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  1. Just thought I'd pop in and say I get the aas out of date with Samhain Night as well. New engine changes invalidating old map aas?
  2. I've never been so excited for a mission. The William Steele missions have been among my favorites in The Dark Mod archives. Thanks for all your hard work grayman. I certainly appreciate it.
  3. Use a license. Perfect middle ground. Done. Anything done against the license would obviously be disallowed here. If you feel the need to DRM your content, then maybe you shouldn't be contributing to The Dark Mod in the first place. Any DRM seems contrary to the very nature of TDM and I'm sure many members including myself will be heavily against it.
  4. The Golden Book should probably be raised up and re-floored. It is very easy for the player or AI to walk on it and then it falls out of the level. Also... Alberic Minecraft (or maybe Eldritch) Looks like the cloister's made of bedrock. https://imgur.com/a/mwahINz Unfortunately, "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community."
  5. Got another piece of unfrobable loot. Had this a few times over the years. Once on a key. Didn't see a bug tracker entry for it. More specifically, the loot is not being frob blocked. I just can't frob it. It can be moved by g_dragentity.
  6. I love this. It just works so well. Think I'll make some Dark Mod time just to try it out.
  7. Changing the textscale is unwise as it usually misaligns all the missions names from the background alternating pattern. I'm not sure the current value is perfect and may subtly misalign as one scrolls down through enough missions. If we want to use custom textscales and avoid the pattern problem, we should consider a clean menu background graphic. It should then be possible to integrate the alternating pattern into the list object itself avoiding any misalignment issues. Edit: Scratch that, the listdef isn't truly smooth scrolling. No need to worry about misalignments once it has been eyed out once. Still, don't change the textscale unless you want to manually align it again.
  8. Can someone make this change to fix the check marks please. guis/mainmenu_newgame.gui Line 694: rect 0,0,255,245 Edit: If anyone wants to test, this gives us more name space. It does move the scroll bar off the list, but it looks fine. (Actually, it looks better really.) rect 0,0,270,245 bordercolor 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.2 forecolor 0, 0, 0, 1 hovercolor 1, 1, 1, 1 textscale 0.29 listname "missionList" font "fonts/carleton" tabstops "0, 228" // Mission Name, Mission Complete Icon tabAligns "0, 1" // Left, Center tabTypes "0, 1" // Text, Icon tabIconSizes "0,0, 14,14" // TabStop 1 size 15,15 tabIconVOffset "0, 1" tabvaligns "0, 1" // Only works for icon columns
  9. Checkmarks were there when I worked on it last year.
  10. I saw one of these below the grandfather clock at the top of the stairs in Sneak & Destroy a week or two ago.
  11. This was a while back, not recently. I'm playing NAOG and I think I'm staying at the inn but sabotaging the place or something. I end up alerting an old dude in green? somehow. Cut to much later and I'm coming up from the basement and into the bar. I head over to get out the door at the opposite end and there's this same old guy. He's stuck diagonally in the doorway and sitting in the air like a goofball blocking me. While I'm trying to jump over him out the door, he says something that I can't remember. It's like "We'll trap this rogue yet". Of course, it would be funnier if I knew the line. Nonetheless, it amused the hell out of me, because he did trap the rogue (me) without even knowing it by jamming up the door. Plus, you know, he was just sitting in the air in the door with me trying to climb over his lap.
  12. Not much of an FM author myself, but has there been much call for this? I've never seen anyone even mention reusing someone's FM. I would assume the mission details page would work to notify of these things. List that it is a modification of the original author's work. Not that I'm opposes to a forum or wiki page. No reason not to have one anyway. It would be nice to have one for general dark mod... mods. I would probably post a lite version of the compass hud mod there. What I would like to see is some form of official requirement for an author to list a "license" for their map. Most thief fms have something like this in their readme. Whether or not someone is allowed to modify/reuse their map. It would certainly take away some burden if authors would state this. Small changes here or there to "fix" a map for new dark mod versions would be much more convenient. We wouldn't have to try to get a hold of the author for every little change. (Assuming they state they are okay with this in "license")
  13. This mission offers speed potions at the loadout screen, however, the engine does not support this. Speed potions need fixed or remove from this mission's store. Also, the two hanging wall plates in the "incorrect" inn room have the 2.06 bright object problem.
  14. Decided to finally check the beta out. Anyone have problems with OpenAL EFX? Noise from front right/left sound like they are coming from right/left or even behind. Easily test with notarget/noclip and flying around some builders in Saint Lucia. Had to manually set r_useFBO 1 to get rid of the soft shadow noise. I assume this setting will be the new default anyway.
  15. I've been getting back to some tdm stuff and I saw the other day that someone was altering a cvar via scripting and it reminded me of this. I think it may be easy enough to make the hud compass entirely scripted, even with choice of style. I'm not sure why I didn't just do that to being with. It would require a single cvar for choosing style and the renderDef fix. If there is any interest in this by the devs, I'll start working on it again.
  16. Rich's awesome Color Grading Shader won't work as I don't want the entire mission in greyscale. Just wanted moonlight from windows and outdoors, but it's low priority, so I'll check into it further later. I assume makeIntensity would work, but the doc description is rather vague. I must admit, I'm not even certain what a "texture map" is. preposition I got the polished_shiny floor texture hue shifted this time, I'm not sure what I did differently. I might need to consider tga format as recompressing the dds is noticeable. Now I just need to get consistent results for all the orangy manor textures... I'll look into the rgb keyword first though. I can only imagine it's going to be a nightmare restarting the engine to view the textures each change. One final off topic question. I have a light source above a building and it casts a moonlight shadow. This kills the framerate. Well, at certain very specific locations. I'm going to look into various maps tonight and gather some info. I find it strange that most positions and view angles have no trouble. Is this kind of light a bad idea or do I have something weird going on?
  17. Is it possible to create a greyscale light shader or do we already have one? It would make for a great moonlight effect. I tried messing around with the shaders to average the colors, but I have no experience with shaders and everything I try leads to no effect or a shader error. Also, how might one go about altering the hue of an existing texture? I tried this as well, but the results are a mess. I don't know if I need to alter it's shader or something. We only have one good set of manor wood texture and it's that same orange. Some color modification would give some nice variety.
  18. A quick test show results consistent with what you said. Two headshots for a revenant, one for a zombie. I could've swore holy water was less potent. Maybe I was hitting a revenant in the armor, but that was some time ago. I still think it would be neat to have holy water be grenade-like with a guaranteed single kill and no need to weigh whether a water arrow is worth it.
  19. I don't generally kill anything I don't have to, but I'll throw my vote in. As they are, holy water potions are all but useless. Thrown grenade style like Thief 3 would be cool. No need for a puddle, just a splash effect and some radius holy damage. Enough to pop a zombie or two. Maybe a revenant on a direct hit.
  20. mainmenu_briefing.gui I haven't tested it, could be something off in there. Probably need to change up the rotates and transitions for images.
  21. I think I have it set up right, but I don't have a test case.
  22. It's no problem, I just noclipped through the door. Didn't have the original quicksave, but I loaded an older hard save and made a new quicksave that still has the same problem. Hard save and quicksave for Cauldron v1 in this archive: TDM_Cauldron_Save.zip
  23. Loved the first one, can't wait to get into this. So many missions in recent months, I need to find some Dark Mod time and catch up.
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