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  1. What do you mean by moving them around? You move them from the models folder into another folder? Models must be placed in the models folder. Otherwise, DM/DR cannot find them anymore causing the problems you mentioned in your post.
  2. @nbohr1more Any updates here? Sorry for being a pain, but this is a critical problem preventing me from finishing my campaign beta preps.
  3. @nbohr1more@Dragofer Update to the post quoted above: only missions with turrets are concerned, all others work fine.
  4. Just added a test as per your suggestion in my post above.
  5. The problem does not show up with all related dev builds. However, I cannot test with the last build (16854-10518), which I simply cannot start and get the report EDIT: As per our friend dragofer's suggestion, I made a blank script file in this build and removed the turrets from the WIP for a test. Then I can start the game and the mission and can save/load without problems. Summary: 16842-10488: no problems 16854-10518: cannot test (see above) 16854-10518 (modified scriptfile, no turrets) : no problems beta 1: problem appears
  6. Yes, however, did more tests now. The problem already starts with the first beta build. When downgrading to 2.11, everything works fine.
  7. Yes, made a "standard" save game with a name and made quick saves in the latest beta.
  8. I cannot load saves/quicksave in one of my project maps anymore. When starting quickload/load the mission loads a tiny bit, but crashes to desktop then. Can't say whether this was already a problem with the previous beta versions. Checked all other WIPs and it works fine there. qconsole.log Darkmod.cfg
  9. No, you are right, that was my mistake. Thank you for asking that, cause this would have caused me problems during beta testing as every AI must be on the same team in this mission. Anyway, this happens when both are on the same time (tested three times, each time the same result): https://streamable.com/0n3yqg This is much better...but far from perfect. During the second try the other guy returned, but did not assist his friend.
  10. I've encountered this problem every now and then: https://streamable.com/gm74g1
  11. Congratulations on your first release!
  12. Check this: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Location_Settings#Ambient_sound Look for the headline "Sound fading". Maybe it comes in handy in your case.
  13. Hm, ja, I recall that problem from past projects. I think there is a default fade in time for all location settings based ambient sounds...? @demagogue I create all my ambiences myself and (I think this problem was also one of the reasons) have provided them with longer fade ins to avoid hard transitions.
  14. This is with volume -15 in area 1: https://streamable.com/o1fidu
  15. Hm...maybe I'm not understanding this correctly. When I go from the first room to the second, then the third and back again, the first room is much too loud again. Are you sure it's not the same for you? The fact that the transition from 1 to 2 is quite noticeable here is more likely due to the fact that ambient 1 is much too loud compared to the others. Why not simply reduce it as you did with ambient 2? I have now also set the volume for the first room to -17 and then I no longer notice a hard transition.
  16. Please look into The Black Mage. Look out for the following entity names (not inventory names): white_plate_flex (this is the item to be picked up) white_plate_fix (this is the item that will show up once (1) has been frobbed on (3) white_system (this carries the used_by and used_action_script information) The name of the action script in tbm.script is "whiteblock". Entity class of (1) must be a key. For reasons unknown it does not work with custom_object entity classes.
  17. I am afraid this does not work without a little scripting. Do you want me to point you to a mission and the relevant items so that you learn from it or do you want me to provide you with a test map...from which you would erm...learn as well.
  18. Yeah, I know what you mean. For some reasons, the entity type atdm:moveable_custom_item does not work as intended and the only workaround is as per you description via approximation, but: if you use a key category instead of the moveable item, then it works with frobbing. @cvlw Clint, please answer my question in my previous post, then I will provide you with a setup for your to modify in your map.
  19. One clearly defined entity that can only be used with frob on another clearly defined entity?
  20. hm..I I put a mtr file with that text in the materials folder...but then lightening is not triggered anymore in game on my end...
  21. The problems with the lightening texture has vanished, moreover, the camera screens work now perfectly, I had here and there strange results (glass texture not showing up, lights do not show up) in 2.11 and the previous beta. Thank you @stgatilov
  22. Yeah, especially when you alert guards near elevators, it's not uncommon for crazy scenes like this to happen.
  23. Yes, I am with you. @nbohr1moreShow the Swiftsender the way to the next trapdoor.
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