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  1. I experimenting with new map, and I have big water brush rising in city sector, so lower floors become completely flooded. AI don't respond to that situation, he just walk underwater and get deadly hiccup till he die. My question: is there any swimming animation for AI? Is there any scripted "it is to deep! run for your life!". Or how to make AI floats on surface?
  2. I'm not sure if one of arrow impact sound is not similar enough.
  3. http://coweb.cc.gate.../5579/arrow.wav http://www.guidon.com/arrow.wav http://elektron-bbs....wav/archer1.wav http://sep800.mine.n...ds/arrowhit.wav http://www.meretrix....row_hits_sfx.au http://www.findsounds.com/types.html
  4. I wonder if we can customize thief characters (Corbin and Farrell) mentioned in TDM wiki universe chapter. You can make it even by shop, by "hire sword" (or bow, or climbing gloves) of different characters. Each of them will have another speed, bow speed/strength, cloaking ability, lockpick speed, strength or even equipment limit connected with air bar (on HUD), with will show character fatigue. Due to rig attachment points on models we could let to player choose where he want to carry any part of equipment, and different placement will affect draw speed, visibility and movement noise (or even speed). Is it possible to make a two colour clothes (left one darker and with green leaf texture, right one brighter and in red brick texture), so due to background wall colour player could show to guard more accurate camo? Of course harlequin look don't helps in way to "work", so it can be removable/ two sided cloak.
  5. I have just checked it out, you can shoot an arrow in a door (in proper angle) and door will not open. Too bad doors will go through arrow then it stick out of floor or doorframe. You can block door for good (instead of making a pile of chairs), broadhead arrow is perfect for this.
  6. ERH+

    Dark Bomb

    Idea for new equipment: alchemical sprays, kind of "bee smoker", plus gas mask (with special goggles). Of course there are lot of magic in this, but it can be modified to "little" more reasonable chemical reactions. Anyone of three basic sprays will act like any stackable items (i.e. potions) but you will have in hand only one spray pistol with consumable ammunition. Two ingredient alchemy, based on three sprays: oil spray = make any surface slippery, make tear gas clouds while flying through air, when used on water, make its surface solid (frozen), equivalent of flash bomb when launched into fire. compressed air = make horn sound when used in air (scare any kind of animals, but attract humans), equivalent of air breath potion when used underwater, can extinguish fire. graphite dust = make smoke cloud when used in air, affect electrical devices, explosive in touch of fire, when used on water, create small pool of healing/holy water. 1st tier mixtures: oil spray + compressed air = frost (objects glued to ground, blocked doors, freeze AI, make objects more fragile). graphite dust + compressed air = mirage cloud (player camera change to flying eye mode and can be guided by movement keys) when player leave flying eye mode, mirage cloud lasts in that place and attract animals (maybe even by scent, "graphite" ingredient is only suggestion). oil spray + graphite dust = acidic stain capable to damage objects and AI, flammable. 2nd tier mixtures: frost + graphite dust = will'o'wisp (fly randomly, can posses unconscious AI and then become more hostile). frost + oil = stronger, long lasting frost. frost + air = more frost. mirage cloud + oil spray = dense vapour, slowing movement of any object flying through it (like slow volume in Unreal Tournament 3). Equivalent of slow fall potion. mirage cloud + air = mirage cloud fly mode. mirage cloud + graphite = make it scare animals. acidic stain + compressed air = animated acid slime (like AD&D slimes), moving randomly like rat, but can "eat" objects (maybe it even grow up with every meal). acidic stain + oil = bigger stain. acidic stain + graphite = stronger acid and long lasting flame. 3rd tier mixtures: will'o'wisp + oil = make new one. will'o'wisp + air = make it friendly. will'o'wisp + graphite = kill it. dense vapour + oil = enlarge it. dense vapour + air = move it. dense vapour + graphite = destroy it. animated acid slime + oil = make new one. animated acid slime + air = make it friendly. animated acid slime + graphite = kill it. Do you think it could be done, or is it too complicated? Or you don't want magic in hands of thief?
  7. It is a nice Roman portal, but we need in first place multi purpose, common models. Too recognisable models can't be copied among one map. Do we have a list of "must do" objects?
  8. Standalone is not important for us, but people (slightly intrigued, not even Thief fans) must first buy Doom3 (yuck), then install TDM (just a tool to browse missions), and somehow choose from misty list of FMs. If popularity is important, all steps should be clear and simple (and given on plate). People want something brand new, and in their minds it could be "medieval Doom" or "deathmatch maps pack". You must emphasize the detective and observational nature of the game. But sadly it require "only" advertisement on whole page... I think people don't like so fragmented game (they have so many things to track on web), and it is hard for them to judge whole mod if every one FM is as different from another, as it is possible. One more voice for flagship campaign.
  9. @raymeld You must climb on S-W floodgate and use hydraulic tool on mechanism. edit: Lets wait for Maruda's translation.
  10. Don't, Some desperate could need it.
  11. @PranQster Thanks for it, I already check it ingame. One of letters missing few lines, there are many senseless words and lack sense of sentences. Translation is in both ways helpful and confusing, so I recomend wait for final version of mission (it will be visually improved too).
  12. 1. Find clear water (because area was polluted by flood). 2. Find hydraulic tool and open wide South-West flood gate, so dike should arise from water. 3. Find 8 fine pieces of mountain crystal. 4. Find 4 "iron" rations - mountain trip will be fatiguing. 5. Collect 2000 / 1000 gold pieces. 6. When you done all other, go to North-West flood gate. There are some drowned arrows near your boat - flood gate open rapidly and you crashed. That's why you must take longer way through mountains.
  13. .zip contains folder with 4 files: darkmod.txt install_splash.tga krysztalowygrob1.pk4 readme.txt
  14. Its my fault, its should be just .PK4 file ... You must unpack .zip to /fms folder.
  15. Hi! My English is not very well, but I hope we will understand each other. My map was not beta-tested, but I see ppl already play it and it work quite well. I hope you will enjoy it, but I want to know what part of it should be changed or improved. http://www.badongo.com/file/25974503 HERE YOU CAN FIND UPDATED MISSION: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/14510-fan-mission-crystal-grave-v2-by-erh-and-bikerdude-20130209/ Its a big building -with no fake windows - in open area, and that I can't change, but I see poor performance in few points (15 fps) and that stops me from add more details (trims, ivy). Game is freezing for sec when I cross some of visportals: first I was trying to make more visportal cells in outside area, but it doesn't improve performance (instead it cause system crash; some of portals was permanently closed). Texture framed_with_bricks02 in staircases seems to let a head go through when you step very close -it don't make game crash, but all visportals suddenly get open and its obviously not look good. There some minor problems with movable loot and rag-doll skeletons: loot occasionally sink when is placed exactly on some obstacle, and I see sometimes skeletons falls to ground in "crucified" pose -but when I touch them, they suddenly switch to proper pose as it was only hidden. I don't hear swimming sound at all. I hear splash when I'm near shore, but in middle of lake there is only silence In dmap log I have some warnings from "tree brush" or something -maybe tree shouldn't cross walls? Thankfully Maruda offer to translate readables, and it take a while, but I will describe in few words mission storyline: Guild of Inventors offer to make swamps more usable for big boats by raising water levels. It cause floods bigger as they expected, disease and hunger spread among folk. Guild pay to local duke in form of mountain crystal, and in fact they mined it on flooded areas. Your goal is to take a trip through artificial lakes and flood gates to one of mining outposts. On place you loose your boat so you must to take another way home -but first you need food rations, not spoiled water, and water level must be lowered to unhide dry way.
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