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  1. Idea: Thief 3 style missions.

    One of the great features of Thief 3 are missions defided in small segments with loading screens when you move from segment to segment. We all miss those right? I was thinking of mapping only horizontal, so not stacked. When you go up or down (stairs or elevator), you get a 20 seconds fake loading screen where you can play a minigame (The Builder's Blocks?). After that you get teleported to a different area that seems to be on top of the first, but actually isn't in the map file. It's much easier mapping, because you can see everything in one glance from above. This could also give more freedom building, because it doesn't have to fit. Everything is predictable because guards don't move to different sections.

    This could be used for the Thief 3 contest possibly..

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    2. AluminumHaste


      Just use layers in Dark Radiant. Put everything on one floor in a single layer then hide it.

    3. jaxa


      Seems like the idea is doable, IDK about the fake loading screen though.

      How well can TDM handle large, open areas? I know it was never a strong suit of the engine, but I'm thinking of the recent "A Bridge Too Far" and biiig T2 FMs like "Lord Alan's Factory".

    4. datiswous
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