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  1. So, wait, should all skyboxes be outside of the ambient world light? Is this typically done for most skyboxes?
  2. Amadeus


    I don't understand how you could have the complete X-Files box set but have not watched the entire series at least eight times.... but to each their own, I guess, haha
  3. Amadeus


    How did you know I was searching for those barrels!?!?!? And Drive was about:
  4. Amadeus


    He did do a bunch of Xfiles episodes. He wrote a ton of episodes for them, including one of my favorites "Drive" (which also stars Bryan Cranston). I'm definitely looking forward to El Camino, (especially now that I live in New Mexico and can say "Hey, I've been there!" whenever I see those beautiful nature timelapses, haha)
  5. I did! I'm taking the time to make some custom furniture (just with brushes, these wont be any custom models because I dont know how to use blender). Some of it is actually inspired by my own furniture, haha
  6. Thanks Goldwell! I'd hope you'd like it because I definitely took a lot of inspiration from your maps, haha. I'm really excited to have finally gotten this in a pretty decent state
  7. Thanks And this won't be my Braeden map that I showed you oh so long ago. This will still take place in the north, just not there.
  8. In honor of completing the architecture for my small map, here are some screenshots. All that's left is.... everything else
  9. Ha, too true. Even though I don't think Greek myth fits into TDM, it was the first thing I thought of when I saw the maze. Plus it'd be a cool creature to add to the universe (but I realize that creating new AI is super difficult)
  10. Congrats on release!!! I'm looking forward to checking out the final version
  11. Looks great Vanished! Tremendous amount of detail and beautiful lighting
  12. Thanks for the insight Demagogue. I'm gonna dust off DR this weekend and see what I can come up with
  13. Looks gorgeous, Jedi. If you don't mind me asking, do you have a strategy for handling visportals and the map boundries (I take it there is no invisible wall for the player to brush up against while in your forest)?
  14. Holy guacamole! Had no idea you could make nature look that good in TDM. I remember a long time ago Sotha (I think) was talking about making nature modules, like Springheel's. That would be real cool see
  15. Oh, duh! I forgot about Dram's work he did. And I'll check out that map in DR, probably your Down by the Riverside too.
  16. hmm.... and Halloween is coming up too. The only thing I'd be afraid of starting would be making the forest and the overall nature look good.
  17. Saw this picture the other day. Haunted manor in the pagan forest?
  18. Agreed, I'll see it to believe it. Video game movies are always in a special kind of purgatory where nothing happens, and when sometime does happen you wish it didn't. How many years has the Halo movie been in the works now? How many times has the splinter cell movie changed?
  19. Consider your post liked Dragofer, I'm super excited to see those new ships in action!
  20. Biker continues to haunt these forums from beyond the ban it seems, but lets please divert this topic to another thread, maybe even the one discussing his ban.
  21. That certainly would be a sight to see
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