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  1. Only an hour or so into this one so far, but long enough to say it's an absolute classic. Perfect Thief atmosphere, with so many places to explore and dark corners to admire. I'll be taking my time with this one, and enjoying some fine wines along the way
  2. Did go back and finish it eventually, headache or no headache. It's a very enjoyable mission, thanks Jack.
  3. Was enjoying this one but I had to abandon it due to that harsh metallic hum which was giving me a headache and becoming unbearable. Seems to be associated with certain lights, but I couldn't track it down and turn it down in editSounds, which doesn't seem to work in this mission.
  4. Played this on Hard and thoroughly enjoyed it. Fine work Frost_Salamander and Kerry000! Looking forward to Part 2.
  5. One of the first missions I've played after finally getting Dark Mod to work again on my machine (don't really know what went wrong but it's been out of action for a looong time). Thoroughly enjoyed it, thanks Joe. Some interesting twists and turns and all very photogenic.
  6. I'm going to enjoy this one, thanks Dragofer. Haven't properly delved into it yet, I've just been wandering around the harbour soaking up the atmosphere. It really captures the feel of a small, decayed port at night. And it's good to see another fine Atkinson Grimshaw painting at the start.
  7. This is a problem with some missions and that one in particular. I fixed it by opening editSounds in the console, then getting very near one of the noisy lights (you may have to use noclip) until its name appears, left click action, then turn its volume right down to -10 or similar. Then click "save map" and return to the game.
  8. Thanks Joe, it's an enjoyable mission. Nearly finished but I can't work out
  9. Apologies for the new thread as this subject is presumably covered in detail here but there are so many threads it's hard to find my way around. I have a useful repertoire of accents and pretty good dramatic skills, and have often considered getting involved on this side of things. I also quite often think of new incidental utterings for the guards and lords etc, to add a bit of variety to the stock vocals. I have a little recording studio here, with Cubase Artist and good quality microphones. If someone could provide links to what I have to do to produce usable audio files for Dark Mod, I might well find some time to get into it.
  10. Enjoying this one, a very atmospheric setting with the seemingly endless marsh and giant castle creating quite a unique mood, while still evoking some of the flavour of classic Thief. It's a good long mission that builds a quietly sinister tension. My only criticism is: Anyway I haven't finished it yet, so I'd better get back down there.
  11. OK, I've looked up cavador_8's walkthrough, and solved the problem. What confused me was:
  12. The Black Arrow, I've read the thread and it's a complex issue. Bikerdude was a very helpful contributor who nonetheless had some particularly bad habits - extensive editing of other people's maps without their permission and with no warning of his intentions (sometimes requiring many hours of remedial work to undo his unwanted changes) plus copying chunks of other people's maps without permission, and failing to stop repeating this sort of behaviour after many complaints and warnings over a number of years. Apparently he agrees that he was at fault and accepts his banning as the most sensible move at this point. So, no need for ongoing conflict and bitterness on this matter.
  13. Enjoying this one and personally I love the wide open spaces. But I would have liked to see more furniture in the mansion. I have a problem in the sewer:
  14. Sounding a critical note here, reflecting my own experience but perhaps resonating with other TDM players. There are some missions that create excellent atmosphere with all the visual elements and most of the sound, but then spoil the immersion with gratuitously ugly and intrusive sounds. Perhaps the most obvious example is that awful moaning/shrieking drunk personage often used as "background colour" in various urban corners, seemingly taken from a real-life recording of some tragic low-life street altercation. It completely ruins the game for me and these days any mission that thrusts this repulsive sound on me usually gets abandoned quite quickly. The other most common example: howling and barking dogs. Far from adding anything of value, these sounds tend to cut right across any atmosphere the rest of the game has managed to establish, leaving the player cursing and dashing for the nearest corner in which the dogs SHUT UP. This shouldn't surprise us, because it's how we react to intrusive dog noises in real life. They're not atmospheric, they're extremely irritating. The otherwise excellent mission The Warrens is spoiled by dogs in this manner, which is a damn shame. So I would ask mission creators (bless you all) to try to be more sensitive to the way intrusive and unnecessary background sounds alter the general appeal of the environment - do they really enhance the atmosphere you've worked so hard to create, or actually work against it?
  15. Beautiful atmosphere in this one, thanks grayman. I hope we get to explore the Warrens again, with more buildings open for interiors. I'll be peeping in to the diseased waterfront again some time to enjoy a glass of wine and a picnic while listening to the seagulls
  16. "Fred and Adam We're queer! We're here! Because of it!" What's that supposed to mean? Does TDM endorse homophobia?
  17. I suppose I was just confusing TDM with Thief fan missions, in which my saves have seemed to survive various upgrades over many years.
  18. Damn, I didn't know that. That's a pretty major drawback. Anyway, ta for filling me in.
  19. This may be a known problem, but I didn't find it in a scan through previous topics. Suddenly when I install old missions and try to load Saves, it just goes to "Press Attack to Start" and restarts the mission instead, on every Save. Apparently I can do new Saves but not load any of the existing ones. Anyone know how to rectify this? I've tried downloading updates, restarting the computer etc.
  20. I was having this problem too - the crazy intense OOO! from lights in too many missions was making me abandon them as the sound makes me feel physically ill. Pretty sure this could result in actual hearing damage if you were exposed to that sound for too long. But thanks very much to HMart - I followed his editSounds procedure on the console (required exiting from full screen mode) and set the sound of the yellow lights in Full Moon Fever (one of the worst offenders) to -50, saved it, and now they're completely silent. Should work whenever you encounter overly intense noises from lights or other sources.
  21. Tried it going through the Steinberg audio interface and Kurzweil speakers - it's still there, but not as intense as with the Soundblaster and Altec Lansing MX5021s. It's coming from the spherical white lights and is presumably intentional. Maybe I'm just particularly sensitive to that sound, but I find it hard to bear. I'll try to avoid the lights....
  22. Encountered a problem on this one which I've also had with a few other missions. There's an intense "OOOO!" type of hum, sounding like very loud feedback, which kicks in when I enter the entrance hall and then hangs around various rooms, and also remains when you go to Settings etc. I can't believe that the sound as I hear it was ever deliberately chosen, as it's simply unbearable. Is this a known problem? Presumably it has something to do with how my soundcard (SoundblasterZ) interprets that sound file. In Thief you can just remove offending sound files from the folder, but this doesn't seem to work with TDM.
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