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  1. Deep Fakes-

    - scary.
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      Thread made in Off Topic.

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      Scary because so many people base their entire worldview on video snippets and rumors.

    4. Bikerdude


      There are a lot of ill informed or just plain stupid people out there.

  2. Orbweever/Greebo would your best points of contact as they have been maintaining DR for a while now..
  3. Very cool, so went looking for one for my rear lights in my sitting room..
  4. Do we have a link somewhere for the full zip of 2.05..?
  5. This dosent to be working under OSX 10.12.6, you select The Darkmod and then click run and nothing happens. I had previous ran the updater and downloaded the full version of TDM as shown below -
  6. While you wait for one of the Linux guru's to get back to you, trying deleting the darkmod.config file and then restart.
  7. Ok so your system specs are - Mobo: ASRock Z170 Pro4 SCPU: Intel i5-6600 @ 3.3 GHzRAM: 2 x 8GB Ballistix DDR4GPU: GeForce GTX 960 4GBSSD: Samsung 850 Evo; 500 GBHDD: Western Digital 3TBPSU: Cooler Master RS-500-ACAB-B1Case: Thermaltake Armor Jr.OS: Windows 10This actually quite a good system, so I think the first port of call is to get the PSU checked out - when did you buy it as these units come with 3yr warranties What country are you based in for if and when we start looking for upgraded components.
  8. So as I suspected there isnt much point encrypting the whole drive which kills per, instead just encrypt the files/folders you need with somethint like Veracrypt/AxCrypt like I have been doing for the last 2 years.
  9. The above are all reletivly good, but a bit old now. So you have a few options start with cheap to full replacement - Cheap - Are you sure you dont have the "Asrock Z170 Pro4 S" does, as X58 you mentioned dosent support the Intel i5-6600 you mentioned above.Upgrade the ram with another 2x 4gb sticks taking the total ram to 16GBIt will be a GTX960 as the 860 dosent exist.This is a good little SSD, but like all SSD'd you cant run the thing more than 80% full. Whats the size of drive? Also I strongly suggest you do what I and other people do and only use the SSD for windows and programes, and put games and data on a seperate mechanical drive.Win 10 - I think most people know my thoughts on that OS.Better - Upgrade the CPU for a core i7 6700k or 7700k - but I need to know the exact mode of your motherboard - €300-400Replace the GTX960 with a GTX 1060 (6GB version) €300 or 1070Ti €400 (these seem to be cheaper than vanilla 1070's atm...) - but we need to know the spec of your PSU to see if it can cope with the higher end CPU and GPU upgrade.Replace the 850 evo which is SATA with a 970 evo m.2 NVME - the Asrock Z170 Pro4S has an m.2 slot - 256GB version - €100Full replacement - If we go down this route you will have to replace the mobo/CPU which will eat up €800 of your €1000, only leaving €200 for a new GPU and PSU.Misc - What is the size of your 850 evo SSD?Whats the size of your other mechanical drives?Whats the make model of your PSU?Whats the make model of your Case? Never, ever... max out the space on an SSD, as this will - remove free space the SSD need for garbage and trim.will shorten the life of your SSD.And if the drive is full windows will run very very slowly or crash.
  10. And to add to this, this should all be done on the bug tracker - - http://bugs.thedarkmod.com/my_view_page.php
  11. Can you just list/summarise what your actual system specs are as the above post is a bit TLDR. And lists whats working and whats suspected faulty.
  12. Ok in this instance I only have one map I want to try this on first, there is only a handful of interior rooms visible from outside and 2 exteriors. After the above map I have another map I want to try this in, and that can again just be a handful of generic interiors
  13. Its so weird hearing Thief3 but seeing Witcher3....
  14. Is the wiki article upto date, as it looks like the old original - http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Cube_maps
  15. Rose Cottage is another incredibly brilliant mission, that pushed the limits of the old thief engine, before we have the current version that allow's for way more details and complexity.
  16. The interior\exteriors will be obscured by the warp in the glass and the lead framing, so I wont have to do anything fancy like LOD. And besides going down the LOD root would require lots of extra work, that we don't really need in the small map we are working on. But what is the thing Hmart is refering too..?
  17. I go to https://www.darkfate.org/news via google translate - its always upto date for news (better than searching through ttlg.com) and has download links from its own server. Other mission hosting site of note is http://thiefmissions.com/
  18. you need to go through some diagnostic steps to acertaint which components has died, if you thinks its the gfs card then removing the card is the first step. Do you have a spare video card (or borrow one from a friend) or does your CPU have a built in gpu (video). If with a different video card the computer still dosent boot then remove all the RAM bar one stick Then if it still dosent boot then you might have a faulty PSU, so swap the PSU with a know working one. Then last but not least if all of the above dosent work then you may have a faulty mobo. Idealy it would have handy to have a complete spec of your machine to see whats components can be -re-used in a new PC build. We need everything including the case make and model. If you do end up going to down the buying new compents to build a new PC, where are you based and what if your prefered online retailer?
  19. Oops sorry it was Kvorning This is exactly! what I am after, but I will be taking ENV shots of the actual rooms so when youre outside you can see the inside and visa versa without a performence hit.
  20. You made cubemap textures via env shot and used that on patches just inside the windows
  21. I meant to Say Kvorning, as he did something similar in Lords and Legacy.
  22. Ah dag nammit, I did wonder if that was going to happen. Is that why people have been mentioning parallax mapping..? And the patches would be placed either side of the window, so I will pm Kingsal to see if his method might be useable.
  23. Not a reflection per-se, more like how the skybox works? My thinking is I make 2x cubmap textures. One of the inside and the outside, I then place a patch in the window that shows inside/outside.
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