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  1. Uhhh, that one was soo amazing back in the days! Good luck with you endeavour. Didn't mean to be so negative before. Just don't be disappointed, if it doesn't work out as you planned...
  2. So, are you planning to produce an actual campaign or is this just a fun-project for you? Don't get me wrong, it is definitely an interesting project, but considering how many people have worked on TDM for more than a decade, I can't imagine someone creating a fully fledged game of this caliber all by themself.
  3. But you still can't distinguish loot from junk this way, which is a frequent criticism of TDM. The solution is right in front of us, 'though: Have a special frob-highlight for loot. This would be a clear improvement over the current system, as it would communicate clearly, what objects are loot, without actually nuding the players nose in it (like a global loot-glint). Once we have a separate GLSL-Shader for Frob-Highlight instead of the currently used hack, it will be rather easy to implement the loot-highlight.
  4. Regarding the movement and weapons, you will feel right at home. Everything feels on point, you're gonna love it. The Grenade launcher has been replaced by the Tribolt, which will feel awkward at first, but it actually has some good use cases that make it more useful than the previous grenade launcher. The new thing about QC are the champions, which you can rather quickly unlock just by playing. It's a free2play title, but you can of course also instantly unlock all champions via money. However, NO pay2win mechanics are involved!! Each champion has an active ability and a few passive abil
  5. Definitely all valid points of criticism, but I still think QC is the best Quake (and best arena shooter in general) for Duel, as the passive and active champions abbilities add a lot more depth to the game! I really enjoy watching the pros duke it out in this game in the Quake Pro League (broadcasted live with commentators every sunday on the Quake twitch-channel). Your fellow countryman Av3k is doing really well at the moment! Anyway, I always use that downtime between matches to think about what I could do better next round and I also like to analyze the match statistics a little bit.
  6. Thanks for bringing a lighter topic to this thread for a change. Haven't played among us yet, but the concept looks fun and definitely a nice change from all those battle royale games (which I also never played). I rarely play multiplayer games, but something I frequently come back to is Quake Champions. Obviously, not a game one should be playing with their child.
  7. Baba is you! That game really messes with your brain, I tell ya. There actually was just one recommendation in this thread. I for one didn't care for it too much, although I like its style. I was also a huge fan of bastion and transistor, so I had high hopes for Hades, but for me, it got boring very quickly as it does not offer a lot of diversity. If you compare that to a game like dead cells, where you have tons of biomes (rather than just 4), non-linear progression through a subset of those biomes (rather than simple linear progression through 4) and fully randomized levels (
  8. Mark brown with his Game Maker's Toolkit is utterly brilliant! Love that channel and can't get enough of it! He also has an interesting series on accessibility, which really opened my eyes on this mostly overseen issue in game-design. A very good recent counter-example to the dotted line is "Zelda - Breath of the Wild" by the way. That game is oh so relaxing, because it doesn't overload the interface with quest pointers and dispensable things to do. You just go out and explore the world which honestly feels like a holiday trip compared to massively overcamped games like AssCreed! In BOTW,
  9. Alyx definitely gonna win VR game of the year!! If you haven't played Doom Eternal yet and like old-school shooters at least a little bit, you should definitely give it a shot.
  10. The votings for the game awards 2020 are starting. So, what's your game of the year? Mine is clearly Doom Eternal. On highest difficulty, this game gives you the same feeling of acomplishment as Dark Souls and the likes. This FPS-game just rocks and rolls, both due to gameplay and soundtrack (obiously I also voted for Doom Eternal in the best soundtrack category)! Regarding the other nominees: Yes, TLOU 2 was an interesting experience, but game of the year? NO! Hades: The game would've been better had it been a true rogue-like. The way it is currently implemented, to much gr
  11. One very good reason would be accessibility! I would say our game is already pretty accessible (aside from the steep learning curve), with scalable UIs and finely tunable difficulty settings, but a feature like this would increase accessibility even further. I wouldn't even make it a loot glint, but rather a highlight for all interactive objects that are not junk: Doors, candles and loot should all light up on the press of a button. However, as noble as our motivation might be here, there is quite a risk involved in adding such a feature. Take Witcher 3 for example, where you have the wit
  12. "All that silly paranoia about an axe. It's the cardiac arrest that kills you, not the decapitation."
  13. Obviously, I agree, but I feel this thread (at least in parts) goes beyond that.
  14. To get a positive spin on this discussion, what about the following little story: Due to Covid, I am working from home and because of that, I just got to experience how my son (turning 1 year on monday) took his first steps, and now he is walking around the flat as if he had never done anything else! It's such a normal thing to happen, but I still feel so incredibly proud right now!!
  15. So far, I stayed out of this discussion, as I simply don't like discussing and especially critisizing other peoples beliefs. But now, I am starting to think that our TDM-forums are not the place to discuss such matters, as the discussion has become quite extreme. So, I would like to personally make clear that all muslims (and also all people of all other beliefs) are welcome here! Do not let yourselves be fooled into thinking that you are not wanted here, just based on the posts of one or two persons in these forums! The only exception to my statement are obviously extremists, who do
  16. I recently learned that it was 4 quicktests rather than PCR-tests. Those tests only react to very strong viral load, i.e., when you're very infectious, and are therefore not so accurate, whereas the PCR-tests also find the slightest indication of the virus. Elon Musk really is to blame for concealing that information in his tweet. As we can see here, it sows distrust in science in a time where we desperately need MORE trust in science. As an engineer himself, Musk should really know better. Source (in German): https://www.derstandard.at/story/2000121680757/elon-musk-gleichzeitig-posi
  17. I heard about it in the news. Horrible! But good thing, the government took action quickly before we deal with a second pandemic!
  18. Something like this already came up numerous times. I agree that we need such a feature for new players. However, the general consensus was to not add it as a means to not discourage mappers from producing FMs, e.g., if their FM has been rated badly.
  19. It's really horrible. I wish those covidiots would see the danger in other countries and realize that it could happen easily elsewhere as well. If those guys continue their assholery, it's just a question of 'when' it will happen, not 'if'. By the way, what country do you live in?
  20. I just stumbled accross this game called "Ninja Simulator", which is yet to be released. There is very little info on it, but I am hoping it will be executed well and in the style of Tenchu, which was a blast back in the days!! But judging by the title, I won't get my hopes up too high as anything with the suffix "Simulator" is usually rather crappy! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1323140/Ninja_Simulator/
  21. Wrong forum to say STFU, except when there's an i in the middle. In all seriousness 'though, please refrain from using such language.
  22. I recently gave my woman Witcher 3 for the Switch for her birthday. Watching her play, I felt that witcher-urge again, so I now started replaying Witcher 2, but this time the other story path I haven't played, yet. Now we spend our evenings chilling next to each other on the couch, both playing Witcher separately! LIFEGOALS!
  23. Can the original layout be visportal'd properly so it runs smoothly or do you think some alterations will be necessary here and there?
  24. Oh boy, I totally understand how you feel, as the same thing happened to me 15 years ago, when I was working on an FM for TDS. I had lost almost a year of work. It was so demotivating that I never started a mapping project again after that. Good thing you managed better than I to pick yourself up after that.
  25. Finished after 13 hours. Some missions felt really great, although they feel more like a loose collection of FMs rather than an actual story driven campaign. However, there were also a couple of missions, which were really badly designed and rather tedious, most notably the last one. Still, I quite enjoyed the good missions, so I am now looking for more. I also own DTS 1. Alekhine's Gun is not available in Germany, however.
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