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  1. Hi, I'm playing the updated one, and I just came across a really bad bug in the shed where the chapel key is. Moving around was super hard, like it was really lagging. It's taking me forever to move from the hole to the door, now I'm outside and I'm still really really slow. The movements I make don't show up till a while later. I can still hear bottles moving around inside.
  2. Ok, I'm down in that room ...is there anything else to do there? I can't find anything else. I'm sorry I'm not usually this dense lol. Correct me if I'm wrong.... It just suddenly clicked that maybe the Lions aren't in the same place as where the 'two fires' lead. Edit: I found the . Used the ring I'd found, found his letter, read about the spires, I'm still lost. I've read about the turning the , but the only two fireplaces are where you pointed them out earlier, the one etc, But, I still have no idea how to find the 4 statues. I am thoroughly confused with this fourth clue.
  3. Oh OK I know where you mean. Thanks so much.
  4. I wish there was a walkthrough for this fm. I'm enjoying it, but I have to say I'm a bit confused. I've been reading through the forums here and I've read about the rafters. I've been up to the rafters in the banquet hall and in the meeting hall and there's no going into another room up there. also, for the Fourth clue, can I get a slight push in the right direction? I've looked at the I did find the
  5. Hi, none of the three links in the first post, work.
  6. I'm stuck. I'm playing the middle difficutly. I just started. I hid by where the manhole cover is, knocked out the patrolling guard by the sign that says Private Property, and was instantly transported to the snow scene. I found the body of carl, and his ring and sword. I also saw Bernard and knocked him out. I cannot find my way out of the snowland. How do I get out of here?
  7. I absolutely loved this mission! one of my faves. It has everything I love to do in fms. Thank you
  8. Hi, yes one of the fms is The Dragon Claw, the other is builders_influence.pk4 and follow.pk4 I cant remember which were the FM names for the last two. but I don't see anything in the titles in the DM that has either of those words. I've refreshed the lists to no avail. I should have mentioned that these fms are not from the ingame downloader
  9. Hi, my problem is that some fms won't show up in Dark Mod. They are all saved in an FM folder, all pk4. I refresh the list in Dark Mod but they still don't show up. Not sure what to do
  10. I have two suggestions... I would like to have the option to complete a mission whenever I wish. E.g. In non Dark Mod fms I can complete by using Ctl+Alt+Shift+End. I would also like to be able to write my comments beside each FM, as in Darkloader, where I can see at a glance, my opinions on each FM played I started reading this forum to see if it had been suggested but there are too many pages to scan through, so my apologies if it has been said. Thanks
  11. I'm at the for me but it's not open. I keep trying to frob it and it's not doing anything. Ugh! Never Mind. I found it.
  12. I never did finish this one.When the lich showed up and I died, I gave up. I'm a coward what can I say. No boogeymen for me thanks very much. I did, however, absolutely love the storm and the puddles. The sound of the rain falling on different surfaces was amazing. Why can we not see more of this weather on other fms? I just walked around for quite a few minutes absolutely loving the storm. Jumping the puddles was great!. Lol Beautiful! Thanks so much for showing me another facet of weather in Dark Mod
  13. I really enjoyed this fm. It was hard though. I started on Hard and I had to restart on Easy.
  14. I saw that earlier and completely missed the statue! Lol. I thought I had to switch the weight where the actual sceptre was, so I assumed, wrongly, that the metal disc was for that purpose. Cool. Now to find what disc is for then. Thanks very much
  15. Wonderful FM so far. I find myself totally interested in it. Anyway I need a hint regarding the alarm. I already have the green light and the metal doors open. However,I am not having any success shutting off the alarm. I gather you need to So I don't know where I am going wrong.
  16. Hi, I need to know what the code is to use Spoiler Tags. I am using my tablet and I don't have the options to use anything, like spoiler tags, quote tags, text changes etc. Thanks
  17. Thats wonderful, because I really liked being able to add my Zombie or no Zombie beside each fm lol
  18. Got them both thanks. Now I am having a lot of trouble trying to get the in the second part. It's one of the objectives and its in I know it's in one of the , but for the life of me, short of standing on my head, I cannot get that sheet. I have tried every kind of maneuver you can think off to no avail. standing, crouching, sideways both ways, I cant get it, and all my other objectives are finished, but I can't get out till that one is done. If the Ctr+Shift+Alt+End would work on Dark Mod I'd finish the mission. So frustrating
  19. I guess I'm not waiting till its up all the way then. Will continue to try. Thanks very much. I am loving your fms.
  20. Thank you all for your responses. I wasn't aware of the bug that unsubscribed. I'll pm them if I can't find a solution in future. I appreciate it.
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