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  1. Is it possible to apply a dark semi transparant gui over the gui view on certain gui's? I mean for example the x-ray glasses look darker on the side. Added as a plugin.
  2. Are you still working on this? Because in the main thread it says this is free for adaption.
  3. I was wondering if certain custom assets can be re-used after the mission is used. For example atmospheric background sounds. I mean in general, this is just an example. Or for example in the situation that somebody adapts the unfinished mission, but does not use all the assets from it.
  4. Ah sorry. Last time I had this issue I had it set on borderless by accident, changing it to fullscreen fixed it for me. I use almost the same os as you.
  5. Yeah, but I was thinking of putting only the official abandoned works all in one page and a table view is not useful in this case I think. It is indeed difficult to update that page and I find it not super useful anyway, since there are so many wips that don't make it, or it's unclear if it made it in a mission.
  6. Also, fllood isn't active on the forums a lot it seems, so maybe another person can give authorisation when @fllood isn't around? Just an idea. I guess I could pm this to fllood. Edit:
  7. @fllood Lots of abandoned missions have no screenshots attached, so it's a bit difficult to get an idea about the map. Is it an idea if somebody creates those screenshots and they will be added to the first post? I am willing to make them. Edit: Maybe the wiki is a good place to post the pictures? Just one page with the details and screenshots?
  8. Adjustable highlight? Instead make the highlight stronger in dark areas? It probably doesn't, but usually light sources are set higher (in height) and therefore it will be easier to see if the blackjack is raised higher, but it isn't the best solution.
  9. Main menu GUI: The mouse hover change color should stay black, but be black bolted, instead of turning white. On bright light settings, this can't be seen anymore. This off course an extreme example screenshot, but in general if you set the brightness and gamma higher the hover-over ui buttens get harder to see.
  10. This happens when you have set fullscreen to Borderless. Typically after an update you forget to change this setting to Fullscreen. Maybe the other problem is related to this as well? I think this should be set to Fullscreen by default on Linux systems (and maybe not have the borderless option at all?). I don't know if that's possible. In the description for this setting it should say it is a Windows-only setting. Btw. what does the borderless functionality under Windows do better? I just tested this on a Windows 10 computer and I didn't see a difference in functionality, so I think it should be Fullscreen by default on both systems.
  11. Which one is high and which one is low? I like stencil shadows more visually, but Volumetric Lights usually don't work with them. For me performance with Stencil shadows is faster, but for others it is (or was) shadow maps.
  12. Very nice that we don't have to add these manually for every material anymore, if I understand correctly.
  13. I think optimization is a feature, like faster load times (2.10) is a feature as well, but can also be seen as optimization.
  14. @Dragofer should be added to ? Maybe then more people see it. It seems a bit forgotten currently.
  15. So do the new frob-highlight stages look different? A lot of missions include their own materials with material stages included. This could mean, that sometimes in the mission the highlight looks different, depending of using their own materials or use of core files. Sorry if this is total nonsense.
  16. I thought the hint is too low. I was expecting something similar to Thief 3. It is hard to see in dark areas.
  17. I never used it, but I think it could be useful. I think nobody made a good example video or other tutorial (I think) and so nobody seen it being a useful feature for. Thanks for reminding me about this feature. Could it be a plugin? So it is an optional feature that doesn't clutter the ui when not activated. Edit: I thought it could be useful in 3d view, but it's in 2d view on all xyz views, which I personally don't find so useful.
  18. Just want to mention that there is a bat asset: I think horror is a nice theme to try them.
  19. There's now image gallery functionality on the wiki. I asked taaaki to enable this and he did.

    See here for an example:

    https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=The_Hare_in_the_Snare:_Part_1_(FM)  (scroll down to the Gallery section and click on one image)

    You can still have the old functionality by middle click on an image.

    1. stgatilov


      Wow, that's cool!

  20. This is now part of the current dev, but I think it's not working that well and needs more testing and possibly fixes (visportals?). Edit: I was wrong
  21. Is this for the 2022 "Horror for Christmas" Contest?
  22. It's the atdm:gui_message entity with gui tdm_message.gui . The strange thing in the training mission is that the issue doesn't happen with the messages in the starter room. Only the later ones. It also doesn't happen in the archery range. At least in my tests. Could also have something to do with the trigger maybe?
  23. What is the file / where are the files where this is configured in the source code? I would like to take a look.
  24. Could the Layers window be made dockable or being placed inside the Properties-dock?
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