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  1. Annother thing; A.I. Predictability - why not have an occasional Coward Guard, or Mad-Maid? A Berzerk Butler, attacking with whatever throwables are handy - or impromptu weapons like pots/pans/plates, an angered workman employing his tools against a most unwelcome burglar. Can NPC's carry items even?
  2. If its meant for TDM-stock inclusion; perhaps a more 'antique' digital display technology. you need to down-grade it a little. What about EDGE-LIT Digital displays? Just etched glass, small incandescent lamps and excessive craftmanship... See: https://industrialalchemy.org/articleview.php?item=1080 https://industrialalchemy.org/tubepage.php?item=10 https://hackaday.com/2017/03/23/before-there-were-nixie-tubes-there-were-edge-lit-displays/
  3. Arrow / Weapon BIND STACKING: AKA old Quake mod style re-use of Impulse 1,2,3,4,5....plus tool-variations But; built around General Type/Intended Use: Blackjack / Club / Heavy-Vase / Hammer / Ether & Rag, ect... {Knockout weapons/tools} Short-Sword / Dagger / Stiletto, Blow-darts, ect... {Killing weapons/tools} Water (arrows) / Extinguisher (manual water pump) / Soot (arrows)... {Light Dousing tools} Fire; 'Explosive' (arrows) / Concussion (arrow) / Incendiary (arrow)... {Explosive weapon/tools} Rope (arrows) / Vine (arrows) / Grappling-Hook (hook & chain)... {Vertical movement tools} 'Ether' Gas (arrows) / 'Tear' Gas (arrows) / 'Mustard' Gas (arrows)... {Mixed use gas/vapour tools} Moss (arrows) / Paint (arrows) ...{Sound-impact / light absorbing tools} Glue (arrows) / Flash (arrows) / Noisemaker (arrows) / Fire-crackers... {Distracting / disabling tools} Noting the following are new; Heavy-Vase: used double-handed; a loud single use blackjack that leaves a mess... Dagger, Stilleto: Short range, Can't block - the latter CAN penetrate armour if attacking a weak-point... Blow-Darts: Specialized tool of assassins - useful dealing with multiple guards...or special people (its deadly). Ether-vial & Rag: Used from behind its very effective at disabling. It will evaporate in moments, limited uses. Extinguisher: Ever wanted to just spray some water on a torch? This, does that. That's it. Only close up. Paint Arrows: Permanently covers electric light sources & blinds optical sensors [which WILL trigger them!]. Glue Arrows: So, you need to stop charging guards?; Loosing one of these creates a puddle of Ultra-Adhesive capable of binding anything together for a little while. Works against Bi-pedal AND Quadrupedal foes! I think TDM; needs more puzzle-ish odd tools and places to use 'em! (and not having more re-bind things for every darn map)
  4. This current lack of maps has me strongly considering asking about beta-testing...
  5. I think the initial cost for mission setup/learning LEANS towards medium or large missions being released, than many smaller ones (of any quality level). Seems this is a mission drought - probably because some big-masterworks arn't quite finished yet, and nobody made any mini-missions (this YEAR?!)
  6. No Blackjack? No Problem; 'The Crate' works almost as well - so long as the taffer can hide in a shadow... Yeah; I'd like to see more HARDCORE difficult missions forcing experts to use equipment (sparingly) than having a heap of 30 water-arrows at the end. (as you can't just sell unused equipment off to count towards a loot goal...)
  7. I think so - some missions have NPC's detect 'missing' items...and react accordingly.
  8. A Flash ARROW would be an inventive (and weird) way to do 'unseen' or semi-ghosting... after all the affected guards can't see ANYTHING for a moment once its used on them. (it should affect 'optical' sensors, but what about pure-motion sensors like the new sentry-cameras?) I don't often use Flashers in TDM; they seem a little too useless...
  9. Any chance of more Beasts, Creatures and Monsters ('common' or mythos) ? E.g. The Common 'Burrick' AKA "Belcher", seems like every 3rd tavern is named after one...Really, yet I've never seen a live (or dead) one in TDM. Let alone the old TDP 'mythos' creatures like the Bugbeast, Treant, ect... Yes the Elementals show up rarely and Ratmen in _1_ whole mission.
  10. I look forward to adding these to my "collection"... exotic coinage from around the globe, for the places that aren't easy to visit. P.S. SEQUEL TO "IRIS"? , I want to hear more about that!
  11. My Review; I gotta admit, that first room has pretty janky polygon work (and the lighting!). Didn't expect much from this map - but I played on... It got better, so the saying goes. Alot better, in fact - even to the point I'd call this one a true Hidden Gem. With most excellent, expected and UN-expected twists & turns. It does help to keep your eyes peeled for the vast assortment of hidden switches, levers, buttons and other over-used mechanisms the Builders seem fond of...(Some of these are needed to fullfill mission objectives!) Good SFX as well, I think there was even some custom voice over work; always a nice touch to give each mission some personality. Stop reading this Review, and download it now!
  12. Its a mission, I really want to like; but has a great many flaws I can't overlook. Mega-Giant Architecture; for 3 Meter tall people. (everywhere, not just the giant sized mansion!) Out-of-Order objective completion (not a flaw; just mabey missing scripting?), before its issued! A little TOO much back-tracking (all those objectives, and optional ones) There are good parts to it; its still certainly playable - and has unique pagan theme that IIRC hasn't been done anywhere else. I can't really fault having piles of readables - just any time a illegible handwriting font is used! (especially for objective related stuff!) Perhaps it could have been re-worked into 2 or 3 smaller maps, once a section is 'complete'? Good ideas, I haven't seen done elsewhere: 3D map with paths (mabey use a grayscale filter on it next time? for a more hand-painted look...YMMV) The whole Interesting distractions, implemented imperfectly; but still worth a look... Revisiting old areas... In short my rating: Play it if you've played everything else, its OK.
  13. For a Guard shift change; it just makes it harder or forces alternate-path / technique use... For a Time-Lock Bank Vault; its kinda baked in....or mabey have the tardy taffer "wait" a day (resetting / undoing all their 'work' ? but not a insta-mission-fail )
  14. Literally a Train-Job. 10/10 for Concept and Execution, unsurprisingly the map is a little linear, being a set of TRAIN cars after all .
  15. What about one of those bell-shaped Candle Snuffer tools? (seems a good candidate for a little tool-mod)
  16. Hmm, funny I must have missed that in the W.S. collection... Its NOT meant to be a commonly used gameplay mechanic; being its tricky, hard-as-hell to get right; alot like the new Magic Spectacles - not for most missions. As for outright mission time-limits, only as the map-maker decides (e.g. gotta-rob-em' all before dawn). But ... nobody said the clocks run in real time . Which brings up another point: EXTRA mission difficulty settings beyond the 3 ?
  17. I can't recall ever playing any TDM maps with it... (e.g. literal event that Happens at 2:59 AM ... not '5 minute delay') Such as; Guard shift changes Clock-controlled locks / safes Other events (informant meetings, witching hours, high-noon duels, street lights, shops open/close...) Requires: Pocket Watches Church / Town clock with Chimes or Bells Grandfather clocks (working hands / hour chimes) Wall clocks (electric or mechanical) New things to see and do; Ability to READ time (by fob-ing, tool use ) Lootable Pocket watches, Fob-watches, other portable time-pieces [usable as a tool once acquired ] Easy / Hard mode variations... 'Easy': start with a pilfered pocket-watch in your inventory and 10 minutes to spare... 'Hard': start with *BRONG* ... *BRONG* a time deficit?! TIME TO DASH FOR IT! Seems odd - that the ever desirable time-piece isn't even present as simple loot...either.
  18. So Plasma, CRT, DLP and Projection don't exist eh? OK LOL
  19. Played it out recently, not that long after finishing its original (about a month ago). A nice light crispy snack, to start a long Campaign with, I hope? Its perfect for a 1st mission of a campaign in that, not too long, not too hard - but promises; Entertainment later... and has all the touches a Master-Chef would put on an appetizer. I just hope I won't starve until the next course is ready.
  20. I liked the gimmick - in this one, well done!
  21. This level is jibbering, occultist level insanity! I finished it somehow too - only took 200 reloads... One to stay away from for the motion-sickness prone!
  22. Different clothes sets, Outdoor coats / Cloaks & capes; for Outdoorsy use? Also - rough fur coats or thick burlap type garments for the lower classes...(guards / watchmen with thick cloaks?) It rains & snows sometimes right? Its just a few palette swaps on a texture - tweak away Also - on the topic of too much sameness; extra voice sets for civilians? Seems like its 1:1 - for most of them, with few variants elsewhere too. And: Automatic door closers - Everywhere!? shouldn't this be quite uncommon in the setting, only on say kitchen / mansion doors? some half-rotten wood shack in the depths of a forgotten forest, would be fortunate to even have a working door...
  23. @Goldwell A Great mission; reminds me of the T2X TC in a way. (not just the new protagonist, but a very colourful level!)
  24. GUARD BARKS! THIEF!!! YOU, TAFFER! RRAAAGH! ENGUARD! HAVE-AT-YE! DIE!!! , Ect...(need more of these - as they are non-existent for most voice sets) Its also really immersion breaking, when they draw (whatever) weapon SO SLOWLY I had time to blackjack them twice...(not that it works) Even if they just pushed back / kicked-punched, and then drew a sword.
  25. @kingsal Another Masterpiece by a Master. This has some of the most / best use of lighting in ANY TDM mission. It really expands on the setting too, illuminating where / how the ancient-cities fit into the world.
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