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  1. I never realised there was a Dark Mod Twitter account. Perhaps it was banned and waiting for Elon Musk to unban it.

    1. thebigh


      It was dormant for a very long time. Earlier this year I took it over and basically use it to announce new maps when they're released, and celebrate old ones on their birthdays.

    2. datiswous


      I wondered if (some of these) posts should go on the News page . Curently you usually only see a post when there is a new release (so once a year)..

    3. JackFarmer



      Apparently unbanning was not the only thing, there was seemingly also some sort of unblocking: Several users on Mastodon have reported that Musk, whom they blocked on Twitter in the past, suddenly became unblocked on their Twitter accounts...

  2. I like house-cleaning and taking out the trash.

    1. JackFarmer


      Inspired by your post, I have spent the past two hours cleaning all rooms in the first and second floor with both my regular and my Vorwerk wet vac! Thanks for the motivation, I was about to postpone it today once again!

    2. Epifire


      Virtual or otherwise, it makes for a feel-good moment. 😉

    3. datiswous


      ... Ah I get it now

  3. Worked out how to get the DR documentation online using GitLab Pages. It's pretty incomplete at the moment, but thanks to GitLab CI, every push automatically updates the website. http://orbweaver.gitlab.io/DarkRadiant/

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    2. OrbWeaver


      The information was probably "out there" but scattered around various forum threads, Wiki tutorials etc. The aim with an official user guide is to bring all that information together into a single place, structured logically and (eventually) covering ALL features of the application.

    3. RPGista


      Thats pretty amazing man. Great work been done here...

    4. fllood


      Excellent work Orb! Appreciated. Keep up the good work...

  4. Impressed to see that TDM works well on the open-source radeon driver in Linux. A little bit stuttery and I only tried the training mission, but still.

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    2. OrbWeaver


      Sapphire R9 290 from 2014 or thereabouts. I woudn't touch nVidia on Linux for the same reason as kano. I want to support vendors who support open source.

    3. Bikerdude


      a R290's not to shabby, hope it has a custom cooler on it though, as they get a bit toasty.

    4. OrbWeaver


      Yeah it's got three big fans, not the horrible whiny single fan that some stock cards have. It makes a pleasant whooshing sound when heavily loaded.

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