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Found 9 results

  1. In 2.06 you can use standard video formats for cutscenes: no need to mess with long-forgotten ROQ any more. This wiki page explains how to set it up, including the question how to play audio embedded in the video file. Note that video files must have extension .mp4 or .m4v or .avi, other extensions won't work properly. P.S. And in case of any trouble with this feature, I am the most suitable person to ask.
  2. Yesterday I installed 'The Dark Mod' version 2.05 on my computer. ('tdm_update.linux' worked great, but took FOREVER. The resultant 'thedarkmod.x86' file is 6.5 MB in size.) My issues: When starting the program (./thedarkmod.x86), I get great audio, but only a black screen (window).When running on full desktop mode (not in a window), both monitors go black.I can hear clicking when I move the (invisible) mouse pointer within the black screen. Unfortunately, the only way I found to get things back to 'normal' is to do a 'CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE', since I cannot get the mouse pointer to my desktop
  3. For mysterious reasons, anti-aliasing never worked for me in TDM. Since I hate it when edges make the pixels of my screen stand out, I would like to change this! The menu option is enabled, and r_multiSamples is saved at the value of 4. I have an ATI Radeon 6870 card, and the free video driver for Linux (MESA 11.0.5). FSAA works in most games although there are exceptions, while MESA is configured to do what the application says in this regard.
  4. I can't seem to capture Dark Mod on dxtory or fraps past 19 frames per second, anyone have any idea what's wrong? It was working just fine a week ago, not entirely sure what's the culprit. Fixed: Fraps works fine, once you make sure your file destination is set properly.
  5. I recall RoQ videos can be transparent and such, and can be used as textures in materials. Is there an explanation how to author RoQs with settings/parameters explained (setting transparency for example) and how to properly setup material to use RoQ in GUIs and world/model surfaces ? Thanks.
  6. Hi! My name is TanikasMisadventures I dont know if this is a right place to post this but I have done some gameplay on The Dark Mod, I find this game facinating to play (cept i suck when recording) There are different areas to explore at every turn and different stuff in each map, The guards are actually smart and need i go on? I have so much fun with this game Anyway back to the gameplay, all im asking for is comment on what i could do better, so i can better myself as a live commentator as i don't have much skill there and what i could do better if i would do more dark mod videos, i ha
  7. Found this on "Cultura inquita". For me one of the most fascinating videos. Wouldn`t this style be perfect for some TDM-campaign-cutscenes ? watch the whole thing. Second half is kind of spooky. http://culturainquie...-l-l-e-z-a.html What do u say S.H. ?
  8. Undoubtedly, some of you have already noticed the storm of articles from yesterday. A friend linked me a whole bunch and I figured I'd pass them on to you folks, in a manageable format. Watch out for spoilers though! I had to skip a good video with the devs, to save the story for my own playthrough. PlayStation Access - Thief on PS4 - New PlayStation 4 gameplay and interview "Nath talks to Thief's art and game director Nicolas Cantin about fan feedback, bringing back a classic, and making the most of Dualshock 4." Game On - Thief PREVIEW: new gameplay footage - The Breakdown "After r
  9. I'd be really interested to see any video tutorials where an experienced mapper takes us through say constructing a simple house but with lots of tips and tricks thrown in. If anybody has seen the sort of tutorials on videocopilot.net then you'll know what i'm talking about. Something for us who are new to mapping but are hungry to get doing more - quickly. I'd be really interested to see peoples approach's, what they do first, how they add detail what useful shortcuts and tips they use. I've just started mapping and there's sooo much to know, unless you're happy with square blocks everywh
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