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  1. The objective "When everything is done get back to your room." works but the mission doesn't end because of the problem with the money bags.
  2. Great mission though there are still some problems. It took several times to turn the bucket in the right position.
  3. I have the same problem. What is the correct order for lighting the torches?
  4. Very nice mission. It took a while until I found out how to use the things with R. Right mouse button and U doesn't work.
  5. Oops, missed this one because Wiki says it's an old mission.
  6. Very well done first mission. Congrats Bananenkuchen... er... Obsttorte.
  7. Do you need ws1_north.pk4 and ws1_north_l10n.pk4 to play the mission because ws1_north_l10n.pk4 only has 14 KB ?
  8. Very nice mission. Especially the lighting looks interesting.
  9. id3839315

    Aspect Ratio

    The Aspect Ratio of the Wiki and the Forums is 16:9 while the main page of TheDarkMod.com still is 4:3. Is it possible to change the display resolution of the website ?
  10. Missed this one because the Lord Builder was asked to release it with version 1.08.
  11. Pretty impressing for a first timer mission. I bet you've made several missions before but didn't release them.
  12. Thanks for this great mission. Always the same, loud background music is a bit annoying.
  13. Solid work as usual though the graphics card had a hard time with this mission.
  14. I had the same problem. You only hear the footsteps in the beginning and you should run to be faster than the ghost.
  15. Congrats Bikerdude. I wasn't looking in the TDM Editors Guild.
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