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  1. Just saw over on ttlg discord server that bikerdude is still working away on his Shadowhide city mission. Gallery 1 & Gallery 2
  2. No idea, just saw the link and thought it was interesting..
  3. Reshade mod, now with raytraced Global illumination - https://www.dsogaming.com/news/new-reshade-aims-to-bring-ray-tracing-global-illumination-to-dx9-dx10-and-dx11-games/#more-125140
  4. What about light-backing into scenes, only apply it non-moving, non-extinguishable light sources etc like its done in the dark engine. Or is this something that we could with a cubemap..?
  5. Why not keep both and just version number the second version, eg Wall01, Wall02 etc. I say this because the new version looks completely flat compared to the old version.
  6. @Grayman, I like the extra use of height on the rooms and corridors. I didn't even spot the vents up there untill I noclipped up there after finishing the mission.
  7. As I was at work I just let it install everything and it installed flawlessly on Vbox Its running on a 2015 Macbook air so if anything its not powerfull enough, but cant get openGL enabled. I have another older laptop that 'may' be capable of taking vista, so will try that...
  8. I payed on hard and get a crash on mission completion - did Grayman have an outro and the crash is that being played..?
  9. So my old spare Dell D630 is quite dead, so I am doing a vbox install and will see how it goes.
  10. in the above screenshot how did you place the bounce light so it didn't overlap into adjacent rooms, I assume its a noshadows light?
  11. Will this get added to the mod for 2.08 as its own .pk4 do you think..?
  12. Never got to do this ever thew weekend, so will try and do it this evening.
  13. I have 2 old laptop I could put vista on to test this, or failing that a VM.
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