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  1. Often, you have to aim more at the AI's back instead of the head in a weird downwards angle, especially when guards are wearing helmets. On one side I can understand this little extra difficulty, but it's frustrating when you think about it beforehand, aim at the back and nevertheless hit the helmet. Like, duh, why would I want to hit his iron helmet. ^^ On some guards, especially when it's not all flat ground, it can take 6 reloads until the exact pixel spot to hit is found and that is indeed annoying.
  2. When I use several emitters for the particle tdm_ceiling_dust.prt, they all start with a big dust cloud in the first stage, then few particles in the second stage and then it repeats. As they all start at the same time, it looks very unnatural. Is there a way to do a time offset or a length variation for func_smoke and func_emitter over the entity spawnarg, without defining a prt-entry for every entity? I only found shaderparm5, time and speed in the wiki and forum, but none of those seem to have any effect. If there is a spawnarg, would it affect both parts of the definition
  3. I'm looking forward to it.
  4. The amount of features TDM 2.10 will provide for mappers is insane. I'm constantly finding things I need for mapping in the bug tracker and forum with target version 2.10. Is there an estimated release date? I'm asking for a friend (the .script-file). Neeeed: https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=5543
  5. You maybe changed some brushes, so pathfinding is out of date. You need to rerun dmap yourmapname in the TDM console to recompile the map. Here is a wiki page with a few hints, see the point "Q. I'm getting an error message "warning: aas is out of date" once my map has loaded. What does it mean and what do I do?": https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Editing_FAQ_-_Troubleshooting_%26_How-To
  6. I found another thread with some statements regarding the topic:
  7. Thanks for the posts! But I hoped to get an actual overview of the real districts of and locations in Bridgeport as in the lore of TDM and maybe created by FMs. Otherwise I then guess these are the only officially "released" or documented districts? https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=The_City (bottom of the page)
  8. ACTIVATE LEVEL 100 THREAD NECROMANCER POWER! Soooo Does anyone know if there's a more detailed list about the city districts and locations than on this page anywhere: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=The_City ?
  9. Hello, the "Render in lighting preview mode" in Dark Radiant doesn't seem to take the ambient light into account correctly. But maybe I've set up something wrong as I don't think this wouldn't have been noticed. Ingame everything is correct, the problem only occurs in DR render preview mode. Let's say I set the _color value of the ambient_world light really high to make the ambient_world light definitely visible: classname: light name: ambient_world _color: 0.07 0.07 0.07 (which equates to a brightness level of about 18) light_center: 0 0 0 light_radius: 13
  10. @Frost_Salamander I had a problem like that in "A Night Of Loot" where the candles at the stairs to the second floor where shining up into the attic, despite several brushes and visportals being in the way. In that case it turned out, that a specific default candle holder with lit candles seemed to cause the problem. When I switched it with other light sources at the same position, the light bleeding went away (at least a big portion of it iirc). Try switching that candle holder, I think it might have strange properties. Out of curiosity: can you please post the entity class of the c
  11. I've only started getting into TDM scripting, so I'm not completely sure where to find that. Wouldn't that mean I would have to ship a script that overrides a default TDM function with the map? If that's the case, I would prefer the current way with a custom script and only one additional call (for future update security). If you mean something different, do you perhaps have an example in one of your maps where you've done something like that, I can look at?
  12. Ambient light setup updated, it's now much simpler thanks to Obsttorte's hint. @Obsttorte Thank you very much! Updated to ogda_demomap v3.
  13. Ok, I think I have something, I'll try it out and then post it here.
  14. Ambient light setup It took me a while to figure this out, so I'm documenting it here. If there is a faster way to set the worldspawn lightgem_adjust arg per location than this or a technical mistake, please let me know. What this does: The location system allows to setup locations (areas), which enables each location to have unique settings like ambient sound, ambient light, etc. This setup here ensures that the ambient light for each location is adjustable and that the lightgem_adjust modifier of the global worldspawn gets adjusted for each area, instead of only setting this ju
  15. Space holder for further updates
  16. Hello, as others have done, I'd like to start my own mapping thread to provide content I create in one place. Feel free to use anything from this map in your maps or for TDM integration. There is a book in the map with more description of the contained content. OGDA_Demomap Version v3: https://das-kartell.org/files/thedarkmod/ogda_demomap/ogda_demomap.zip Installation: Extract the content of the zip-file your "TDM install dir/fms" folder, the folder "TDM/fms/ogda_demomap" should be present afterwards. I'll post new versions from time to time when I have new
  17. Ok, I'll try to create a custom definition. Thank you all for you help!
  18. This is not an entity present in the editor, but the default carryable prop for an AI which is only attributed by spawnarg, so I cannot directly edit it in dark radiant. I see no way to ungroup/reference that like an inserted entity. If I misunderstood that, can you please further describe what you mean? Here is another full spawn arg set of the args I have on the city watch AI carrying the torch prop, where the light radius does not take effect: classname: atdm:ai_guard_generic_01b name: Citywatch Officer shouldered_name: Brannis def_head: atdm:ai_head_citywatch def_vocal_se
  19. I need help setting the light_radius and _color of a torch held by a guard. With a lantern this works just fine: def_attach5: atdm:prop_lantern_on pos_attach5: hand_l set _color on light: 0.9 0.7 0.25 set light_radius on light: 100 100 100 I know a torch is flame instead of light, but I tried many combinations and none of them worked. The torch is there, but the light radius and color don't change: def_attach5: atdm:prop_torch_on pos_attach5: hand_l test1: set _color on light: 0 1 0 set light_radius on light: 10 10 10 > no result (expected) test2: s
  20. That map is my testmap from this thread: I didn't make any changes to the wood textures. For the paitings: the diffuse maps of the paintings where exported with the photoshop nvidia dds plugin with setting BC1 (which equals to DXT1 as stated by the plugin) with production quality. The normal maps where as far as I remember exported with BC3 (equaling to DXT4/DXT5 as stated by the plugin). If something is wrong with that export method, please let me know so I can fix the paintings. But I hope that's not the case, as the problem also shows on the wood texture.
  21. Hello, there were rumors, that the current antique shop owner and sometime-maybe-to-be-lord Geoffrey Rowanson had lost a shipment of fine paintings due to a thieving event. Luckily I was able to buy them from a fence so that they eventually can find their place in new locations in the city. ---- A large picture of the paintings is at the bottom of this post. I had quite some fun constructing this together. There are normal paintings, weird paintings, erotic paintings and irritating ones. On some of them a second look is needed to even identify that something is not as
  22. Bug Ticket created! I got the ID .... (drums and cheers): 5555 xD https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=5555
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