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  1. I just think some people are going to at it is all.
  2. I think Broken Glass Studios is a pretty poor name overall. It was... amusing at first, but if you're really running with it I'll give it to you straight - Team Dark Mod is better, or just TDM team. However, it would totally be worth it if SneaksieDave's idea was used. Use the LGS font and have it morph into the Broken Glass font after the name is revealed.
  3. Try the PC demo. Despite getting a PS3 Slim + 40" TV next month I'll be playing Batman AA on PC because the control with the mouse is better, gfx are better, there are mods already and finally despite splashing out on a console and TV I'm a big cheapskate and the PC version is cheaper.
  4. So true. Thief allows a very specific voyeur perspective that can play alongside and intertwine with the mission goals. Widow Moria is an example, or the plot in The 7th Crystal FM. I must get around to playing more FMs.
  5. I'm asking because I reckon that Thief FM creators are the most prolific SP FM user base for any game in history. I can't imagine any other game having that many FMs for it. Why do I care? Because I really think that TDM has potential and part of that potential is the maahuusive fan base that it will cater to. I'm not talking about TTLG or even TDM forum regulars, just the mass of Thief and stealth fans that are out there. I also think it important that Eidos know this when considering a toolkit for Thief 4. But lets we concentrate on TDM now, eh?
  6. Toms Hardware have a recent gfx card roundup: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/geforc...on,2326-16.html The Radeon 4670 is near the bottom on performance. How much did you want to spend?
  7. Thief 4: Aw naw here we go again!
  8. I second Dram on the advice he's given. I have a 8800GTS and nothing I've tested or played for TDM has given me any trouble at all. I can run St Lucia at 1680x1050 and its smooth with no lag at all. In the interest of future proofing I'd get something superior to a 8800GTS and that will make sure that additions to TDM will be safe too.
  9. Thanks guys. It worked. And it looks soooo much better now too!
  10. Oddly, the water had the only real buggy issues for me. The apple cores were stuck in the water and unmovable so you had to jump over them and splashes gave a bloom from hell effect. I'm sure (hope) that this stuff has been resolved now.
  11. Hmmm, odd. I didn't have trouble with any of the fonts. I couldn't alter the resolution upwards though - it just gave me a lower res than the default on restarting. I've a GeForce 8800GT and a 22" widescreen TFT that is 16:9 and usually runs at 1680x1050 for everything else including Company of Heroes (which is widely used for benchmarking), HL2 and Left4Dead. I think I even ran Doom 3 at this res, though it did require messing about to get working. There are 3 ways into the church. They are: I can't remember if the patrolling guard has the key but I prefer the sneaker entrances than the ones that are almost through the front door.
  12. Don't know if that's been mentioned here but it has on TTLG, lots of times.
  13. Yes! It was Aero! I remember now. Must remember to turn it off when I start using it again.
  14. I had the same thing Pollee, exactly the same. There is a solution and its just one setting somewhere. Running as admin or something simple like that. Sorry I can't remember atm.
  15. I had this problem. I think its to do with nVidia cards and Vista. There is some easy way to fix it but I've had everything uninstalled for so long I forget how. If you search all my previous posts you'll find the answer. I've just tried but I can't find it and don't have time to keep trawling though it all.
  16. Malformed <p> tag is all. Its not the main page, its just that update.
  17. I don't think this is true. Many of the Thief FMs are on par with the original's in terms of quality. And look what stupid, stupid decision a professional company made with TDS... TDM will live or die on the quality of its FMs, and with the excitement boost of T4 on the horizon I predict waaay more interest in it than would have existed.
  18. Spring - if you think that there will be a move away from stealth I think you're sadly mistaken. This could end up being rubbish but it will still be stealth based.
  19. I think you are jumping to conclusions here.
  20. May be overloaded at the moment. Eidos forums are on fire post-announcement but TTLG's Thief Gen was already heading towards mental for the last 24 hours.
  21. Well the poster is Victoria who is a long time TTLG member and gamer. She is only a moderator on the forum so we don't really know what the score is at EM central.
  22. I just thought with the time it takes to make a big campaign Thief 4 would almost be on us. I doubt we'll get an editor with it so TDM will be the main source of FMs for many, many years. And I bet people mod it to look more like T4 - provided T4 doesn't suck of course.
  23. That'd be great if the the quality could be guaranteed, there was tech help and we didn't get what happens with many mods and total conversions - burn out because people are doing it in spare time. Incidentally - I was wondering what people think about timing re: TDM release and Thief 4 announcement and then release? I strikes me that Thief 4 will likely be out at the same time or soon after any big campaign that is made in a T2X style.
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