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  1. Ctrl + Shift + LMouse There is a good thread for questions at the Editor's Guild subforum.
  2. Because he is an edgy and reluctant anti-hero with nothing to lose on a quest for redemption, of course. "It's like a steampunk Max Payne without any of the self-awareness! 11/10" -IGN
  3. Here is the story trailer: Get ready to cringe.
  4. Just watched the story trailer. It was even worse than I expected. We used to joke around with my friends, creating these short super-cliche scenarios that NuThief could feature in its trailers, and I'm not kidding when I say that one that I came up with was almost word to word what they have in the trailer now. It's just shallow, generic Hollywood blockbuster 101 sort of tripe. I'm so damn disappointed. Also, if it wasn't obvious before that Erin lives on in some form it is after this trailer. You can see that she falls in the middle of the ritual those robed figures are conducting, probably turning her into a vessel of some evil spirit or whatever.
  5. Those are both jaw-dropping good. Simply amazing.
  6. I really like Sotha's idea. That way you wouldn't have to spend time coming up with a layout for the map that much, and could instead concentrate on spicing up the level with detailwork and increased interactivity. I guess if you wanted to go really crazy with that idea, it could be mixed up with the "community makes a town" one. Everyone builds a house based on their own apartment, then after the contest all those houses are put together in one map. The map objective could be as simple as "Get X amount of loot" and you would be completely free to go around the town as you please. A little Thiefy sandbox!
  7. Yeah, I've noticed building with 0.125 can lead to all sort of odd behaviour, like weird single strands of light eminating from the object in certain angles. The cigar box also suffers from this, although only in a very specific angle. I had planned to set them up on the level so that the player wouldn't be able to see it, but I'll try exporting to .ase instead and see if that will help Edit: I just built something that I thought was terribly clever. The effect is much much slower in-game (it takes about 10 seconds for the basin to completely fill up, and another 10 to drain). And here is the room that basin belongs to.
  8. Thank you for such a detail run-down on it. I've had an idea of running something similar at a student community here, not necessarily with Dark Radiant but the idea is the same: pick some people with little experience but lots of interest, and teach them some basic game development related skills (Blender, Unity, GMK, Mapping etc). Could be a lot of fun! I'm actually surprised how good the composition of many of those scenes are.
  9. Fair point, but in this case I felt the small detail was necessary to flesh out the object. The first version I feel is so basic that it could even be immersion-breaking.
  10. I've never tried anything of the kind, but I'd imagine you could create the rooftop / tower / perch or whatever as separate room, where at the bottom there would be a roooftop view consisting of a miniature version of the level geometry. I'm bad at explaining so let me just try and draw it for you: I'm not that good at drawing either. IIRC the guard tower in Bikerdude's Business As Usual worked a bit like this. Could remember wrong too. Also, here is the wiki article on making a custom skybox.
  11. I've tried to set-up the rain effect with minimal amount of rain emitting patches. I noticed the rain particles in-game actually cover a much larger area than shown on the editor, so I've used a small patch of rain per visportaled "room" on the streets. Same thing with the splashes. Despite the long gaps between patches, in-game it gives a pretty good illusion of consistent rain with less performance loss. Goldwell: Agree with you on the rain, definitely a mood-setter! Remember when I mentioned about those poop logs you posted earlier inspiring me to do some cigars as loot items? Here is a WIP, don't mind the boring box. I'm still contemplating if they fit the setting of TDM or not though. I'm going to do a few different types of boxes, and eventually make it so that only the cigars with the golden label are lootable and the rest are junk. A question regarding building with patches: How would I go about offsetting something from the grid? I feel building small objects is really restrictive, as I don't see any way of going smaller than one Doomunit in the editor. I'm probably missing something here?
  12. Sigh. I was supposed to go for a speed-build with my latest, but here I find myself obsessing over the tiniest details of a single view. Check it out in motion, I'll probably leave it at this point. Now you can see that the closed-off ward is flooded by the rainwater. Xarg: I dirtied up the street, although you can only see it partially in the .gif. Also the wheel lodged on the gate is actually broken, so that is why it can be positioned like that PranQster: Looks really cool. Distantly reminds me of the Telvanni towns in Morrowind. I could see Shamans shaping trees and roots in a similar fashion.
  13. Yeah, at least one more pass, although at a later time. It's good to leave an area untouched for some time and then come back to it later. You usually get a new perspective to it Here is a closer look at that gate. I'm trying to make it look like junk has been picked up by rainwater flooding the streets and then got caught on it. What do you think?
  14. Been so busy these last few days that I've been able to work much less than I expected. Still, a proper scene is finally starting to take shape. Here is a before and after of the alley the player starts off at: Rough outline First detail pass
  15. I'd suggest you check the texture size on that wallpaper. Right now it looks really stretched.
  16. Thanks for the comments Springheel! At some point I'd like to address those leaks into void and update the map. Mind listing the points where you saw this? Regarding Oh and I hadn't seen that video before! Really cool! It's interesting to see that something I felt I telegraphed really really well (the hatch to the attic / hay storage) is so easily missed by the player.
  17. Well that certainly helped, thanks! I knew there was something I had not figured out.
  18. Is there a trick to building a house with plaster textures - besides patience? Maybe a certain grid size? Constantly shifting and resizing and tweaking just to make those damn textures line up is making me crazy. I'm starting to think my city block will consist solely of brick buildings
  19. Gateway pls. It's one of my all time favorite games Back in the day the VR puzzles blew my mind. As for the topic, currently I'm waiting to play: - Super Mario World 3D World (will probably cave-in and buy a WiiU this christmas) - Bravely Default (and a 3DS) - Torment: Tides of Numenera - Project Eternity - Wasteland 2 (just a few more weeks until Beta!)
  20. Funny how instantly recognizable the second pic is, even without proper textures. This is really cool stuff: I mean the first I heard of TDM going stand-alone, I didn't think "Yay! Modern Thief!" but "I wonder if the guys at Strange Bedfellows are already trying to convert this into System Shock." I don't want to get my hopes up, but its great to see someone pioneering this stuff even if this particular project doesn't go any further. If at some point you decide to stop working on this, I really think you should do a little write-up or documentation on what you have managed so far. Sooner or later someone will be interested. If you don't know Strange Bedfellows, it's a large System Shock fan community centered around modding SS1 and SS2 and preserving their legacy. There have been some remake attempts of SS1 made there, and if you haven't already, I think you should cross-post this there.
  21. But you have to admit, it's a sign of the times when an article like that seems plausible enough to be true.
  22. Sometimes leaks can be really sneaky. One way to check your room for leaks is to select all the sealing geometry (walls, floor, ceiling, doors - the whole thing) of the room and duplicate it, and the moving the duplicate in the void. If the map leaks when compiling, open DR and check File -> Load Pointfile. You should now see where the room leaks from.
  23. Really nice, I think you have pretty much nailed the lighting in that scene. Is it supposed to be dark inside the house? I wonder if it would look better with the windows lit up, as the dark windows look a bit flat and plain compared to the rest of the facade now.
  24. Details make all the difference I've just put 20 minutes of mapping into my next mission, here are the results: Map layout in Dark Radiant Ground level Underground I'm really happy that now that I know my way around DR better, doing something like the rough layout for the level was a breeze. I'm actually pretty optimistic that I can finish this level in a few weeks. While the actual mapping here took roughly 20 minutes, I have to admit that I've spent hours upon hours planning the level on paper before. So it was really a matter of just copying the level layout from paper. To give you some idea, here is a really low-res photo of some of my notes regarding the level.
  25. What causes previews to be stacked and fused together after prolonged use of entity / model viewer? I have to restart DR every now and then when it gets too difficult to actually preview objects anymore
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