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  1. Ah,yeah - That's the version that was leaked in March. It's much better now, at mostly done release stage.. For a Unity game, it's pretty well put together. Steam do not have very good protection for Unity games - their DRM suggestion is basically "check the owner has this title and we'll explain how to put it in, so anyone can take it back out", so Unity games tend to get cracked within 30 minutes of release. If you're gonna make a Unity game - make it multiplayer if you want good sales. I was working on a UE game for a few years that was similar, but there's no need for that now this is out - beaten to the punch. Again... Solo games development is like stepping into the ring with Saenchai after an introduction lesson in Muay Thai.
  2. This is kinda fun: https://store.steampowered.com/app/704850/Thief_Simulator/ Can set up the keys to a control pad.
  3. I think the grabber is SDK coded. Idk if you can offsetRelation an entity that calls a script when frobbed. No idea how the grabber works - never had a need to look at it. Maybe a named item can have its position changed through spawnargs and frob action script... Seems possible to offset position using Def Attach: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Def_attach Perhaps the lantern can be altered so it's Def Attach includes an offset to appear in the position you'd like..? Same as attaching stuff to AI, but player1 instead of the AI. IDK if that works - never tried it.
  4. Jack - doesn't the TDM intro video play automatically when you start the mission briefing anyway, once you've added some content..? If not - take a look at the standard briefing gui and then copy-pasta the relevant stuff into the button mainmenu_briefing.gui. NB - "by default": http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Briefing#Editing_mainmenu_briefing.gui_for_the_Button_Controlled_Briefing also mainmenu_custom_defs.gui, for the video: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Setting_up_Campaigns#Briefing_Videos
  5. I do my best. It'd be nice to figure out how to script that stuff and use it in the mission from triggers (or obj./stim/resp.) - it would be useful for other things too when working on the mission changing depending on player actions. Seems having the object in a hidden room then triggering it to be put there and back again (switch calls script and triggers mover), trigger multiple in the doorway calls to place brush back in the hidden room, is the way to do it. Same as 'porting in an AI or a bunch of brushes after a rockfall or something. // $<named guard>.kill(); - that might be a good way to ensure it's only the guards that get trigger hurted... Didn't think of that. Thanks. (ps, "no kill objective..?" what's that? Worth noting, though - raises another question of how to stop the player being hurt if they touch the back-face of the door when it's finished opening... Will have to look into that - probably best to have it open so it's impossible for the player to touch the back face, but that means a section of wall will cause hurt... unless it has something in front, like a bookshelf, that slides the opposite way, so the wall is hidden... this is getting complicated...).
  6. Idk there were TDM remakes of these missions! Awesome - Shipping and receiving was one of my favourites. // (there's a little bug in Framed that means you can finish it in under 3 mins
  7. Hi, Scripting problem, most likely - Unsure how to do this, not sure if I ever knew. I'm unsure of the script commands I might include to either call a spawn on an existing player clip (or activate it) and then destroy it when the movement script (only a rotation on axis - it's a brush door with a hurt stim, to crush an AI if the player chooses)..? I know "entity (idk the name of the playerclip entity atm) = sys.spawn" and to perhaps set the spawnarg to the x,y,z co-ordinates, then "remove (clipbrush)" when the door is open... Or: Would it be best to make the playerclip brush, hide it outside of bounds - on "stonedoor.script being triggered" - "clipbrush.MoveToPosition (x, y, z)" then "RestorePosition (clipbrush) [to put back to hidden room] after "WaitFor(doormover)". Or: I'm totally wrong and ought to do it another way, or simply forget it and let the player figure it out themselves (either by dying, using the shadow by the door as cover while it opens - or that it's a lethal thing by purposefully or not trapping (in this instance, killing, because trapping an AI would be problematic) and AI by accident or through observation and on purpose. Either way, a knowledge reward, except one is annoying and the other is ... kinda cool. Would this happen every time the script to open the door is called, by the player using teh trigger switch that calls the script that opens the door that (potentially) crushes the patrolling guard.? I'm not sure if either work nor which is the most elegant solution... Something says that it might be pointless, and to let the player learn themselves. Thanks in advance. // added spoilers - leaning towards no script, player learning, but it would still be useful to know for future (eg, spawn playerclips on, eg, burning building escape, funnel all AI down one path, etc...)
  8. As if you didn't already know. If there's a long section in a level that requires a lot of travel (eg, a tunnel without a teleport, beneath a building, those massively long grates, a section of swimming where the player will lose a little health, just to make them scared, etc..) the score, or lack of, the volume and several other factors come into play. It has a residual / lasting effect. This is also true for loading screens for levels that take a "long" time. How music (even foley) is used in level design is a subject I've had to research of late - here is an interesting study as an introduction, although I am sure there are more simple articles with less graphs: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3713348/ One trick to use on a corridor / whatever where nothing is going to happen, but it's safe for the player to move - is simply raise the ambient / music volume as this inspires confidence in the player and unconsciously cues them to run down that corridor a little faster than they might otherwise. // if it's locked - there's always scihub. also here's an article, rather than a study, for people who don't like words, but want info: http://nautil.us/issue/9/time/how-music-hijacks-our-perception-of-time
  9. All NOLF games are free, until they figure out who owns the IP and start work on NOLF3: http://nolfrevival.tk/

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    2. jaxa


      teh_saccade you got cut off there.

    3. chakkman


      I played through NOLF a year ago or so, same version. It's still an absolutely awesome game. One of my favorites of all time.

    4. teh_saccade


      Idk the original C&C and Dune were abandonware/freeware still.


      Idk if the legal issues will ever be resolved - besides, "Archer" the spy is trademarked IP of a particular TV show.


      Also, yea, jaxa, I was ranting so the computer told me stfu :P hehe. (jaja, xaxa, jaxa).

  10. I'm not sure it'd be better than using Sweet FX - that has more capabilities, but doesn't offer as much in the way of debug. // I meant to put this in off topic , not this forum.
  11. Has anyone played with these to see if they have any effect on the game? I found a post-it note to try it, but I don't think I ever tried them (SVM Tuner is a "mini" version of 3D analyser). Links: 3DAnalyzer.rar: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3pjEIQicMsXaUNCOVpaNWwzd1k/view SVM Graphics Tuner.rar: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZIbz-gAWavmA5zCzaQjVqV3c-NcUF_fZ/view If it's useful, maybe it's useful - if not - it's useful for other games. Reminds me - I ought to share the NOLF series with all the fixes (the two games and "NOLF 2.5" are free until they figure out who own's Monolith's IP, as it seems NOLF3 is in the pipeline).
  12. Thanks, stumpy - I will search these out and update to latest versions if necessary.
  13. Oh yeah, I was working on updating the wiki documentation... The test maps and missions I have work fine with my versions, but I'd like to ensure they are going to work with whatever version TDM and DR is at now, before continuing any work on anything. The forums appear to only show unread posts for the last month - the search function doesn't appear to be correctly working right now.
  14. I've not opened either for a long time - for some reason my TDM updater isn't working (also cheapthiefmissions is gone? At least southquarter is still there) and I do not know what version of DR is to be used now. Is anyone able to point me to the latest version downloads for the game and level editor? Thanks in advance.
  15. There's been an addendum to a contract that says I can't spend time messing with DR and TDM until RoW release on another project, as "it's distracting me". So... Thanks for all the fun and games, but it's important to keep this as I need it on my CV. (fku pariah, you grass).

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      Good luck with your project.

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      Good luck man, hope to see you back here when you're done!

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      Who is this employer who has the right to monitor and control your personal life? If they decide that spending time with your wife is "distracting" you, can they forbid that too?

  16. I think that's what happened - gonna have to remove DR and reinstall it all from scratch - idk what happened to break it in that way. Can't figure it out and don't want to reproduce it. Think it was choosing one of the entity classes that is at the bottom of the list that isn't an entity class, but a def that is somehow displayed in the list.
  17. Do you mind about the file size..? The H.264 codec that ought to be in the link library for adobe media encoder ought to be good enough for lossless quality but a little compression of those massive .avi's to .mp4's. New version of Premiere has a small glitch with imports that some people are getting - I've posted a workaround on adobe forums here (same username, about halfway down): https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2397709 Oh, you're using elements. On export/encode..: Video Tab *Video Codec: H.264 *Quality: 100 *Frame Width: 1280 / 1920 *Frame Height: 720 / 1080 *Frame Rate: 29.97 *Field Type: Progressive *Pixel Aspect Ratio: square *Set Bitrate: checked *Bitrate: 8000 kbps Audio Tab *Audio Code: AAC *Output Channels: Stereo *Frequency: 44kHz 720 is good enough for most videos - you might have to turn up the brightness a little for stealth/dark games. If you're importing the clips and splicing them together at the same size (composition size = encoding size) then choosing "match comp settings" can make a huge file and take hours... Limiting passes can help, also, if you decide to lower bitrate to speed it up. In Premiere Pro / Media Encoder / After Effects, there is a preset for many different viewing platforms - including youtube at different quality settings - and display (except instagram...) and these can be useful to use. However, I've always preferred to make my own presets as sometimes there can be issues with crop/layers/animation/etc... with the presets. This mission was supposed to last 30+ mins for a group of 4 marines. When I found a way to complete it in under 5 mins solo during testing - the video was a little dark from FRAPS (back before I got into using shadowplay and the nvidia replay for stuff like this, that I think is best for catching glitches with the buffer) - it looks ok a little brighter: Since using shadowplay and nvidia recording instead of FRAPS or OBS or old/streaming stuff and fudging it - things look just as I see them on the screen, most of the time. Which is important for music videos or for projection mapping or comping mov's/trailers for games/corportate demo and stuff.
  18. Goodbye standard mobile browsers and VLC. Hello Firefox Focus: https://wikileaks.org/ciav7p1/cms/page_20251107.html

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      Heh. The keep saying that site is filled with lies. Then you stop listening and read for yourself. Maybe Aaron Swartz did not die in vain...

    2. Bikerdude


      The list show mostly portable apps, all the apps are v1.0 (the dll insecurity will have been removed by now) and I am only using one of those apps (notepad++) and it, like a lot of apps I have gets blocked by Windows Firewall Control.

  19. How is it possible to determine the length of the post made, if it has zero views? E.S.P? Decent bug reports list recreatable action and method, along with workaround and evidence of action. This was provided. Nothing more, nothing less. Misquoting me so that it appears I am saying that 0 views is annoying rather than the fact that not being able to create entities is annoying is cherry-picking an argument, smarming a straw man fallacy. I'm getting fed up with this kind of attitude - please refrain from using it with me, if you'd like me to treat you in a respectful manner rather than mirroring the passive-aggressive snark "Am vielen Lachen erkennt man den Narren." // thanks grayman - what you suggested, I stated as the only way it is now possible to create entities. Unsure as to why the other methods now do not work.
  20. Typing a classname is often quicker than navigating the directory tree to find it. Unsure why the function to use the "select entity class" button in info panel when selecting classname, or simply typing the classname, does not work after choosing one of the damage classes that is in the entity list. If I should not type the classname or use the "select entity class" button and should use right-click on a brush/selection (sometimes right-click works only one one brush, not the entire selection) - why are those options?
  21. Would someone please not be so kind as take a few moments to help me figure out how/why I've managed to break dark radiant and can no longer create entities..? http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19339-cannot-create-new-entities-bug/ It's still 0 views, and it's kinda annoying - if the only fix is to clear everything DR related (or only prefs?), then confirmation that the only option is clean install would be useful. I haven't managed to figure how to fix it myself... Thanks.
  22. If you'd like an insane perspective and for someone to do their best to break the mission - I could do with a distraction from banging my head against one wall by banging it against another.
  23. It ought to have its state saved in the wiki history anyway, Destined. http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Stim/Response_Editor&action=history Looks awesome - nice job, man. (+11,474)‎ // also thanks for the example map - however, I've bugged out my DR so that I can no longer create entities in the "normal" ways, which is annoying... I got rid of the extra = typo and fixed the nesting (got it backwards...), substituting the unnecessary ---- for triple line breaks, so that it now shows more organised in page content index and in article flow (also for search): Contents 1 Stim / Response Editor2 Stims3 Responses3.1 Available effects4 Examples4.1 Arrow Trap4.2 Change Patrol
  24. It would be possible to use also use Steam to promote, collect and curate the existing youtube videos and regularly ensure members there got to see them by using TDM's steam group page. People on Steam will receive a notification every time a link to a youtube video (or anything else) is posted as an announcement. The game doesn't need to be in the steam store for it to have a presence on steam. It's as if TDM has given up on steam because of the greenlight thing. Idk why. I never, ever check my youtube subscriptions - or watch game streaming, twitch is crap. If I want to buy a game but not sure, I'll just look it up on steam broadcasting and watch someone who's playing it for 5 mins while the pirate copy is downloading, to try it out for myself before buying it or deleting it. Have all emails and notes from google services turned off, because they are very annoying and spam my email inboxes. I occasionally check facebook. Watch Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns (not on his youtube) and maybe message someone. Everyone is snoozed because idgaf about cat memes and Facebook sends emails I don't want. I dismiss the phone notes immediately, Facebook sucks. Instagram is better - I know when it notifies, it's something I want to see or someone I 90-100% want to talk with, like 50% of the people on whatsapp and 0% on linkedin. I always, always read my steam notifications. Steam doesn't spam me with email. I open it up at least 3-4 times a week most weeks, even if only to chat with someone and look at activity and check notifications. I'll even check my phone for some steam notifications when they buzz before getting to the computer. It's always something I want to see. It'd be the best of both worlds, or all four if run in conjunction with facebook and forums and collected ppl's youtube videos with relevant announcement messages.
  25. It's still Saturday in Samoa for at least another 5 hours... I'll add/fix formatting and stuff later, unless you want to make some headers and sections and breaks and stuff - I think I've forgotten the wikicode for most of it, but have added stuff like header sizes and bold and hopefully nesting (can't remember bullet points for the list or numbered list for instructions - will have to check once it's up and can see the page not as forum post) Is there a glossary of common dromed/TDM/DR terms on the wiki? eg, [entity], [arg] (which also could do with standardising... key, arg, spawnarg, value, etc... tend to be interchangable in some instances throughout some wiki pages), [frob], etc... It might be useful. "Frob" isn't a word I've ever heard outside of thief, really - it's shorthand for "frobnicate": To manipulate or adjust, to tweak. One frequently frobs bits or other 2-state devices. eg, please frob the switch, thanks. (and I've never used the word "frobnicate", in my life). Nice article, Destined - clear and concise. Think that expanding the wiki glossary would be good in order to help navigation from keywords to relevant articles / further reading. Would also serve as a good hub to work out from in updating pages.
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