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  1. Thanks. That makes sense regarding the milky warp; I'd expected alabaster_opaque (which I used for the walls/ceiling/floor in the screenshot) to behave like a normal opaque material, but apparently it doesn't.
  2. A couple of things that are confusing me: 1) In this map, the walls are opaque alabaster and the floating block is milky warp. The only light object is an ambient_world with _color set to 0.0 0.0 0.0. You can see from the lightgem that I'm in darkness. So why do these textures look so bright if there's no light? (It's not my gamma settings; only certain textures act this way. I made a room with alabaster walls and a white marble ceiling, planning to adjust the lights so the higher part would be darkened; the ceiling looks almost black, but the walls barely darken, so it feels like being inside a big, unshaded box.) DR's lighting preview mode looks like this: 2) I tried to make a conversation with the Conversation Editor. The dramatis personae are testman, an armed commoner, and testwoman, a whore. conversation_info looks like this: // entity 10 { "classname" "atdm:conversation_info" "name" "atdm_conversation_info_1" "conv_1_actor_1" "testman" "conv_1_actor_2" "testwoman" "conv_1_actors_always_face_each_other_while_talking" "0" "conv_1_actors_must_be_within_talkdistance" "0" "conv_1_cmd_1_actor" "2" "conv_1_cmd_1_arg_1" "tdm_ai_wench_greet_civilian_to_civilian" "conv_1_cmd_1_type" "Talk" "conv_1_cmd_1_wait_until_finished" "1" "conv_1_cmd_2_actor" "1" "conv_1_cmd_2_arg_1" "2" "conv_1_cmd_2_type" "AttackActor" "conv_1_cmd_2_wait_until_finished" "1" "conv_1_cmd_3_actor" "1" "conv_1_cmd_3_arg_1" "tdm_ai_cync_convo_response" "conv_1_cmd_3_type" "Talk" "conv_1_cmd_3_wait_until_finished" "1" "conv_1_max_play_count" "-1" "conv_1_name" "testconv" "conv_1_talk_distance" "60" "origin" "-851.505 -907.524 24.2703" } What I expected: 1) testwoman greets testman 2) testman attacks (kills?) testwoman 3) testman makes a cynical riposte What I get: 1) testwoman greets testman 2) testman says 'Huh?' or 'What?' 3) A long pause, during which testman might warn testwoman about an intruder if they're on the same team 4) testman draws his sword while announcing that he's giving up a search Log contents: [game\ai\Conversation\ConversationSystem.cpp ( 104):INF (CONVERSATION) FR: 65] Trying to start conversation testconv. [game\ai\States\ConversationState.cpp ( 179):DEB (CONVERSATION) FR: 126] Actor testman is too alert to continue a conversation [game\ai\Conversation\Conversation.cpp ( 329):DEB (CONVERSATION) FR: 126] Conversation testconv: ai testman is not in conversation mode anymore. [game\ai\Conversation\ConversationSystem.cpp ( 164):DEB (CONVERSATION) FR: 126] Terminating conversation testconv due to error. (I get the 'terminating due to error' message whatever I put in the conversation, e.g. if I reduce it to the first greeting it'll appear to play out successfully, but I'll still get the message.) It looks as though the AttackActor command (or AttackEntity if I try that) is making testman get alerted and that's interrupting the conversation. It's odd alert behaviour, though, and I don't understand why this is happening.
  3. Is the revised chair model likely to be accepted? If so, I'd better not do anything with my antimacassar in the meantime:
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