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  1. No one particular dev is in charge of "def and model spawnargs". We all create those as features or assets come online. Dragofer answered your question, the best way to get bugs fixed is to log them in the tracker, do not directly PM devs about bugs as those have a tendency to get lost and can't be tracked.
  2. Thanks for the tip. Im fairly certain it used to work on reloadModels but I will try some other commands.
  3. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? When I use reloadModels my MD5 models aren't updating. Apologies if this is is already a known issue. @stgatilovDo you know if anything has changed with reloadModels in 2.0 ?
  4. Thanks for playing, glad you liked it. These zombies are pretty amped up. I struggled to find a good balance there so thanks for the feedback, it will help me tune them in the future.
  5. That part in the Sword blew my mind. We did a very small section like that in Snowed Inn and there is something similar in TPW but nothing thats full on a little big world mission afaik. Also agree that we don't have enough trickster-ish levels and exotic locations. There might be a couple levels on the horizon to fix that
  6. Congrats on the release! This was excellent and felt like a proper train mission.
  7. Hello! I've made some minor bug fixes to this mission. Update to version 5. @nbohr1more I am unable to access the mission archive and mirrors atm. Would you mind updating this for me? @TheUnbeholdenAh bummer, where you able to pick it up after reloading? Where was the blowtorch? @TarhielThank you for the kind words! I'm glad you tried out the different ways to complete the objective @Melchior Thank you! Glad you dug it.
  8. Awesome. Yeah its an easy fix to make sure run speeds do not persist across missions.
  9. @stgatilovI agree, we should allow players to control headbob. @ChronAYes I overwrite tdm_player_thief.def in all my missions so you'll have to manual adjust those def files for now. @nbohr1more FYI- I have a bug 5926 to add pm_runmod to the player thief def so this gets appropriately overwritten from mission to misison if an author changes the player run speed (which I'd like to keep in the authors hands). Just want to confirm that we are only removing head bob and nothing else?
  10. @NeonsStyle Thanks for playing! Yeah the bloated zombies are a real danger @Shaz Thank you! That's a lot of kind praise I am glad you liked the zombies, that was my hope. @vozka Awesome! Yeah I did plan to do something more with the survivor, at least a custom vocal line, but I ran out of time. Also thanks for bugs. @Daft MugiOh good catch, that shouldn't be happening. I'll fix it in the core mod so missions won't overwrite the default run mod.
  11. @Wellingtoncrab Congrats! What an incredible mission and a deserved win. Also congrats to all the contestants, this has made 2.10 a very special release!
  12. @nbohr1more Can we move this discussion to its own dedicated thread? At this point it should be broken off since its a mod related bug.
  13. Good to know. I'll investigate once I get my debugger running. Thanks for playing the mission and for the report!
  14. Likewise, this has happened to me a few times. @nbohr1moreThis mission and Written use my custom arrow models which has me a little worried. I am not sure if a bad model is causing the crash, but its possible. Its very hard to pin down though. Maybe the best option is to hook up the debugger in visual studio and just shoot zombies over and over again until it happens
  15. Afraid I can't help. You'll have to ask those authors if they are doing anything special.
  16. @zergrushIll reach out to a few professional UX / UI designers, but currently we're going to start with the face lift and see how it goes.
  17. Also I just thought of this. You might not want to blow the damage values out at 10x or the damage dealt in the mission stats screen will be ridiculous. I have this problem in my some of my missions because of my holy water damages being insane
  18. @Wellingtoncrab I apologize the values I use are: Head: 2 -3.0 Chest 1.2 - 1.8 I didn't account for the update to the difficulty changes I made in DR. @wesp5Hm very strange. Alright I'll look into this. Sorry I can't help any more until I do some testing myself. Here are the base spawnargs I use for guards I modify with difficulty settings. Head multiplier up to 3 on easy difficulty. So x4 should be plenty to kill a guard. "health" "100" "damage_scale head" "2" "sneak_attack_alert_state" "3" The basic broadhead arrow damage in tdm_weapon_arrow.def "damage" "35"
  19. Can you post exactly what you're changing?
  20. No problem! Uhm Ill check but I don’t think so. The stealth modifier is something like 3X which is almost certainly going to kill 100 HP standard guard with a headshot.
  21. In my missions, Ive thrown out all material based damage resistance accept armor and “flesh” or cloth. I find it way too granular and hard to read the different materials in game, like chainmail. I forgot to mention different head/ chest multipliers can be set per difficulty in DR. Through a good bit of testing and tweaking Ive found these ranges work well: Head: 2 -3.0 Chest 1.2 - 1.5. (once again I set these per difficulty) Anything more is overkill and yes will negate sneak attack bonuses and all material resistances.
  22. @Wellingtoncrab @wesp5 The multipliers might bug out at 10, thats 10x times more damage. Try something like 1.8 to 2.0. I looked into the following spawnarg in tdm_weapon_broadhead.def "damage_mult_undeadflesh" "0" I wouldn't change this tbh. Im not sure if our models are even set up with undeadflesh materials args. @Wellingtoncrab Thats a good point. Making combat viable, but still challenging is always a win in my book. I love the feeling of dropping a guard with a headshot or a couple shots when they're alerted and charging at me. Or if I'm faced with a difficult problem, having the option to take a piece off the board before I sneak in is great and broadens the possibility space. In my opinion, those two power fantasies (deadly and sneaky) compliment each other and I dig games that do it well. Hard to say if Thief is successful in that, but its definitely novel in its presentation of those things. I still think they could have had broadheads pack more punch without disrupting the balance.
  23. Interesting, that might be in the base arrow def to allow for the holy water damage multiplier? Im curious, I'll look when I get home but I don't think that spawnarg is used.
  24. @Wellingtoncrab @wesp5Yep! Thats what I would do. Find the base definitions I think its ai_humanoid.def and ai_undead.def and change the head and chest damage multipliers. I would not mess with the arrow damage in the weapon def itself. They’re fairly sensitive and might lead to problems. EDIT: @wesp5 Just a heads up you might have to update those defs anytime we push out a new update and change base files and there is some chance this could change authors intent (although it pretty small).
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