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  1. I would just like to say that the AMD Radeon Linux drivers have come a long way. I'm typing this on a machine with a Radeon 3000 IGP and it runs beautifully for desktop use. Compiz is buttery-smooth at 1080p, and I can even run my older games in Wine without issue. I could give this thing to a person who isn't into demanding games and they would be perfectly happy with it.
  2. Physical, as long as there's no malware requiring a disk in the drive to play. I just assembled this machine I'm typing on last night and it has no DVD drive.
  3. I recently discovered a bad RAM module in my machine. Windows would BSOD on occasion for seemingly no reason, until I ran memtest. I use Linux most of the time, and Linux appeared to run "fine" even with the bad RAM. However, files that I would copy would randomly get corrupt without the system complaining at all, so I didn't know it was even happening. This is obviously not acceptable. Why did Linux not panic the way Windows did? Having an unstable machine that keeps going is worse than a machine that just crashes out-right for obvious reasons.
  4. http://www.blendswap...ends/view/74114 This is awesome. Its a highly detailed complete house, both inside and out. I walked around it for a wile, but rendering it would be extremely slow because if you want to e.g. render an image in one of the bathrooms, it has to STILL render the entire world in the background. The house isn't split up layer-to-room, its split up by windows on a layer, doors on another, ceilings on another, etc. We need computers that are about 1000x faster than the hardware we have today. Then we can have games that use the cycles engine in real-time!
  5. That looks a lot like Xonotic.
  6. I wonder if you guys can get LordHavoc to help out with the TDM renderer. That guy did amazing things with Quake 1. With each update, he makes it run even faster!
  7. Its a good thing we have mass-survailance of everyone to protect us from shit like this, huh? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bI9efZhqodY I find it strange that he wanted to reduce us all to skulls. In a world like that, who would provide food for him? Who would have built him a place to live and roads to traverse?
  8. Yeah, I saw that this weekend. It was really creepy. I thought it explained things very well, with the interviews and audio snippits from officials on all sides being presented.
  9. http://www.slrlounge.com/first-major-issue-adobe-creative-cloud
  10. http://www.pcworld.com/article/2155820/online-advertising-poses-significant-security-privacy-risks-to-users-us-senate-report-says.html
  11. Sounds like x.org is barfing when the game tries to start. My guess is because texture compression is (probably) disabled in Fedora's Intel drivers by default due to silly patents. Install driconf and make sure its enabled. I ran TDM on my Ivy Bridge laptop under Linux, so rest assured that it can be done. The option can be called texture compression, or S3TC.
  12. This is interesting, but what is stopping a candidate from telling the public what we want to hear when it comes to reform and then just going back on their word when they get elected? They might not even do it out of malice, either. They might get to office on their first day with the idea of inacting changes for the better, but then a high up official pulls our new candidate into his office, has a chat with them, explaining how much controversial data has been pieced together about this shiny new candidate and how if he doesn't want his reputation ruined, he will follow the line just like everybody else.
  13. What do you make of this? http://beranger.org/2014/01/30/how-kitkat-4-4-killed-android-and-google-keeps-screwing-things/ Perhaps over-reacting a bit... I wonder if Google are *really* trying to do away with SD support slowly, or if they just want to prevent Android from becoming the world's next Windows 98 in terms of security. I personally would be pissed if some rogue app deleted or took all my files on my SD card hostage, which this will help prevent. As long as you can read the files, that's the most important thing.
  14. http://www.theregist...marttv_bugging/ The part about an attacker having to set this up locally made me ROFL. All the government has to do is send the manufacturer a letter demanding a firmware be pushed out that lets them activate the mic/camera remotely upon request. The Gov can also demand that nobody is told about this, and shut the business down if they refuse to comply or disclose that this is happening. I'm not saying the government is doing this, I'm saying they CAN do it and none of us would know about it.
  15. Is there some reason point lamps cannot cast real-time shadows in Blender? I mean, even Freakin' Doom 3 can do that! I want to build a decent looking room with real-time shadows in Blender, but spot lamps are not that flexible because if you increase the radius of the spot (to use it as an overhead/ceiling lamp), your shadow quality will suffer. The way to compensate for this is to increase the buffer shadow size of the spots to something like 8192, but that can tax performance a lot. I can do decent lighting in Cycles, but I can't produce anything good with the internal engine because the light/shadows are not real-time.
  16. https://www.unrealengine.com/blog/the-future-of-unreal-tournament-begins-today This looks interesting... Hopefully this will be a lot of fun and have good maps. I still play Urban Terror, but the playerbase has declined significantly. We always need more fast-paced multiplayer chaos.
  17. https://neocities.org/blog/the-fcc-is-now-rate-limited Funny stuff.
  18. Turns out I'm still having this problem. https://code.google....detail?id=37199 Apparently the "fix" is to upgrade to 4.2 where this has been patched. This doesn't really help if your manufacturer fucked you and left you on 4.1 even though your device is perfectly capable of running 4.2. Did I mention that if you root and load something like CyanogenMod to get 4.2 or 4.3, your warranty is gone? EDIT: My solution is to disable anything and everything relating to media indexing to stop it draining the battery, and using a different media player that doesn't use that particular scanning method... like VLC
  19. I think its funny that he was one of the founders of id, they sold to Zenimax, and now this happened. I still wish he hadn't sold out and he kept building new game engines for us, the PC community.
  20. I figured out what my problem was. After charging the new phone, I left it there for a few hours, and when I came back the battery was at less than half and it was warm. Turns out it was just building a database, because I also threw over 60 gigabytes of music at it when I plugged in my SD card. So that's what it was doing and that's what slaughtered the battery. The phone only has to do that once, though. FYI That's why you can tell it the name of a song and it will find it in 64 GB in less than 2 seconds. If it actually had to go out and search the drive....... you would be waiting forever.
  21. I think it would be cool to have TDM on Steam, but how will you solve the permissions thing? You can always run the game as admin, but that's not really a good idea these days. If it gets installed into Program Files and then run as a limited user, the changes/missions will go into that user's personal folder. I explained this a wile back, but here's more info. http://www.ni.com/white-paper/5538/en/
  22. http://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_by_moduleid&query=100178 Great melody.
  23. Yes, their primary problem at this point is getting consumers to choose Windows phone. Most of the people I know have Iphones, and the more tech-oriented folks use Android. In order to complete phase D, they will need a sizeable chunk of the market first. After all, manufacturers won't build something that isn't popular I don't really know how they can accomplish this.
  24. http://www.dailytech.com/Microsoft+Now+Officially+Owns+Nokia+Devices/article34793.htm Looks like we've made it to part C.
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