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  1. Sorry to bring this up so long after all the release, but since this series will probably end up cancelled, there are some things I'd like to know, if @Goldwell would be willing to share.
  2. Oh, thank you so much, I've been trying to find the damned thing for three nights now! My pc has a bit of a darker screen, so sometimes I am unable to spot such details.
  3. Thank you for the reply Amadeus. Unfortunately, I am still unable to post spoilers from mobile browser, but I can at least post normally from pc. Must be some limitation in the way the mobile browser is presenting the page.
  4. I need help progressing past a certain point. I can't seem to find where to use the precursor tablet. Any hints please? Also, I can't for some reason put spoilers in post, nor can I remove the post from mobile browser.
  5. Playing this map gave me an interesting thought about mission objectives. The player character is a pretty woman, wearing obvious makeup in the map promo image. At one point in the mission she makes a statement about how good the nobles have it in this town, indicating her jealousy. Most of the time the loot objectives are either some ancient artifact, an object of great magical/social power, or valuables like gold. Wouldn't it be cool to add an objective where she has to steal some everyday makeup from the noblewomen just to keep up her appearances and a lifestyle which she normally could not afford (like Garrett steals mostly to pay the rent)?
  6. What an experience! The realism of the situation was probably one of the creepiest things I've seen in the dark mod, and not a single supernatural element was involved. It's unbelievable to what a degree each character in the mission had a distinct, well-thought out personality. Can't wait to see the next mission in this series, looking forward to the rest of the story.
  7. One small remark: Is the map supposed to be called "Map of Whatever", or is it some leftover from testing days? EDIT: I mean the map object in your inventory, not the whole mission.
  8. @Zayrian it just occured to me that the mission "The ravine" by spoonman is exactly the thing you are looking for, if I understood your post. There are some other suggestions in my earlier post under spoilers, but I mention it here because I've edited the list a bit in the meantime to include some more missions.
  9. Well, there are some literal down the hole into the unknown missions, like And there are some missions with interesing, trippy premises, like
  10. Congratulations on the new version released, 2.0 looks mighty impressive so far! Looking forward to the rest of the map!
  11. That a person is a thief does not have to be a choice he likes, and it does not have to make him a cruel person. There had been good people in the past feeling forced down a path they previously thought was horrifying to them. There was a very good italian magazine, Colors it think it was called, that dealt with often times taboo themes. One such issue was about home, what it means to different people, from the richest to the poorest, and there was one very good part dedicated as an anonymous collection of life stories of house robbers. You'd be surprised how real life thieves feel about breaking in and taking stuff, what they will take, the markings they might leave on a home (how well a home complex is guarded, what to expect inside, what kind of loot the owners have, etc.). There was even a section about how they will communicate to others to leave the place well alone, especially if they break in and find out that the people are really poor, or god forbid have demented or retarded children. In our world, people walking the shadowy margin of life have a very strict code of conduct, on to which I presume they hold tight because they fear they might lose too much if they abandond that shred of humanity.
  12. Hey Joebarnin, terrific little mission (which didn't turn out to be so little after all, took me a good two hours to finish, barely 2,500 loot found). I find it very interesting how you managed to evoke sadness and creepyness at the same time, without using undead or obvious "scares".
  13. Hey, sorry for the long wait, I tried to delete the Darmod.cfg completely and let the game create a new one upon starting, and the issue persisted. I captured a few screenshots I will attach under the spoiler. they are all captured inside the arsenal building, two up at the kitchen, the other two in the basement, near the grate with the arrow next to it. It might not be obvious on all pictures, but I've tried to capture the reflection of the moon in the skybox inside a building that had a very clear defined roof above the surface with the reflection.
  14. Hey, I'd like to report a possible bug. Might be related to the mission itself, might be releated to the 2.08 update, not sure yet, but I didn't notice it before. All the water "pool" surfaces reflect the sky box as it is, even for water reflections that are inside a building. Maybe some sort of collision detection is missing or glitched? So far, I've noticed this issue in the arsenal building, while the swimmable water in the canal, probably a different object, does not show this property.
  15. I kinda like the rising stealth score. It reminds of the way linux/unix functions work: If it works properly, a return code given is 0, meaning no faults happened, everything went fine. Any score higher than that is indicative of the number of failures that happened. This stealth score is, in my opinion, a very good way to show how many "goof-ups" you made during the mission, how severe they were, and I see it as a sort of an inverse scoring board of how "bad" your performance was, like those used in sports competitions.
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