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  1. Necro'ing because I think I've got somewhere with this: The way the noose looks isn't ideal: I had to scale it in DR in the first place, since the original obviously wasn't designed to go with the AI necks, and before I set the noose nonsolid the ragdoll would twitch around for a bit and then settle without a nicely drooping look. So you might want to continue using Sotha's anim (especially if you want a swinging-in-wind effect like in PD2, which this method won't allow). If you'd like a hanged ragdoll, though, this seems viable. Basically you take the modified AF below, save it as af/guard_base_newskel_hanged.af, and give the ragdoll an "articulatedFigure" "guard_base_newskel_hanged" spawnarg. This causes the head to be bound to the world, so it stays in position, but the rest of the body still has ragdoll physics (I also made it solid to the player).
  2. It looks as though Move To Position is for use with AI. The response effects are implemented via script functions, so you can find out what they do internally by looking at script/tdm_response_effects.script inside tdm_base01.pk4. effect_move_to_position_action() appears to invoke a script event called moveToPosition(), which according to http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=TDM_Script_Reference/2.06 is specific to the idAI spawnclass. (A touch confusingly, idMover has one called moveToPos().) Edit: on removing particles, I'm guessing these ones were spawned via the Spawn Particle effect? From a glance at the scripting there's no obvious way to get the name of the emitter it spawns, so depending on what you want to do, the best thing might be to place your own func_emitter and trigger it on/off as desired.
  3. It just occurred to me: did your test map use delta1_fog by any chance? It has alpha explicitly set to 0.5 (values of 1 or less are treated as an instruction to use a 'default' fog distance of 500 units), which might explain why the shaderparm wasn't working.
  4. I misremembered this somewhat; here's what it actually says: // If you replace the default internal fog projection image with your own // texture, make sure that the alpha starts at 0 in the center, reaches // 255 at the borders, and is generally radially symetrical. // The color channel can be left solid white, or it can have additional // color changes with position. I messed about with both RGB and alpha channels to no apparent effect. I think I tried the same on the falloff image too.
  5. noFogBoundary stops foglights painting on the boundaries of their volumes, but they'll still paint on geometry inside the volume, so I'm pessimistic about its being a complete solution in this case. I'm not even sure whether id Tech 4 foglights work the way id intended to make them work: there's a Doom 3 file with a lengthy comment indicating they can be manipulated via the light texture's alpha channel, but my experiments got nowhere.
  6. In the simplest case: frobbing already is a stim, so give the switch a response to STIM_FROB (that is, the Frob stim type). The catch here is that S/R alone doesn't give you a way to do one thing when a switch is frobbed 'on' and another when it's frobbed 'off'. The dining room in ITB has switches that fade the lights but I just used two switches.
  7. http://www.sewerhistory.org/ - speaks for itself, really.
  8. Just to check: will image functions like addNormals() still work on the compressed normal maps? (They don't work on DDS images.)
  9. I see you found metaball.vfp. Apparently neither of these ARB shaders has ever been used in a released FM, then: (Though some FMs do pack versions of shaders in the HeatHaze family that presumably weren't yet in core when they were released.)
  10. If you do, take a look at the brushwork around the back door too: there's a visible gap. Solid sneaking apart from that detail! Though after the
  11. From a glance at func_rotating, "invert_on_trigger" "0" should stop the direction reversing. Try a negative value for "speed" to make them rotate in the opposite direction. I'm not sure from the diagram whether you want a mover that moves from A to B or B to A when triggered (isn't that a regular binary mover, like a sliding door?) or whether you want one that cycles back and forth (func_bobbing?).
  12. Yes. 'Invalid' is just another state, like 'incomplete' or 'failed', and internally it's state 2. See also http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Objectives#Notes_on_using_INVALID_status There doesn't seem to be a corresponding HUD message though, so that would need to be added by the mapper if desired.
  13. Objectives can be set to an 'invalid' state, and since https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=3254 was resolved it should work correctly, though I haven't personally tried it.
  14. Previous discussion: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/16980-missions-in-exotic-locations/ I agree about assets: in general, I think 'exotic' ornaments/loot/etc. that could play the role of Thief's masks are something it would be nice to have more of. Besides 'foreign' locations or Lost City-style missions they could also suit museum heists, a gentleman's cabinet of curiosities, a mage's laboratory... Currently I'm prodding at this Aztec calendar I found on Burningwell. (Since someone mentioned sand: surprisingly, if you search DR's Media tab for sand only a couple of suitable materials turn up, and they both use the dirt surface type even though there is a sand surface type. That's easily dealt with by scavenging more textures though.)
  15. That isn't really the same thing. A glare light illuminates geometry within its volume, like any other kind of light (apart from a fog light set to paint on its own boundary too). Where there's no geometry there's nothing to illuminate. The flare deforms add a glow around the lamp independent of whether it's illuminating anything behind it; other candidates would be a tube deform (I got unsatisfactory results) or a particle effect. By the way, glare2 has the noshadows keyword anyway, blendLights are non-shadowasting by default (in fact, forceShadows seemed not to work on them when I tried it), I don't think blendlights perform specular interactions (it's just a blend add stage), and as far as I know nodiffuse doesn't actually work. Nice-looking screenshot though.
  16. That's https://3dtextures.me/2019/07/08/metal-grill-005a/ (albeit shoehorned into a non-PBR engine). Really eagle-eyed connoisseurs of id Tech 4 mapping experiments might recognise the dials in the recess behind it from
  17. I'm not sure what you're after. Thematically it's an industrial area. Technically, points of interest might be a glare light around the furnace and flare deform surfaces for the glow around the lamps (since we don't have emissive maps).
  18. This post by @RPGista might also be of interest regarding forests.
  19. Sorry to answer a question with a question, but is the white outline around the door in the last image r_showPortals output? The descriptive text for the cvar only mentions green, yellow and red. (I'm not au fait with r_showPortals settings above 1; this is the only description of 2 and 3 I found in a quick site search.)
  20. If that works (I saw the suggestion on the Doomworld thread, but haven't tried it), it would mean we can start working with PBR assets without waiting for backend support. Assuming the proof of concept is a success, though, it would be nicer to be able to write 'blend pbrmap' or 'blend rmaomap' or something, as per @nbohr1more's comment when PBR was discussed in 2017.
  21. So it's not just use with non-PBR materials that creates incompatibilities then. When I tried it as interaction_direct.vfp and played a couple of FMs, I got outright visual glitching in places.
  22. We'll have to see. From my point of view a major attraction of adding PBR is that so much of the stuff we can obtain from elsewhere is now made for it, to the extent that http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Texture_Sources opens with a notice about that. And PBR assets crowbarred into a non-PBR engine don't look fully correct either. TDM already has assets acquired from a variety of sources, including whatever mappers can lay hands on, so in that respect it's never had the visual consistency of a dedicated art team anyway. But we'll have to see.
  23. I imagine the legacy ARB set-up dates from before the renderer was open-sourced. Possibly bits of it also inherit structure from other D3 shader mods.
  24. The 'B icon' is a mirror. Only the team knows why it's taking longer to get the mission list back up than the forum, SVN and bugtracker, but it's been down since the hardware failure.
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