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  1. Could someone please point me to a nice tutorial about properly cut a wall to place windows? I made this for practice and learning DR. If someone could also show me a nice tutorial to create terrain and test my map in DM I would really appreciate it. I tried several times but failed.
  2. Thanks for the links Melan. The whole editor can be a bit overwhelming to be honest if you have no idea what you're doing, like me lol. But the prefab thing is genius. At least I already learned to import those prefabs, make rooms and apply textures. I still got a loong way to go. But I have a very clear idea of the map I would like to make already. I'll probably bombard the Editor Forum with a thousand questions.
  3. Sounds a bit discouraging for people who would like to do missions but don't have the time or the knowledge to make one from scratch. Making rooms in Dark Radiant is pretty easy. I made one following Komags tutorial. The challenge lies in making all the architecture. It would be nice to have different pre made structures that you can mess with or different terrain structures pre made with grass, rivers or skybox already there, as well as house shapes or barn shapes that you just have to fill in and build around that. So that the mapper can concentrate more into the story and gameplay rather than creating the map itself.
  4. So for example. For someone like me, who would rather re-texture a whole map than to create a new one from zero with no talent to create nice architecture but good ideas for missions to take an abandoned thief fm from a house or a barn for example (something small). Could it be worth it?
  5. I know this thread is not a wish list but I would really like to play some classic Thief FMs in TDM. I was recently playing some FMs for the first time and I have to say I like some of them even more than some of the OMs. I would like to see Cosas Mission X for example. Apparently there's someone working a way on getting DroMed maps to be imported into Dark Mod. Hopefully more TF Mappers could be interested in re creating some of their missions in DM. BTW is Cosas the best Mission for T2? Are there any other mission that could be considered at the same level of quality? Let me know.
  6. i Saw one of those animations in A Reputation to Uphold. It looked really nice and added to the atmosphere perfectly.
  7. Taquito's Fan Mission Review: Reputation to Uphold. By Springheel. Visuals/ 9.90 One of the most beautiful and detailed maps I've seen in this game so far. The design and art direction is in the level of excellence. The elements of the environments make the city feel alive, even if the mission is pretty straightforward. Plus with this level of detail I did not encounter any fps drops, which is fantastic. This has definitely set the bar pretty high in terms of architecture and level of detail in a map. The map maker was clever enough to take architectural elements and implement them on his map flawlessly. This map definitely sets a standard and precedent of how maps can and should be presented to the fans. Gameplay/ 8.10 This is probably the weakest point of this mission. I personally believe core elements of the gameplay should not be touched. Why? Because it makes the players feel this game is a bit less of a game and more of a contraption for map makers. The core elements of the game play like how much the player is seen in the dark is something I believe should be uniform within all missions of this game, changing it depending on missions makes the core elements of this game feel a bit weak. Using traps or more guards is something I think map makers should consider more as elements of difficulty rather than core elements in this game. I also missed other gameplay elements like traps or puzzles that could had easily enriched the gameplay experience. Overall Experience/ 9.00 Overall I consider this mission at the level of excellence overall. It might not bring something new to the table in terms of game experience but it definitely excels in terms of architectural elements and attention to detail while maintaining a smooth level of fps. This mission also proofs that TDM can easily get away with lineal scripted gameplay and still be satisfying. That's because the solid structure of the game allows to create a more controlled experience without making the player feel handicapped. Unfortunately this game is conected storywise to another mission, as I think it could have been a great replacement for Tears of St. Lucia as a standard mission with the game with a few tweaks. Overall I loved the mission enough to make a review. Hope to see more missions with this level of beauty and intricate detailing in the future. Ps. English is not my first language so my apologies if there some misspelling errors.
  8. One of the most beautiful and detailed maps I've seen in this game so far. The design and art direction is in the level of excellence. The elements of the environments make the city feels alive, even if the mission is pretty straightforward. Plus with this level of detail I did not encounter any fps drops, which is fantastic. This has definitely set the bar pretty high in terms of architecture and level of detail in a map. I'm loving it everything about it!
  9. Interestingly enough I just finished A Score To Settle for the first time after so many failed attempts. I guess this one is next.
  10. Good to know. At least TDM got benefited because of this.
  11. I agree with most of your comments Lux. They are indeed a company, tho their customer service sucks. The only positive is that this will give a bit of attention to TDM. Still, I'm pretty sure they wanted to use TDM fan base but making sure none of the attention goes to TDM but themselves.
  12. Do not waste your time and effort with these individuals. Both Square Enix and EM only care about profit. They do not care at all about what fans think or the game structure is about. They just want to make secure profit by taking old franchises and use their fan base to keep money flowing. This is very similar to what I saw in DXHR. Both companies are mediocre. They WILL NEVER release a game that is true to the original concept because that will be putting the original creators in a pedestal and as consequence themselves down with little to no credit to take.
  13. This game is a close relative to the Doom3 Engine so it does have that kind of creepy feel as it is. This plus the fact that in terms of art direction it has some similarities to amnesia is very easy for a map maker to jump into the horror genre quite easily. I personally dislike this as it kind of takes the essence of this game and focus the attention in horror. But I sure know horror can attract hordes of fans into the game pretty easily. For me the perfect point is to keep it between the fine line of being creepy in terms of atmosphere but never crossing the line to get into the horror genre. A bit like silent hill but without monsters. to me, making a creepy and nerve wracking atmosphere is way better than placing spiders or zombies.
  14. EM was probably ashamed and got their egos slapped because of the bad reviews their game got. I wouldn't expect much from them. They only care about the money. They have proven this before. Mediocre bastards!
  15. So is the game worth buying now or not?
  16. Taquito

    TDM Combat

    A wooden bow is not as heavy as a sword, much less a quiver, both carried in the back.
  17. Taquito

    TDM Combat

    I sometimes wonder how an agile thief that jumps between ceilings moves quickly in the shadows do all that stuff carrying a large sword. A dagger seems more fitting for a thief.
  18. Hey sorry Sprinheel I was not trying to be annoying. I just though it would be nice to have a sense of time in the game to as an addition to the atmosphere. So which Missions had it implemented? I would like to try those out.
  19. As in being possible to carry a Pocket Watch. Or having a mission to be completed before dawn. Or having clocks in a room to make a sound at a certain time?
  20. BTW I just saw the beggar again. :S I think I should wait till daylight to finish the Side Quest.
  21. Thank you very much Kyyrma for that detailed explanation (And grayman too). Now I got a clearer idea of how the AI works. The AI can be a bit challenging when you start playing. I just wished to have a few more seconds to find a better reaction than just hiding in the closest shadow. I also appreciate the fact that you included a puzzle in your Mission. (Even if I wasn't able to figure it out). Wish more Mission makers added more challenges like this one. I also liked how you implemented glass in your mission like the glass wall in the store.
  22. The reason why a asked about the subtitles is because English is not my first language and when I play games I usually turn the subtitles on so I wont miss anything. In this particular game the accent of most of the characters is thick and I would say I understand around 15% of what they initially say. I do get it eventually on my second or third pay through but in the first one I'm usually lost if the mission has conversation in it. So it mostly apply to particular characters rather than the guards themselves. What about timer support?
  23. BTW I got a question. Does this game has the capability of supporting Subtitles? Timer?
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