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  1. I was playing Skyrim, got bored fast. Got back to The Dark Mod just for one mission, played "Somewhere above the City" which is not really a great mission but still good, as in above-average.

    My biggest regret is living in this country, where there's a heat wave, I am sweating at 20c and I really wish for temperatures below 5c.

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    2. The Black Arrow

      The Black Arrow

      Well, I don't think it even matters what you will do with Skyrim, the nasty taint it has will ALWAYS be there.
      Let's say you make a great Location mod, you go to some cute little scary island, it has badass Bosses...But it's still Skyrim, combat is still Skyrim, everything is Skyrim.

      This is why modding The Dark Mod and Thief is fun, because the game by itself is already very much extremely fun, so when anybody mods it to be less Thief, it will still have Thief, and it's ALWAYS a positive thing to it.

      I have no doubts that TES6 is gonna be absolutely terrible, only benefit is the fact it will finally use DX12, hopefully Raytracing, DLSS included and so on. (Again, big fucking hopes, cuz remember that Starfield came out with no DLSS and that's honestly funny in 2020+)
      But you know what would be better? If Todd wasn't such a fucking co--Uh, fellatio performer, that he would stop "updating" Skyrim and FINALLY update (or even remake) the true classics everybody likes, Morrowind and (to some extent) Oblivion.
      Just imagine playing Oblivion at DX12, true multithread, 64-bit and all that...Zero performance drops and can finally use those amazing shader mods, or NPC/Actor/AI mods, or huge 8k texture mods if you're into that.

      Anyway, the nights are somewhat okay in here so I play TDM at night, I can't play a great game with such terrible heat.

    3. chakkman


      One day I gotta figure out why companies like Bethesda always earn so much hate with their games. I mean, people could just pass on them, if they think they're so terrible, and Bethesda is such a terrible, terrible company...

    4. jaxa


      I think the best surprise for TES VI would be if it significantly improved the stealth system, but it may be impossible to go much further. As long as it remains based on a numerical level and perks, not the skill of the person sitting in the chair, and the game is predominantly focused on combat, it can't be like Thief/TDM. Players are just going to snipe things and maybe hide a little.

      Obviously there have been community efforts to port each old game to the new engine (Skyblivion), and for an authentic but upgraded Morrowind experience we have OpenMW.

      There was an inadvertent leak of documents in the FTC v. Microsoft case that hinted that an Oblivion remaster could be in development, but no movement seen beond that:


      IMO, the worst thing about Oblivion is not graphics/engine but the gameplay. Crazy scaling system that was fixed in Skyrim, the annoying Efficient Leveling system of Morrowind was made worse by limiting you to 5 training sessions per level up, and other things that you can find long video essays about.

      I don't read anything into Starfield/DLSS. It got it within about 2 months of launch. Upscaling can require some testing beyond flipping a switch. I think it's more concerning that the 12 years between Skyrim and Starfield don't seem to have yielded much improvements:


      I think there are other comparisons that are less flattering to Starfield, that's just the one I remember watching.

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