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  1. Oh, so steam powered guns ain't enough? TDM is going to outdo T4 by bringing multi-stage rockets into the ~Dark Age~? Oy. Vey!
  2. Hmmm... I know I've seen at least one pagan chicka. Was in one of Fidcal's missions. Locked in a room. Maiden made mad.
  3. Maybe they're all too exhausted busily trying to trump each other on who can have the biggest freak-out over the Thi4f logo? Or who can be the most outraged by the surely inevitable and undeniable demise and ruination of all that is holy what with the utterance of "more than just stealth"? Hope. That's just optimistic hope. No. It's denial. This is no coincidence. We all realize what this cruel "more than just stealth" has wrought: a mess of slit wrists from sea to shining sea. The Core! The betrayal! The Canon! The evil! Our Precious! Fiddled with!
  4. Oh, by the way, I've been meaning to mention this since I think I might have had a different experience than everyone else: Is that the way it was meant to be? Because that added to my enjoyment actually.
  5. For me, needless to say, I'm sure.
  6. v1.08 - Rumor Has It...

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. jay pettitt

      jay pettitt

      ...finally has loot glint :D

    3. Mortem Desino

      Mortem Desino

      Not to mention the rocket launchers and new deathcore soundtrack composed entirely by Shadowhide.

    4. Diego


      We can see all the coolness of the character walk in third person


  7. Yeah, I didn't experience the problem grayman had... I heard her "haughtiness"... and, therefore and thence, thusly and whence, I too, had no qualms knocking her out after she started moving about and getting in my way of things. I would say the same. The mission you made really was quite enjoyable. If there are things about the process you dread going through again, then perhaps you needn't do those particular things? I think the essentials (gameplay, a bit {or a lot! yes! yes!} of story, & an inherent, stylish visual cohesiveness) are something you understand and enjoy? ... (what follows between these ellipses is not directed at you or anyone in particular but just a bit of a rant that sort of fits here) Much of the rest (bells and baubles) is usually not only unnecessary and burdensome on the creator but actually, in the end, a burden on the system. I think maybe there is too much over-reaching, over-stretching over-ambition going on. Not every mission needs to be a masterpiece of expansive, detailed, epic saga. The limits do not need to be pushed! TDM affords plenty of opportunity for great missions with out having to constantly try and break it's goddamned back. ... You were under time constraints... and in a competition... and it was also an every-single-step-along-the-way-is-a-study kind of thing. Next time can be purely at your own pace, with nothing to prove, and you've got heaps of know-how now!
  8. I'll say this here instead of in the threads for each of the 3 FMs we have this contest to thank for (so far {still hoping to see one from Xarg? No? Eh?}): There is some criticism going on and some opinions being expressed; and that's good stuff; just I would hope that the authors don't take it all to heart and "adjust" their design/style/approach, rather, to mission building. We certainly will not all like Raspberry Ripple or Rocky Road, but some of us will. So let's let the different authors provide us with different flavors.
  9. Consider: These things you discuss... They are quite obviously... Going to be more than tweaks. Game-changers, very muchly so. And... further, heavy, heavy weights on a system already much weighed down.
  10. For someone who created a mission with such an obvious love for the crafting of gameplay and story and elegant beauty... I give your statement about not doing any more of it... about as much weight as I give Sotha's latest pronouncement of retirement. Y'all both love it. You get exhaunsted -- and who wouldn't, even and with the additional in the aftermath of responding to the praise and criticism --- but y'all both love it!
  11. But I don't want PayPal to have anything on me... not a CC; not a bank account; nothing aside from me sending them a money order which is as good as gold (I pay everything else in this world that way when I can't simply pay cash)... It just such a pain in the ass, every mutherfucking thing about the way the money-grubbing money-shifting money-lenders dictate the system. Ya know?
  12. Seriously, I think we might all agree on that. I have not a penny to spare or an "agreeable*" way to get the money I don't have online if I did. But if some system can be worked out wherein this New Fan Mission Authors Contest (xxxx-Annual Tradition!) might be run with this as a part of it, I'd be willing to listen and try a bit harder to get over the disagreeability of getting some dosh online. I bet you the coffers would fill and the only problem would be that they might fill up to much and ruin things the other way round. *My problem with getting money online: Apparently I can't just send effing Paypal a money order? And be done with it? Gotta tie some CC to it? Or -- just as bad, if not worse -- my other option is to buy some "service fee" gouging nonsense from WalMart or some such as an alternative to PayPal? I tried once half-heartedly (see: "not a penny to spare" after all, really) to get some money stashed online and ended up NOT BOTHERING because it was sucha hassle...
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