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  1. I can safely say this is the easiest of Spoonman's missions. I legitimately laughed as I realized what was happening.
  2. Routing this mission in all seriousness gave me a headache. Great work on the nonsense, Spoonman, if you were seeking to make me constantly feel like I was on my back foot you succeeded.
  3. If we ever have any kind of stamina, inventory or limitation on space it should be on items & ammunition, not loot. Loot, as a collectable, shouldn't have a limitation for space. Items, as something that the player inherently expects to be expendable (or perhaps even something to ignore altogether) having an inherent con to equipping means there would be extra tactical logistics and player choice to make. Loot? Adding weight to loot means the game either becomes tedious or the player becomes uninterested in completing the game as recommended.
  4. At the request of Dragofer I did a perfectionist run of the mission. I love it, right down to and especially the fact that you can prevent the outbreak by intercepting the rat.
  5. V-Man339

    Free Games

    https://store.steampowered.com/app/391720/Layers_of_Fear/ Layers of Fear is free for a limited time.
  6. Possibly reptilian in nature? Think T-Rex from Jurassic Park.
  7. I know this may seem antiquated but the bindings for look up and down are very useful in conjunction with look left and right (which we already have) and while routing on a laptop I had to find out the hard way we didn't have those. We might want to have those, guys, otherwise just having look left and right in the options menu is kind of silly. Up and down look keys are incredibly useful for keyboard only setups.
  8. I loved it, and will be doing a perfect run video/walkthrough of it later. Could I get a list of items to pick up and readable objects for later?
  9. It relates entirely to distance and proximity to AI standing next to the torch. It should go without saying that if the torch is being held by someone I'll aim above the torch, though.
  10. One of them is an inability to frob loot. Also I just generally speaking don't wish to present TDM in a worse light than necessary.
  11. Ah, all right. Will this mission be as is, or will there be updates/fixes incoming? If there are no plans to update I'll be covering the mission in it's current state.
  12. Lots of bug reports incoming. As for the mission I fucking loved it.
  13. I'll be putting off a video of the mission if this is still incoming. Care for balance critique? Absolutely in love with the mission, did an absolute 0 stealth score full loot run for future routing before I noticed you would be uploading an updated version and I can't say I regret it in the least.
  14. Small robots that move across the floor to emulate laser tripwires? Possible use of gold or bright string to showcase more visibly? (Possible lore reason: only that material is tensile yet stretchable enough to provide for good cord?) Note for future mappers and the idea room: imagine this, but slower and more steampunk. High potential to enforce moss arrow usage through this. Very high possibility to add depth by making it something you can disable but don't necessarily have to.
  15. I have an incredibly strange, easy to reproduce and specific bug in Volta and the Stone. Not where I can record it, but can later. When you are in the tower, next to the fire arrows mantle onto the plate holding them. You'll see a bright white shadow rendering in the window opposite the door, mimicking the player's movements. Edit: It just occurred to me that I haven't updated in a while, let me verify this is still relevant. Edit edit: It is not still relevant. As of updating this is no longer an issue. Feel free to delete this post.
  16. Oh yeah, it sucks, but I'm curious because if we pulled it off it could easily lead into more adaptive forms of boss AI.
  17. I'm really tempted to code some sort of rudimentary prone in and create a Snake Eater style nature-heavy jungle themed map with heavy use of foliage cover but I'd only really attempt that after making a more traditional styled map.
  18. This video works just as well.
  19. I'm actually very curious if you could code something like this into the Dark Mod.
  20. Ah, all right, I think I can cover this, then. Edit: Never mind, lighting issue is still there, seemingly. Gave Melan a heads up, he said he might fix it if he has time this summer.
  21. Can I get a change list? I'm just beginning coverage and don't want it to be for naught.
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