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  1. I'm not sure the filmmakers are having the freshest news but it's a hint. If this is true, this is both nice and terrifying. The only thing I really liked in Thi4f were the city section mini-heists and the cool graphics.
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    2. Gast


      I bet Arkane would gladly make it, and I read that EM could outsource the dev since they are busy with two new Marvel games but I don't see Square and Bethesda working hands in hands.

    3. Biya


      "It's no coincidence that two out of three Thief studios—Looking Glass and Ion Storm Austin—went under shortly after releasing them, right?" Yeah, but those games are fondly remembered by the entire gaming community, which can't exactly be said about the 4th installment. Thief would never have achieved cult status if Looking Glass/Eidos hadn't taken the risk of not appealing to a casual audience. To a strictly marketing viewpoint, creativity is a liability.

    4. Tarhiel


      And I just found Czech article, where this rumor has been disproved - article is in Czech, but Twitter comment therein in English :)http://www.hrej.cz/novinky/2017/05/16/spekulace-o-novem-thiefovi-byly-vyvraceny-44422/


      Thank goodness, I might add.

  2. Nice mission, these architectural modules are looking sharp!
  3. There is a typo in the 2.05 announcement on the Greenlight page, it says "Looking Glass Studios" instead of "Broken Glass Studios". http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/updates/858048394/1487154321
  4. Just completed this mission and it's a really good one. It took me about one hour and it was fun, perfectly balanced in fact. Every space is coherent, you know at first glance where you are when entering a room and this helps immersion a lot. This brought back memories of the Rutherford Castle and TDS in general, atmosphere wise.
  5. Since the "wrong hands" things was out it HAD to come down to that guy !
  6. Great! I was just bugged by the very first frames, I'm sure the spreading effect looks perfect now.
  7. Thank you for your work. Maybe don't bother with the smoke especially since the effect was intentional
  8. When the video is ready I'd be pleased to translate it in french.
  9. Very nice trailer. The slow rhythm and atmospheric feeling are perfect for TDM. The only criticism I can do is that on the very beginning of the smoke footage, you can clearly see where is the smoke-machine located on the lower left corner. Letters shadow on the smoke are killer though.
  10. A guard randomly tripping over a gas light, burning to death and being counted as a kill spiced up my first attempt at a no kill run. It's so stupidly funny it's not even frustrating.
  11. Hey, this thread is a good idea ! I've just tried to import a simple .ASE file in Dark Radiant with 3ds max 2017 and it works as you described for 3ds max 2013 64 bits. Just change the *BITMAP line and you're good. ASE files can also be exported from older blender versions. I tried to make these plugins work with 2.70 but it failed so you might want to install an older version of blender dedicated to .ASE exports. Plugins and supported versions -> http://www.katsbits.com/tools/#ase
  12. At least there's an option to deactivate motion blur!
  13. Nice work! Screens are impressive, particularly the interior ones.
  14. 1.2 is here! Still in beta though. It apparently fixes a lot the problems on Nvidia Gpus but I see no difference at all on my AMD R9. It's playable but frames are still unstable. Also I see no difference in peformance cost between the graphic presets. I can be in very low or very high, I'm always having this 30-ish fps count, it's annoying. http://kotaku.com/new-dishonored-2-pc-patch-is-a-step-in-the-right-direct-1789237888
  15. Beta patch 1.1 was released earlier today. It's not that fancy but It helped me get a slightly better framerate in large environments like the docks. Strange fps drops are still there nonetheless, we'll have to wait for patch 1.2 next week. http://steamcommunity.com/games/403640/announcements/
  16. Well, Skyrim's engine isn't really next-gen. The game does not feature PBR materials, global illumination or advanced shaders that are the current tech standards in game engines. Porting any game or mod to this already a bit outdated engine would be a really strange choice.
  17. What an impressive debut ! The sense of mise-en-scene displayed in the mission is simply great. You managed to make a killer looking level out of relatively low poly assets, thanks to the brilliant use of lights. Gameplay is good, even surprising at times. The loading screen and briefing video are looking very professional. I feel like you're setting up new standards for the Dark Mod.
  18. Hi Spadey, happy to hear such a collection of tunes, your work is very inspired. On the technical side, several tracks are suffering from a buzzing and little artefacts (for exemple in the right channel of Sinking Claw). Apart from that, good job, I would listen to that while reading or working indeed. What tools do you use?
  19. This is very impressive! Even the loading screen looks gorgeous.
  20. The Styx sequel seems beautiful, and from what I've read about it, even more vertical. Yummy ! http://www.styx-thegame.com/en/news/39-new-screenshots-reveal-huge-environments-of-styx-shards-of-darkness.html
  21. The animations are looking a bit off but it's rather nice, thanks !
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