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  1. If I could play the devil's advocate... I do not think it's the matter of remakes and indie games and whatnot. I think people who make the game has to have passion for what they do. My favourite example is Zelda: BotW (unless you count it as remake?). There was care and style in the game, everything felt vibrant and engaging. So, if the developers actually care, it doesn't matter if the studio is small or big, they will do a good job. Of course, indie developers usually display more passion than the big companies, but I wouldn't paint it all with a single brush. There is also Divinity se
  2. I'm in the 'everybody else' category, I have no saying in this. though, I've read some solid ideas down here, thank you <3
  3. whelp, it's not a teenager forum, that's for sure che che <3
  4. Mortal Kombat 11 anyone? Featured & revealed characters Blog Post!
  5. if you are into books, then reading a novel is strongly advised... like, it's a REALLY REALLY good book!
  6. 20320 posts author and banned, god damn... It was a really helpful thread tho.
  7. Dunno if you guys have heard about her, but the woman knows how to music! Check out Miss Monique and her progressive house jams.
  8. God damn, this is a good forum and a good thread. Thank you guys, lots of interesting info to glance through during the free time! <3 Personal Development is the key to happiness, right? >
  9. The most random i could find for today > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scrAueHaH-k
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