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  1. So, how do any of you feel about "Map Ideas"? I have no time, motivation or big enough desire, sorry 'bout that, to make maps myself, but I do have a lot of ideas, maybe a good mapper would pick up and make it, or even make it up his own? Always loved giving some "artistic freedom".

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    2. The Black Arrow

      The Black Arrow

      Builder's Balls of Steel, I didn't expect over 10 replies.

      So, anyway, I was thinking...I do have a lot of ideas about missions for The Dark Mod, I even have the lore, story and such ready.

      Should I make my own thread of my own ideas and see if any of you want to turn it into a real TDM mission?
      I myself would love it if it happens, not because of myself (that's just a bonus) but for the fact we get more great TDM missions made by great artists, so totally worth it.

    3. Dragofer


      For sure. I think we have some mission inspiration threads already, but none of them are pinned so it's fair game to start a fresh one.

    4. Obsttorte


      Sure. I wouldn't expect someone to transfer your ideas into a mission one by one, but maybe some of your stuff gets adopted. It doesn't hurt.

      The best that may happen is people starting to threw the ball back and forth which might lead to surprising results.

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