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  1. Just raise it off the floor a little bit. Not sure what the optimal distance is, but I usually do it about 0.5 - 1 unit. I would say just high enough that you can't tell in-game that it's floating. However I've still seen stuff fall through the floor even if raised up (although it won't happen as often).
  2. A couple of users have pretty consistent crashes with High Expectations. I have also experienced crashes with Windows on my own machine, but very rarely. I have a debug build of 2.11, but I haven't been able to get it to crash under that yet. I've attached the logs that @irisx has provided, and @DavyJones has the exact same issue. The only thing that stood out to me was in the qconsole.log: The ambient 'snd_tunnels' (underground_forelone_loop_z) for location 'location_tunnels' is now playing. Getting threadname failed, reason: No such file or directory (2) --------- Game Map Shutdown ---------- @irisx did you say you also have some trace file? Do any other Linux users have this problem (or not)? The issue seems to occur about 1.5 seconds after the FM starts, or as soon as you start to provide input (move the mouse or start walking, etc). qconsole.log Darkmod.log
  3. Am I correct in thinking that the pier kit (and some other stuff) didn't make it into 2.11? Not complaining, but just wondering what the rationale behind the choices as to what to include and what to exclude was? EDIT: by the way @Wellingtoncrab thanks so much for doing these (and the cobblestones too). It was a pleasure to be able to have these at my disposal when making High Expectations. IMO this is just as important as engine updates (at least for plebs like me who can't do their own assets ).
  4. ok thanks, yeah there is no reason that shouldn't have worked. I've created a new version and sent it off to @irisx and @DavyJones to see if it helped with the Linux crash (I also fixed the missing material warning). If anyone else wants to try it it's here (version 1.1): https://drive.proton.me/urls/K90XY99T8C#knRJbEEliX18 Ideally I'd get the crash sorted before I publish an update, but I'd be surprised if this fixes it.
  5. OK. I think I'm going to create a new release to fix this, using a different mechanism. I can only imagine this is a TDM bug, as it seems to work 99% of the time. @manzanita-crow If you have a save before you entered the hotel you can try again, that worked for @Marbrien. Just double checking, but:
  6. That yelling you hear might be a guard running to help another guard who has spotted you. Either that or it's just the random 'city' noises in the background (although I have no idea what they say ). Anyways, a hint: outright spoiler:
  7. That warning is just because I'm using a custom model (the letters on the buildings in the square) and the material declared in the model itself ('font') doesn't actually exist and it's replaced with a new material using a skin. AFAIK it shouldn't cause a crash. That's not to say something in the map isn't causing it though - just no idea what.
  8. Hmm ok. Sorry about this I'm at a bit of a loss. @nbohr1more any suggestions as to what we can do to troubleshoot this? It looks like we have a fairly reproducible crash on Linux with at least 2 users.
  9. A couple of us have seen crashes. I think @VanishedOne was seeing similar to you on Linux. I don't know what's causing it, or how to debug them . I've made crash dumps available here for anyone that knows what to do with them:
  10. Ok happy to hear it worked this time and thanks for doing all that. So yeah, I don't really have an explanation unfortunately . If you still have the save game, maybe DM it to me and I can try to reproduce on my end.
  11. Could you try re-entering the hotel again the first way, from that same save and see if it happens again?
  12. yeah that's perfectly legitimate. I'm afraid it's a bug, and I don't know why it happened. The spawn script will only run once, so it was triggered and won't run again. The only thing I could suggest is a restart .
  13. it sounds like he didn't spawn - I'm guessing this is a bug although nobody experienced it in beta. Can you remember exactly how you entered the hotel?
  14. Thanks! The file paths thing is strange - might it be something on your end though? It's never been a problem for myself or any of the testers in any of the FMs I've done and they've all been distributed via Github. If I have to do an update I'll get you the file some other way, as the repack step just adds room for error.
  15. Hmm yeah. I just checked the original .pk4 in the Github link I provided and it's fine there, but the version on the mirrors has the extra folder in it. @Xolvix try running it from here and see if that works: https://github.com/FrostSalamander/fsx/releases/download/1.0/highex.pk4 @nbohr1more it seems there's an issue with the version on the mirrors...
  16. Announcing the next installment of 'The Lieutenant' series: High Expectations! Never heard of this series before? That's because I just made it up. Actually, it continues on from my previous FM, In Plain Sight. You don't need to have played In Plain Sight before, but there are some references to it in the readables that might not make sense if you haven't (some of which will be spoiler-ish). "Follow the Lieutenant on his next mission to the City of Highborough" Mission Type: City Missions Beta Testers (thank you all!!! @wesp5 @Acolytesix @Shadow @Cambridge Spy @AluminumHaste @jaxa @thebigh @joebarnin @Mezla @snatcher @datiswous Extra credit goes to @Mezla for providing the idea behind one of the objectives! Notes: TDM 2.11 required You can explore most of the map from the start of the mission, but if you find yourself getting a bit lost or unfocused, just concentrate on the main objective Your objectives will become visible after you read your briefing in your inventory The map does not contain any secrets The only difference in the difficulties is the (optional) loot goal This mission has some replay potential built-in. Explanation below, but I suggest you read this only after your first playthrough: Spoiler warning!: Download links (v1.3): Proton Drive: https://drive.proton.me/urls/2X9ZGQD3PR#txKKpE5GW1zq Github: https://github.com/FrostSalamander/fsx/releases/download/1.3/highex.pk4 Screenshots: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjAB8qt Known Issues it appears that to some players keys bound to AI are unfrobable. I don't have a solution as I've never been able to reproduce it. As a mitigation, for these doors you can either lockpick them or an alternate key will be available. Other hints Atkinson/Burns objective This objective is more about rewarding the 'explorer' types. It's optional and requires you to find a lot of stuff to piece together the whole story of what happened. Most of these are not really 'hidden', but rather require a visit to most of the accessible areas of the map. If you have given up searching, then: Hotel Safe Combination hint: spoiler: What's going on with Brother Gregory? If this isn't clear, then read on: There's a wooden door in the prison that I can't open... hint: spoiler:
  17. correct. Although I thought it worked with clear glass and you are saying it doesn't?
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