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  1. This is a musical scene from the super hero musical film "Captain Invincible". I think this was shot in the late 70s and thus the audio quality is not that good, however, the song is cool and funny...and great singing of course!
  2. Awesome to the max. One of my favorite missions is shining in new splendor, and now that it's also equipped with EFX, it's more atmospheric than ever. Thank you guys for your hard work.
  3. Very good looking and great atmosphere! Did you include customized ambient tracks? I recommend you to define efx as soon as possible cause it will definitely add to the mood and can become quite tiresome when added once everything has been finished.
  4. My mistake, my former post should have read: Is "Weltschmerz" a word that made it into British English? I have no doubt that this is a German word as I am from Bavaria, and we speak (what Amadeus as a Standard German speaker doubts! ) German language as well. However, I would not be able to give a clear defiinition for the word as I never really thought about its true meaning. Moreover, it was new to me that Jean Paul (a famous writer from Franconia and thus a fellow countryman of Destined's) first coined it to describe something from Lord Byron's work. But in the context with Charlie Watts' death I find it fitting - for lots of people around the globe and some of my die hard Stones fans friends the world has turned more depressing with his passing. One more for Mr. Watts, the Stones' version of a Buddy Holly classic, could not find the excellent live version from the "Stripped" album, but this recording from 1994 comes quite close: ...and let me conclude my tribute with something from David Simon's Twitter feed:
  5. @Zerg Rush Is "Weltschmerz" a word that made into British English?
  6. Maybe I do not understand correctly, but the mixing of different objects to new ones is not that new now, it was already in the old Silent Hill and Resident Evil games. A newer game that comes close to our Dark Mod is probably Dishonored, and this game doesn't have such a system either. I wouldn't want that as well, because then I can play Skyrim right away. However, TDM is mainly about sneaking, and therefore - if new play elements are considered for implementation - this aspect should then be in the foreground. Apart from that, as a mapper you would have to be very careful that players don't want to generate advantages that you don't want to have at all (because you did not take it into account). So I would definitely not use it in my next missions; After all, there are already enough things to consider. One a different note: For you (as with many of your other suggestions) it always sounds so simple. You have probably already noticed that many problems arise with every update of the Dark Mod (and fixing is tried during beta testing), because the insertion of new features is not as easy and problem-free (and above all sometimes absolutely not predictable because of too many parameters involved) as you make it appear. So I've always found it not really helpful when you always claim that this or that can basically be easily implemented if you only take one or the other simple thing into account. If so, then I would suggest that you really think things through and work them out yourself, then it would show whether it is so easy to do or not. As you know, there are a lot of open construction sites here (missing animations for characters, new characters in general, problems with path finding, leaking lights through brushes, etc.). If you have the skills to work on any of these really fundamental problems/improvements then that would be great and valued.
  7. Not to forget the problem with doors having the property "should be closed_1", see video below, running time 19:20. Had to learn that the hard way.
  8. That's not under-optimised, that's a defective portal I did not see when checking the mission with 2.09.
  9. After watching the Thief documentation recommended by demagogue, I did a little research on the band "Tribe" from which three later worked at Looking Glass Studios (the guitar player, the girl on the keyboard and the the bass player): Don't know whether they were too early or too late with this in the States, however, I am pretty sure they would have become more popular in Europe when they had been a German Gothic band doing that stuff between 1985 and 1995.
  10. @duzenko You are right; I will address that after the release of 2.10.
  11. @duzenko I would not call it campaign, one missions just leads to events in the next mission and so on... However, the order is: I - Initiation II - Vitalic Fever III - The Lost Citadel IV - The Anomaly As far as I recall, each mission notes section in the relevant DM menu includes a list with the order up to the released mission. I hope you will have fun with my missions!
  12. A generic, neutral song, that @STiFUregularly listens to when sitting relaxed on his couch enjoying sunset. @Zerg Rush: Apparently it was even a top ten song in the States in the late 1960s. Can you recall it?
  13. I revised my opinion on Thief 3 latest after Thief 2014- Deadly Shadows is not a bad game. It has a great atmosphere. Nobody should be ashamed of having worked on it. The franchise owners should be ashamed of what they did to the series afterwards. However, we have discussed the latter in extense in the past, no need to elaborate on that once again.
  14. While checking the DH home recordings, if found this track. Definitely worth to be reported here:
  15. Daryl Hall - one of the finest voices in American Rock Music. Full Stop. Check the original if you have the chance to do so.
  16. The trailer looks pretty cool, indeed, and I am sure a lot of hard work went into this mission. TR mapping scene started in Dec 2000 when Core Design released the level editor which had been used for the original TR series I - V. Did not check the releases for it the past few years, but from my recollection there are way more TR fan levels than for Thief/Thief 2. The TR Level Editor is pretty old school in terms of operation and visualization, and back then I already was amazed how some mappers have done such great things. Just imagine if the TR community had an editor as easy to use as the Dark Radiant ...
  17. Played/sang with John Mellencamp/The Simple Minds/Iggy Pop and many others, but her own recordings are....well, decide for yourself.
  18. @datiswous The Tielman Brothers, holy shit. I'm ashamed to say, but I didn't know this band. Impressive performance and somehow prophetic (considering the things that came about 20 years later). Will investigate and search for more, thank you for that!
  19. Good lad, you are right; Bioshock and Fallout (though, I thought it was used only in game in Fallout). What about the TV shows? Any guesses? Let me narrow it down: The TV shows are - surprise - from the USA.
  20. @cabalistic I don't understand it, but let me congratulate you on it! P.S. Du musst jetzt Mal runterkommen nach IN und mir erklären, WAS Du eigentlich machst, ich verstehe nämlich nur Bahnhof!
  21. From RE4 it only has the shoulder perspective and the direct attack without weapons. The rest is copied from SS2 and Bioshock (stasis, telekinesis, etc. - not to mention some story elements that had been adopted from SS2). If I recall correctly, there are also reports online that say that it was originally intended to be marketed as SS3. However, I agree with the Event Horizon argument, there is a certain section in the first segment with a gigantic swinging whatever that reminded me on that movie as well.
  22. So that no misunderstanding arises: I'm out, because Petike has not clearly stated here that he is handing over the project and Shadow Creepr did not want to continue without his clear consent (he did not respond to a PM from her either).
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