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  1. I think the energy in SS2 respawns as well (but you need to be able to use an energy weapon). SS2 has rpg-style stats upgrading plus the implants.
  2. Here are the just-made subtitle files. All needed files included in this post as downloads. The first subtitle shows up directly after mission start, so the rest should work as well. I don't know if the debriefing works, but I have to finish the mission to be able to see if it shows. Would be nice if there's a cheet for that. I didn't check the subtitles fully for errors, or misaligning, but they seem good for the most part (needs a bit of editing). Ignore my earlier uploaded srt. Edit: I figured out why the subtitles for the intro video didn't work. Some info in the wiki is explained incorrectly. I reuploaded a correct fm_root.subs . Now the subtitles show up in the intro video. fm_root.subs debrief_audio.srt Voice_009.srt hits_intro.srt
  3. @stgatilovdo you have a testcase where using fromVideo in a subs file actually works? I tried this with mission The Hare in the Snare and couldn't get the subtitle to show. Then I extracted the audio from the video and used that in the subs file and it worked.
  4. I don't know if the issue is in the whole game, or that it's only affecting the intro video. Edit: I got the subtitles to show up using a seperate audio file for the mission intro (extracted from the video). Currently it uses the audio from the video file (fromVideo) and then the subtitles don't show up..
  5. Boooo! How is it better than SS2? That game seems to have so much more to offer, except the graphics and cyberspace.
  6. I think Gadavre wanted to give something back by giving free advise.
  7. It's just how the software of this forum works which isn't entirely mobile friendly. Other forum software is great. For example Discourse.
  8. If only the forum software was more mobile friendly..
  9. Are you saying this forum has this issue as well?
  10. Well I think there's just one guy doing that and you can just put him on ignore. Or apply moderation. But ok, I understand.
  11. I get the idea though that there's more activity especially from long time mappers and modders on bikerdudes discord, so the official tdm discord got more quiet lately because of that.
  12. Do you add them via srt to youtube, or do you burn them in the video? If you would use the first option, it could also be used later for tdm, if this issue ever gets sorted.
  13. I tried making subtitles for the intro video, but couldn't get it working by default.
  14. Well it's not that bad is it? I thought multiple people have finished playing it already. No reason to remove a mission that has some issues, but can still be played and finished. You can put a warning in your mission description, but let players decide if it's worth it or not. I think removal is not something anyone will be happy with. I think it would be better if you start on a new mission and with the (hopefully positive) experience that you gained, you can fix things in this mission later.
  15. You can read that in the first post of this topic: I don't think you have read it yet.
  16. Please can we stop derailing this topic? If you want to list missions that are unfinished, go create a new topic, because it has nothing to do with this topic.
  17. Feel free to contact him. But there isn't a direct relation between unfinished missions and abondoned ones.
  18. Not always, it also depends on the amount of space around and if you are standing low.
  19. That is correct. I played it quite recently (making subs for it).
  20. So the ingame max fps setting is ignored in this case, because it's handled by RivaTuner?
  21. What is the difference between these 2 cap settings?
  22. They already do that. Noise arrows just make more noise, so that you can send the arrow to a farther away spot, so the player has time to move past. Also, possibly more ai will hear it. When they're useful depends therefore on the location.
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