and remember to ask for help in the editor's guild part of these forums if you run into trouble!
  9. What Judith said. The pillars should be at least size of a man, preferrably taller. That makes the arches easier to monsterclip too, because you just need to monsterclip the pillar and the arch-work is above the AI you do need to think about it in terms of AI pathing.
  10. Bizarre. Because deleting and replacing doors don't work, it must be the visportal. I suspect the visportal is defunct somehow: does not touch walls, has incorrect texturing, or there is an internal leak somewhere that breaks the portal, visportal plane does not touch the doors... Go on game, type "r_showportals 1" and see if there is a green or red gate where the visportal should be. Does the gate go red if you close the doors. Try "r_showtris 2" to see if the visportal blocks visibility. Examine the visportal with all entities hidden in DR. Does the portal fit snugly to the worldspawn doorway
  11. Good, good... Did you read this? http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Doors#Double_Doors Maybe double-check the visportal? Or maybe just one door needs the lock status and you should not have lock/pick spawnargs on the other?
  12. Path_sits and path_sleeps absolutely have to have angles on them. Same applies to path_anims as well. --- Lockers: Check the targets. Perhaps you had the same issue as Spring with the new intro mission. If you had locker1 and you cloned it into locker2, if the doors on locker2 are accidentally targeting frob controls of locker1, you have the no-frobs messed up. Check that the objects are okay by importing the flip-desk prefab and see that you have set up yiur lockers exactly like that. IIRC 1) door must target the frob control entity 2) door must have immunity to frob control entity 3) door must have the trigger_on_open and *close set to 1. 4) frob control entity must be a box of clip texture. 5) no extra spawnargs need to be added on frob control entity
  13. Your lady problem looks really weird. Do you have "angle" spawnarg on the path_sleep? She should always sit down on the bed facing the angle arrow. Check if the angle spawnarg is present! The path entity will have an arrow even if angle spawnarg is not present. The same weirdness may be accomplishable with a negative lay down slide dist, but surely you don't have one. I cannot comment on the double doors. I have a couple of working ones in Mandrasola mission. It is in the backyard of the boat factory in the harbor. Perhaps you could check how to set up it correctly, or simply copy my doors to your mission. Edit: does the double doors have a visportal? Perhaps that is needed?
  14. Not sure... but you could make a light entity and add a separatr flame particle emitter (func_emitter) overlapping with it. The end result would look exactly like a normal torch, but it would be unextinguishable.
  15. What Moonbo said. I've had patch weirdness too, all fixed by using fixed subdivision.
  16. Can you drop down the console and look for error messages. I guess there is an error that breaks the gui. Could be as simple as missing "{"-character or something.
  17. Wonderful idea! It's been ages since we had a proper contest! The initial idea sounds good and interesting. I would love to participate, but I'm not sure if I have the time. :/
  18. What an unusual request. Feel free to do what you wish! But would it be better if you just copied my workflow and not the map itself? You could build similar modules like I did, and then simply clone them into a different floorplan and then carry on working according to the video, but working on your own floorplan. That way you would get the same mapping experience, while producing something new for the community to play. The value of your work would be higher than when simply recreating of The Bakery Job. If you have trouble inventing the location or the plot, it could be as simple as "break in that local house to steal that specific item a buyer wants." Just a proposal for you consideration. Oh, and feel free to copy any part of my map if it makes your work easier. Modules are good building excercise, so I really recommend you do your own even if they end up looking exactly like mine. But copying stuff like window lights, the shop, etc probably speed up nicely as you do not need to spend time tweaking the settings but getting something working in immediately. Best of luck!
  19. Excellent, montag! Please do consider about the mission release part, though: why do it just for your own amusement, when you could give it for the community to play? A simple and short mission is better than no mission at all, right? If you run into trouble, do not hesitate to ask for help around the forums: there are many veteran mappers who are happy to help new mappers out.
  20. The monsterclip does not need to be lowered to the height of the bed. I usually make all mc tall to the ceiling. The AI can use the bed just fine. The AI slides into the mc when they go to sleep, but they do not pathfind when sleeping, and they slide out from the mc when they wake up. Thst way the AI does not get stuck into the mc. Always make mc tall to the ceiling unless you want the AI walk on the object being monsterclipped.
  21. One option would something like the viking voice in PVKII: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=07nI01IS9OU
  22. Current menus are alright, and it is nice to see custom menus in some individual FMs. They really show the FMA wants to give the player something special made with love. Do we have instructions how to create custom menus by the way?
  23. Thanks for playing & glad it brought you joy. Hehe.. As you will find out from the video series: I gave the AI the choice how to do the patrol patterns. I just gave them a few RIT nodes and the AI are actually choosing between them at random.
  24. Could someone please add Bakery Job to the ingame mission downloader and wiki FM list? Thank you very much!

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      I don't know how to do it, so Biker, if you could, I would be ever so grateful! Thanks!

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    4. Sotha
  25. I wonder if it would be possible for the AI to have a different walk animation when they travel elevations. The AI would need to detect an elevation difference and then temporarily choose a different walking animation. I know some games have special stair anims for AI.
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