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  1. Congrats Jack! Screenshots looks awesome. Hope I find the time to dig into your work here soon ...
  2. sure Biker. Updated the list.
  3. Please keep the darkmod resources another week or two, thank you Biker!
  4. Thanks for the interest. Since the last post I spent most of the mapping time creating setting and moods. And near completed a few areas with fine-tuning colors, lighting. shadows and sounds. The three pics above well represent where I aim to regards atmosphere. The bad news: building is on hold for the time being, as for RL prios. Like to finish the map, sooner or later.
  5. Did find the time to play that gem at last... I think it cannot get better that for a mod mission. So many great ideas and moments. So much fun to look at and play through your huge double part mission. Triple AAA mapping quality indeed! And even better, with giving the atmosphere that I felt when playing the old original Thief games. Thank you a lot Gelo for all your time and skill that you put into your outstanding TDM missions! Best whishes to your ventures into creating indi-games.
  6. Great news guys!! Happy to see the decal patch Congrats to all involved.
  7. That will be a usefull addition to the Location Systems. Thanks for the implementation demagogue. Your Wiki article explain it well.
  8. Only a quick prefab test: Improved code for multi-entity rotation seam to work fine. This is a huge help with prefabs. Thanks greebo!​ Will test the stability in my next DR sessions later this month ...
  9. Happy new year everyone! Coming from 2.0.2 (23.08.2015) the new 2.0.3 version startup DR three time faster on my PC. dmap takes at least half the time as it did before for the same map. Don't know if this is connected to the new DR built. 2.0.3. seam to be a huge improvement to the former version. No crash on my system so far (Win10).
  10. Thanks greebo for your continued excellent work on the editor!
  11. Not necessary for the best games I ever played but for the impact those games had to me at the time I played it: - Dungeon Master (for inspiring me writing solo RPG adventures back in the 90's days)- Silent Hill 2 (for the most intense and surreal horror experience)- Gothic 1/2 (for the first RPG experience with not only interesting and unusual NPC's but also having quiet complex AI routines. And for the first kind of open world in a RPG game I've seen) - Vampire Bloodlines (for the deep atmosphere, the awesome music, and the mature themes being featured) - Max Payne, all three (for the most intense shooter, production values and the most coolest anti-hero shooter protagonist) Honorable mentions: Baldurs Gate 2 (for being my most memorable RPG and the NPC interactions) The Witcher, all three (for best RPG's and Geralt)​
  12. This contest entry felt to me like one of the b/w Universal horror films from the 1930s ... for whatever reasons. Probably for it has the "classic" ingredients of a fine Halloween mission. Which I enjoyed. Thanks Goldwell!
  13. Really nice and unexpected change of things after finding Emily. Found Emily before the skull, and as result the fun part really did start.... liked that. Also good use of voiceover. Thanks for that little cool horror heist map Sotha.
  14. ... what RPGista said.​​ Excellent surreal mission AB. superb ideas and execution!
  15. Thanks as usual Biker for us not that regular visit TTLG.
  16. Massive map Biker, and everyone involved building and playtesting !! Looking forward to the release ...
  17. Love the blue window lighting, the excellent water canal patchwork and also the wonderful harmony of the simple peasant kitchen. One only minor suggestion I come up with: The light color of the outdoor gaslights seam to have all the same yellow light color. Some little variety in the yellow cast lights would add to the overall already great atmosphere. Outstanding work guys !!
  18. Welcome to the forum Nightcrawler and thanks for the initative. An up-to date A-Z tutorial would be most beneficial. Maybe even enhanced including features and techniques that had been added since Fid's did the existing one. Airship Ballet went in the direction of an updated PDF version. For multiple reasons keeping the wiki as one single place to maintain the most up-to-date info is the way to go in my opinion. Bringing an up-to date version of Fid's A-Z to video would be much more added help than any translation that will be out-of-synch with one in the english version after some time.​ It would be most helpful to newcomers if a video would be added to every chapter/day showing the techniques in the A-Z wiki. Needn't even be voiced-over. Obsttorte did en excellent job doing video tutorials with more advanced stuff. And Komag with the very basics. But afaik. there isn't much material available for in between.
  19. Start with the prequel Old Blood. It's really not half bad for some hours blasting fun. If you enjoy it head on to NWO.
  20. Is there any consensus about on which date the meet may take place?
  21. A few other recommandend settings to protect privacy under Windown 10 can be found here (Turn off: Cortana, SmartScreen, Apps using camera, most used data, ...)
  22. A quick check at the Erfurt airport tells that it has only 3-6 flights a day that are mainly holiday destinations (Antalya, Las Palmas, etc.) Flights to London are Monday and Thursday evenings. No other important European destinations to Erfurt availble. http://www.flughafen-erfurt-weimar.de/fileadmin/redakteur/aktuelles/2015/Apr/SOFlugplan.pdf So indeed Cologne-Bonn may be the better airport for any non german guys.
  23. Currenty I use the below option of five quicksaves, reloading the latest with this script in an autoexec of the darkmod root folder. Works perfect for my need. I'm fine with anything as long as the autoecec solution won't be broken, If you intend to incorporate an enhanced quicksave solution in the TDM codebase I though vote for the first, but would prefer to have 3 or 5 quicksaves than but two, That would make the autoexec appoach redundant for good. // === Multiple Quicksaves === // Quicksave alteringset save1 "savegame QuickSave1; set savebind vstr save2; set loadbind vstr load1"set save2 "savegame QuickSave2; set savebind vstr save3; set loadbind vstr load2"set save3 "savegame QuickSave3; set savebind vstr save4; set loadbind vstr load3"set save4 "savegame QuickSave4; set savebind vstr save5; set loadbind vstr load4"set save5 "savegame QuickSave5; set savebind vstr save1; set loadbind vstr load5"set savebind vstr save1bind f9 "vstr savebind" set load1 "loadgame QuickSave1"set load2 "loadgame QuickSave2"set load3 "loadgame QuickSave3"set load4 "loadgame QuickSave4"set load5 "loadgame QuickSave5"set loadbind vstr load1bind f12 "vstr loadbind"
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