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  1. I'm not so sure about this one, I'm not really buying the decoration of the handle. http://www.replicagunsswords.com/weapons_gallery/home.php?cat=8 Have a look at some of the handles of these swords. I think your best best is to go with something simple but pretty, and not to make it too stylised. That way it can be reused inconspicuously Btw... HOLYCRAP it's a pistol and a dagger at the same time http://www.replicagunsswords.com/weapons_gallery/product.php?productid=1942&cat=8&page=1
  2. Isn't it funny how you tend to hate games like this? i hate black mesa because the team have been teasing people with news of it's development since 2004
  3. How come? all you gotta do is run up and start hacking them like made with the sword. If you hit them fast enough each time they won't have time to retaliate. If they have comrades, hide behind the one your slicing so that the others burp into the one your cutting.
  4. Lol you won't believe what i tried to do on night 2, I sat on the ledge of a building, cured the guy in the library as he walked past, jumped up to the police building, healed the police guy (while there were still like 5 on the other side of the building, and some inside) then I ran all the way over to that woman from the dairy store and cured her whew! I was a little annoyed when i found out that there was one in the bakery but i got him and that weird posion ivey women in that mansion at the same time anyway. Zombies have never been so fan in thief and i MEAN that > I'm up to night 3 and stuck. tell me if you find out what to do next after you've found both sisters
  5. Basically yes, but an a 2d overhead shooter can only be so immersive, let's face it. I know you'd expect that to take the same game and make it a 3d fps would be dumb, but this game is a really light version of what I have in mind especially in terms of immersion, and Aesthetically, completely different. The thing that would need to make my idea special is being able to land on a planet that is completely different from anything you'd find on earth but plausible, that's what would make it interesting to play, and that's what would make it a fun challenge, because you need to uncover the secretes of this strange and unusual land. With this game I kinda get the impression of some kid's playtime with a bunch of plastic figures in a sandbox with a bunch of stuff thrown in. Not that it doesn't look interesting, but it's really not what I thinking. In terms of new content it's kinda predictable because beside the fact that you can see everything from a birds eye view, there doesn't seem to be anything I haven't seen before eg robots, alien birds, angry locals etc. bare with me though, I'm too lazy to watch more than 20 minutes of gameplay. Anything else?
  6. Speaking of originality and immersion, has anyone ever made a game where you're dropped on a weird and wonderful planet with strange and unpredictable plants and animals and you have to find out what you can use and what's good to eat ect, to survive? that has idea been circling around in my head for a while. For instance, if you find a funny residue crystallisation growing off some poisonous animal, you can either use it as a weapon, eat it (causing you to die), etc, or use it on some rocks and get a powder which is an ingredient for explosives which a native told you about after you turned on your psi link to communicate with them after prevented a large and ugly animal from destroying their home. I'm talking the kind of interaction you get in an adventure game but with more things to interact with and on big scale like oblivion. Also, similarly to how you need to collect ingredients in oblivion, but with a science fiction theme and more emphasis on survival and finding out what stuff does like in system shock. So in other words, a free roaming survival horror. And yes it sounds extremely implausable to pull off succesfully, but I'm fond of the idea then again someone else might have already done it...
  7. Nevermind, I found it, but it was quite hard to reach and I reckon it should have been altered... So if you get stuck finding the air women, give us a shout.
  8. I'm having a new problem... I'm on night 2 and the only thing i need now is to find the sister bound to air and her stone key. The only place I havn't been able to reach that looked reachable was the vent above the rafters in the basement of that tavern that has some women dancing out the front and an archer fast asleep by the table.
  9. Hey pranQster, may have got this confused with what your saying but... the objective asks for you to look at Dr knox's and malthus's journal. Personally i might have looked at malthus's journal before triggering the objective and causing a problem, but in that case, just press alt ctrl shift end when you've done as much as you can since you get both your picks on the seconds night anyway.
  10. Are you kidding? I thought I searched that area thoroughly > I shall go back then... EDIT: Ok something is definitely wrong, I've read both journals before and again now and nothing has happened. Maybe I'll just skip night1 when I play later. But will that undo all the locks I've half finished?
  11. Same reason wikipedia is not flawless, because on such a large scale there's no quality control, and a mentally deprived individual can run around shoving what ever they want on the maps, no matter how far it is from where it should be.
  12. Dude, play the following as well: -Rose cottage -The tower -Conspiricies in the dark They're my favourites. Can't go wrong with them, and rose cottage looks absolutely amazing. Also, Im still stuck on the journal objective, i found dr knox's but I can't for the life me find Malthus's journal! -I checked in his potion store (that's his place right?) I checked the police station and I checked the mechanist complex! I can't find it anywhere
  13. I'll do something about that if it's needed for my mission. Wow. Just wow. This is mario 64 meets thief . Otherwise, cool! I've never been on something so awesome
  14. Hello, I'm stuck can anyone help me? I've got the heart amulet, but I'm sure how I'm meant to destroy the heart amulet... is there a river of lava nearby? (a hint would be great) Also, it says I need to find the sister's stone key. I searched her house top to bottom. I found out that she is probably a lesbian, but no stone keys. And, I'd just like to comment upon the reunion of the rescued Basso and cured jenaveve. Isn't it weird? when they meet in the kitchen they just stand there as though noting has happened would have made sense if they told you they wanted to be alone in a room that you can't get into where they could talk about what had happened (with a muffled speech loop) Just saying. Also, Is it just me or does Maya love boobs? And remember how that zombie dies on the street when you first come out of the house? is that unavoidable? do you have to save it to get the extra optional save/cure all the zombie objective. lastly, damn, there's a horrible ringing sensation in my brain.
  15. @Ultima Underground; hmm... I'd play it but last I heard someone was making a cool gl port with mouse support. I'll wait till that comes out... That's why I decided to play SS1, mouse support made it a lot less annoying to get around. I've actually taken to making sure that my little brother is playing system shock 1 every so often He wants to play jump to system shock 2 but I told he wouldn't get system shock 2 unless he finished with his system shock. He enjoys it, but he's so used to playing games like oblivion and border lands which are quite easy and he's having trouble even knowing when to use a berserk drug I wish EA would bloody drop the rights to system shock so I could be free to play around with remaking/sequel-ling it. Imagine using the dark mod as a base for a system shock remake ? how practical and ironic I've played Arena and gotten bored after i gave the princess her stupid thing she wanted, then I played daggerfall which is kinda cool for it's dungeons but the villages are a bit boring, and the world is TOO BIG. However, some guy is making is look a little more like morrowind and with better controls, so once again, I'll wait. Otherwise I can go without.
  16. Wow bikerdude, this is a very professionally crafted map It run super smooth for me, which made the 3 crashes a fair bit of a surprise But since this has happened on almost every other map (or half) I'd blame it on dark mod. What's with that anyhow? is it fixable or what, anyone know? Aesthetics are great, give yourself a pat on the back 2 game-play problems: Other:
  17. I've been dying to try your mission ever since you mentioned it, As soon as my major school work is out of the way, this is my No. 1 priority!
  18. I agree with sotha, It's a good way to discourage people from making inappropriate decisions in polls, just because they can.
  19. This one I didn't so much get into but the mine was almost perfect. The chest with the gold nuggets in it was a bother to get, you probably shouldn't have relied on the dark mod's less than practical way of retrieving stuff from a chest. There were 2 nuggets i had to noclip to get in order to avoid being killed. As soon as i stepped up up out of the mine things seemed to go down hill a bit, which is ironic aye The following will break the mission if you haven't played it yet btw fidcal, I found the lockpicks, but there are 2 things I'd like to say about that;
  20. OOOOOhh ... NO (whacks hand away from download button) GOTTA STUDY DAMN IT, GO DO YOUR HOMEWORK
  21. Well, as you hold shift, it could speed up... as soon as you let go it could slow back down to normal.
  22. I still think there should be an adrenaline mode, where you get a burst of energy that makes you move 20% faster, you could just take the out of breath swimming code except that when you run out of energy, you go back to regular speed. Wouldn't it be great if you could sprint away from your impending doom rather than jog away. Another thing, I reckon when climbing/mounting things, your approaching speed should effect how fast you can climb up. It'd be good for getting away from guards, but in general it'd make getting around more fun.
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